Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sometimes Life Just Reaches Up and Kicks You In The Butt!!!

Yes, I know that is a weird title for a post, but it's been 20 days since I have written a post so it needs to be dramatic, don't you think?? Not to mention the fact that is exactly how I feel right now.

This month has been a month I would really like to forget and fortunately for me, I have some short term memory loss...because I am already forgetting some of the less eventful parts of it.

I want to start off by saying that I slept nearly 10 hours today and I'm still tired, so as soon as I am done with this post I'm going to go back to bed! I have had a sinus infection this week and usually when I get a sinus infection I just sleep or lay around the majority of the time. This time -- not so much! I have had to work, although I did take one night off. Just couldn't do weak and tired, and I slept all night with the exception of about 30 minutes that I got up to eat something and put That Other Kid back to sleep.

Let's start this post with the beginning of my tragic tale. You know how the mechanics always tell you to "change your oil every 3 months or 3000 miles?" DON'T IGNORE THEM! NO MATTER WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO, CHANGE YOUR DANG OIL!! BEG, PLEAD, BORROW MONEY...JUST CHANGE THE OIL!! Why am I talking about this? Because I ruined an engine this month by NOT CHANGING the oil and it's going to cost us a measly $2000!! Just when we thought we were going to finally make enough money to pay ALL the BILLS for the month!! Oops, not gonna happen this month. Fortunately, we found an engine with only 39k miles on it for $1000 after spending the entire weekend on the internet searching for sites that might have a new/rebuilt engine for our slightly old truck and our "normal" mechanic is going to let us pay him off in installment payments. It pays to do business with people who understand tough times.

Next up, in my crazy month -- 3 drivers trying to share 1 vehicle. That would be the car for That Kid who lives in the dorms 30 minutes away. He doesn't have a lot of places to go right now, but I have to work Sunday night through Friday morning which means I have to have a car to take me there and get back home. He has class at 9 am Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and did I happen to mention that it takes me 45 minutes to get home from work if I leave right at 7 a.m. (sometimes it happens that I don't get out of there till 7:15 or later, too) and him 45 or more minutes to get back to school in the morning rush hour?? And then let's add in the fact that since dh has been getting busy with work again (can you say THANK YOU, GOD???!!!) he has had numerous appointments as well!! It's been a scheduling nightmare some days!! But we have been managing it although there are times it has been a major hassle and we have had to rely on friends to get us places at times, we have managed. We are hoping to get the truck back by the end of this next week. I'm sure That Kid will be happy to have his car back, too! I'm so glad I raised a good kid!

On the healthy lifestyle and fitness side of my has kind of s*cked this month although I have not gotten too out of control. I have consumed more cokes and junk this month than is my normal. A couple of the ladies I work with overnight have noticed that I am not eating as well as normal and that really means I need to watch it I will fall into some seriously BAD HABITS!! Time to say goodbye to those cokes and candy bars during break time!! I haven't exercised HARDLY any but I did manage to go from 193.2 on the 7th of April to 189.4 this past Wednesday. That's almost 4 pounds I lost this month....of course, I should have lost 4 pounds from this low of 189.4, but WHATEVER!! The Spring Fling challenge is over wtih at the Sisterhood and I didn't meet my goal of weighing 185 by the end of the challenge but I am pleased with myself that I have not let the circumstances of my life TAKE CONTROL OF ME and ruin everything that I have worked for the past year. I also bought myself a pair of pajamas this morning before coming home from work (because all of mine were FALLING OFF me and although my dh likes my jammies falling off me it is hard to sleep with them sliding off my hips!) and I was able to buy a size 12/14!!! I rushed right home and put them on and they FIT GREAT!! I can't tell you how happy that made me feel! I just might have to buy another pair!!

I am now working on the sales floor and so I am not busting my butt with heavy manual labor every night so I am going to have to start really working out again. I have to say I am looking forward to exercising consistently again. I have missed it sooooo much. I wanted to start again this past week but with the sinus infection I barely was able to minimally function. I am happy to report that I think the medication is working so I am hoping to at least do some basic exercising tomorrow. Maybe not bust my butt, sweat a ton, exercise but at least get the heart moving again. I'm looking forward to it!

In other news, That Other Kid has been doing an amazing job of entertaining himself while I have been sleeping during the day. He has been playing with legos and creating some awesome "inventions". He has also made our living room a skateboard park a couple of times this week using books from the school bookcase along with all his supplies of Tech Deck skateboard ramps. However, he has complained (numerous times) that he needs a skateboard ramp with stairs so that the skaters can go up and down the stairs and "grind". Where does he come up with all this?? Oh yeah, he has a big brother!! Not to mention, if it is "an extreme sport" he is interested in it!

He has been doing school over at a friend's house and has completed one of his math books for the year already. I need to pick up the pace and get some school work done in the afternoons here because I feel he is falling behind with his reading/phonics work. Math and handwriting he has down pretty well. Science we do with a class every other Friday so that is taken care of although I would like to do some simple experiments at home. That leaves Geography and reading/phonics for me to take care of in the afternoons. I haven't really figured out how to "do it all", but I think now that I am no longer having to work so hard physically at work it will be easier to handle some more things at home. I hope so anyway!! My house is a wreck and my kid has been ignored long enough!! Let's see how it works this week...and hopefully I can report in with good news next week.

I hope ya'll have a good week and remember....DON'T NEGLECT YOUR VEHICLE!!! A public service reminder!!!


Brooke said...

oh no - i'm sorry ann! i think i'm pushing 5,000 miles, but the hubs knows that its an imperative for this week!

congrats to you on your weight loss - now keep up the good work!! :) maybe since you're not doing the manual labor any more you'll have more energy for exercise?

Sincerely Anna said...

What a month! I hope you are feeling better soon. It sounds like prayer is getting you through a hard time, though. Glad to hear about the engine half-priced. And yes, I'm listening to you and will get my car in for an oil change!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

OH NO...I am so sorry to hear about the oil change damage. UGH! It has clearly been a rough time period. I hope you are feeling better soon!