Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Been Busy Drivin'

I'm still here....I've just been busy driving all over the DFW metroplex for the past few days. In case you are not familiar with this metropolitan area, driving all over it is no small feat. The DFW area encompasses more than 75 square miles and I traveled a good bit of it this past weekend.

That Kid plays ice hockey and works as an official also. He practiced 1 time, played 2 games, and refed 9 games in the past 4 days. In addition to that he went to see a good friend that lives about 20 miles from us. Normally, very little of this would effect me, but.....since I took his car keys and drivers license away I get the privilege of driving again. By the time it was all said and done last night, I was EXHAUSTED....I fell into bed and was instantly asleep!
That Other Kid was a real trooper....I bought him a new movie to watch as we drove around. The Incredibles-- very cute if you have little kids, was his choice of movie when we went to Target to look around for something to help entertain him. Today, though he was a real whiner --- he wanted to stay home and PLAY with his stuff. I guess sitting in a car seat and driving around for hours and hours lost its appeal after doing it 3 days in a row!

School is going good, but I've got some grading to do so I better get to it. That Kid got a 87 on his math test last Wednesday, and a 87 on his Chemistry test, and a 90 on his writing assignment. I have to record it all and a bunch of other stuff. I only have about 1 hour of peace and quiet till That Kid and DH come home from yet another night of hockey/driving. I get Tuesday nights off to do my own thing and catch up....I just need to do it instead of sitting here on the computer.
Well I better get to it or the guys will be home before I even do the first thing on my LONG, LONG list!
I'll check back in tomorrow with my weigh in....don't expect much...I haven't been to the gym forever and I haven't been very careful about eating right either.....but I've got to start documenting it anyway. Maybe if it's documented I will start being more faithful.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Bible Says....

in Psalm 127:3 Don't you see that children are God's best gift? the fruit of the womb his generous legacy? Basically that means our children are blessings from God, right? Well then, why do I continually feel like my children are a curse?
I know I'm not the only one out there that feels this way, either....I read blogs....I'm somwhat educated. (I have 2 years of college education)....why can't I get through a day dealing with my 2 boys that I don't want to bury my head in the sand and just say....."Do whatever you want! I'm on vacation!"
I know many of you out there have A LOT more than 2 children and they are much closer in age than mine (13 years apart). How DO YOU manage to get through the day without some major breakdowns?
This month has been an exceptionally trying month in our household. I've been sick forever, money has been tight, the teenager has tested us beyond normal bounds and the little guy has needed extra attention. The house needs a major cleaning and school work needs to be graded and all I wanna do is "blow a gasket" and say "you people are on your own".
There are a couple of blessings in this turmoil -- my mother-in-law is back safe and sound from her 3 week vacation so I can VENT to her as well as all my blogging pals and regardless of how I FEEL GOD is in control!!! In addition to these blessings my dh has realized that he has to step up to the plate and be a dad sometimes -- instead of working 24/7. He spent Friday night with That Kid, as well as all day Saturday and Tuesday night. Wow-- now that was a BLESSING.

All my whining to God this past week has taught me at least 1 thing -- regardless of how I feel Children really are a blessing from God and to be treasured. I know this deep down, but sometimes I have to remind myself of it. Do you?????

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Catchin' Up

I've been so overwhelmed with the details of life the past few days that I haven't had time to sit down and catch up with my blog friends. I've tried to read a little here and there when I get a second, but I haven't had time to sit down and compose a thought or a blog post. Life has been hectic!

Friday night we had more drama from That Kid, which wrecked havic with not only my emotions, but my sanity, as well. I talked to one of his teenage friends and started crying my eyes out.....a few minutes later her mom shows up on my doorstep and just listens, prays and sits with me! What a blessing good friends are. I wouldn't trade them for anything! My other friend called numerous times to check on me. She was going to come over but she lives more than 30 minutes away....and has a toddler, teenager and husband to care for....I told her all would be ok....just pray!!

After the initial drama was over we had a decent weekend. Lots of hockey, meaning lots of driving across the dfw metroplex. But....we had lots of time to talk and THAT was GOOD! Communication is the key to living with a teenager, I believe.

That Other Kid handled the busy weekend pretty well till Sunday night when he announced he just wanted to stay home and watch TV.....Daddy was staying home, so daddy and That Other Kid had 4 hours of time together. That's the longest they have spent together by themselves so it was a GOOD Night!

So far this week.....no drama with the teenager, no drama with the toddler and no drama with the adults.....It's been a slow week.....just school, work and errands. and A little hockey thrown in for good measure! We have another couple of nights ahead of us, then it's over till the weekend, yeah!

Soooo what have you been doing this week???

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Weigh-In -- 1 Day Late

I didn't weigh myself yesterday...I just get to the gym and I didn't think it would boost my mood any, so I blew it off. But, today my best friend wanted me to work out with her....she said it would motivate both of us if we worked out together. So....I agreed to go work out with her. Gosh, my muscles hurt tonight. But, I digress....I decided to weigh myself, just for the heck of it -- and I was surprised! I haven't lost any weight, but I HAVEN'T GAINED ANY EITHER!!! I just knew that I had gained over the past couple of weeks, since I have been stressed and haven't really work out much.

But yeah!!! I'm feeling good physically now -- no more prominant cough, and no more sinus drainage. My toe is FINALLY feeling somewhat good -- unless I'm on it A LOT... so no more excuses. I have to get this weight off!! and we travel to Toronto for a hockey tournament in about 2 months and I really don't want to sit on that plane for 4 hours and FEEL FAT....cuz I'm squeezed into the seat.

So.....now I have to get down to business.

Onward and upward, I got an email today from my homeschool swap buddy and I can't wait to start a new friendship through blogging and homeschooling. This will be a great experience.....and if you homeschool and are interested in this, you can check it out at http://homeschoolblogawards.com/.

Well I'm gonna go and do some blog reading, cuz I haven't had time to do much lately and I'm missing some of my blog friends. Have a good night.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Meanest Mom Contest

Go over to http://momsblogging.com/2007/10/15/are-you-the-meanest-mom/ over at mom blogs to find out if you are the meanest mom out there....but keep in mind you are competing with the "All time MEANEST MOM", that , of course, is yours truly!

Now here's one that I have in the bag for sure!!! This weekend That Kid did something I never thought I would have to deal with....I'm gonna keep it to myself, I really don't want to disclose all of his rebellious activities, but suffice to say I didn't communicate with my 17 year old son for some 21 hours.....and not out of lack of effort on my part.

When he arrived home I took his cell phone, car keys, and drivers license away from him and told him he would not leave the house without a parent for the next 9 months.....till the day he turns 18!! Since then I have been granted to the silent treatment. I accept that for now....he's mad at me and his dad and when he's mad he doesn't speak unless spoken to. At least he is treating his little brother decent.

He has communicated with a couple of "friends" since he got home and he informed them that I have "gone over the edge" and have "no right" to take his punishment to this extreme. I think I could have gone much further.

At this point I accept the "meanest mom" award and will follow my son everywhere he goes for the next 9 months to keep him safe and protected.
That is, as I see it, my number 1 job as him mom!!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I'm Kanga....

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

I found this site through Bev's comments at Laura's Organized Junkie. It sounded fun so I decided to take it.....and wouldn't you know I'm a mom even in The 100 Acre Woods!! Once a mom always a mom, huh?
Hey, if you take the quiz let me know what you are, ok?

Oh, and That Kid's team won this afternoon, so we are 3-0 in our league so far. Not bad for the beginning of the LONG season....

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Just a Veggin'

I have been strangely absent from blog world this week....no particular reason. I just haven't had anything exciting happen in my world and I have been trying to rest and recuperate from my prolonged illness so that I can hit the road to weight loss and exercise once again.

We did get to go an NHL game last night....we had nose-bleed seats, but they were cheap so that makes up for it! It was a good game, although our team lost in over-time, which kind of stinks.....but ya know, somebody has to lose, huh? I forgot my regular digital camera, but decided to take a couple of pictures with my phone.....anyone know how to transfer them so I can post them to the computer???? Help!! I am technology challenged!!!

Today That Kid worked all day, so it was just a quiet day of goofing off with That Other Kid. He wanted to go to the gym to play with friends, so I took him and read for 1 1/2 hours of blissful quiet. Ah, I love the gym!! Tomorrow That Kid plays in a hockey game, so we get to watch him in action doing what he loves most!!
At some point he needs to get some math done, but before his game he has to work, and then he works afterward too, so he may not get it done.....oh well, there's always Monday, right???

Hope you are having a good weekend. Let me know if you know how to get pictures off my phone, onto my computer, ok?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I was a chicken, I didn't weigh-in today....I've had such a bad week. I haven't felt well and I haven't really paid attention to what I've eaten. I would have to assume that I didn't gain, or lose this week.....
I need a nap!!!

A Nail Biter Hockey Game

I just got home from That Kid's hockey game....start time 9:30 p.m.!!! so That Other Kid went to bed early and I went to a hockey game unacompanied. All the moms asked where my other appendage was....and I happily replied IN BED sleeping!!!
Anyhooo.....WE WON!!! in OVERTIME, with a PENALTY SHOT GOAL!!! 2-1. The other team protested the goal, but the referees prevailed....and we won!! This was our 2nd league game of the season and it was against the same team we WON a couple of weeks ago.
Although we did win the coach wasn't pleased with the performance of the team overall.....so tomorrow night's practice will probably not be a pretty one. That Kid was a +2 if that means anything to you.....basically that means he was out during the goals and he didn't do anything to cause the other team to score. He did get sent to the penalty box for "shoving" a guy who was talkin' trash. Oh well, the other guy went to the box as well, so it didn't hurt our team.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Sick News

I've mentioned a few hundred times that I have been feeling like crap the past couple of months; everything from a broken toe, to a cough that just won't go away even after repeated trips to the doctor and repeated trips to the pharmacy. Well this afternoon, while doing a rush trip to Target while That Kid was at hockey practice with That Other Kid wanting to run laps around the aisles looking for various toiletry items every 3 year NEEDs, my doctor's nurse calls me and says "we got the radiologists report back and he "thinks" you have pneumonia." "Pneumonia," I say, "oh goodie!" Now ain't that SWELL...no wonder I feel like crap....and no wonder after 8 weeks of feeling like crap I still feel like crap.....Did I mention I feel like crap?????
Nurse says keep taking those antibiotics and other stuff the doc gave you and see how you feel in a couple of weeks....We'll do more x-rays......

I asked about exercise, cuz I really am tired of being sooooooo fat. She said do what I feel like. Oh thanks......I feel like laying in bed all day, so does that mean she will tend to my house and kids and everything else that needs done?????

Hope you are having a good day!!!!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

A Little Humor For Homeschoolers

A homeschooler' s Guide to Unhappiness -- This of course is not limited to homeschoolers exclusively, it could also apply to moms everywhere with a little tweaking!!

School is well underway for most of us, and we are far enough into the year to begin feeling behind. Stressed, we begin looking over the fence at the Jones', where the grass is always greener and the children never whine. Meeting with other homeschoolers brings a mixture of encouragement and feelings of inadequacy as we begin to second guess those plans which looked so good on paper. If this describes you, you are off to a great start. After all, there is nothing mankind desires more or works harder for than misery.
A brief survey of world literature reveals our fascination with sin, danger and tragedy. If we cannot experience it personally, we do so vicariously through what have become the classics. Even the quest for happiness robs our happiness in the end as Paul Watzlawick so aptly noted in his book,Anleitung zum Ungl├╝cklichsein (Guide to Unhappiness) . To help you along the way to maximizing your unhappiness, I have written the following guide. Some of these steps may come naturally to you; others may require practice.
With diligence, however, anyone can achieve the unhappiness they so earnestly desire.
1. Copy the public schools.Buy desks, set them up in neat rows facing the front of the room and investin a pointer. Even if you have only one child, make him raise his hand toanswer questions. Schedule restroom breaks. Let the clock dictate your everymove. Giving a toddler a megaphone is a good stand in for a disruptive PA system.
2. Choose your curriculum based on what everyone in your homeschool group is using. Better yet, find a stranger online and ask her. Don't consider your temperament or your child's interests. After all, these other people have way more experience than you. Remind yourself of that continually when things are not going well.
3. Contact every curriculum publisher. Make sure they have your correct address and get on as many mailing lists as possible. When you first get those glossy catalogs, you will think that this is having the opposite effect than what is intended here. The texture, the smell and all the neat stuff! But then you realize just how much stuff is out there. And how much stuff you do not have. There is always one more book and one more manipulative set to squeeze out of any budget. After all, you only have one chance to educate your children properly. Never let yourself become content with what you already have.
4. Make a clear distinction between school and life. Do not consider the educational value of trips to the zoo, visits with grandparents and vacations. The more narrowly you define education, the more likely you are to avoid spontaneous "experiences" in favor of "the book."This also helps maximize the stress of wondering if you are doing enough.
5. Take everything personally.Everyone has a bad day now and again. Even children. Use this to its fullest potential by taking these opportunities to question your parenting. When your child says, "This is boring," consider it a direct reflection on your character and personality. Think what it will be like when they talk to their bosses that way. Wonder what your homeschooling friends would say. Most importantly, try to isolate where you have gone wrong as a parent and fret over the permanent damage you must have caused. This is intended only as a cursory introduction to maintaining general unhappiness in your homeschool. There are many other proven techniques for making yourself miserable and they all progress rather naturally to making those around you unhappy as well.

For those of you who are more seasoned, or have just caught on quickly to the art of creating unhappiness, please feel free to add your own suggestions. I will add links to anyone who shares a proven technique for increasing the level of unhappiness in our homes. Even if it is not specific to homeschooling.

Friday, October 5, 2007

A Sad Heart

Tonight I am very sad and feel somewhat heart-broken. If you have or have had teenagers maybe you will understand.
Today I wanted to "hang out" with That Kid. He was working a game that was VERY convenient for me and That Other Kid to attend (he's a hockey official). I knew that That Other Kid would fall asleep on the ride over --the car does it every time when he is tired, yeah!! So, I figured it would give us an opportunity to talk...about anything in particular or nothing in particular.... I was just missing him, even though he is here most days he is ALWAYS BUSY doing school work or visiting with friends on the phone. I've been missing him!!!
Instead, he got MAD that I wanted to go in the same vehicle and watch the game...."I don't understand why you want to go, it will be boring, blah, blah, blah"...I was hurt and went into the house crying and angry. DH butted in and told him we were going in the same car TOGETHER. Get in the car....and apologize for hurting your mom's feelings.
Instead I got the silent treatment the whole drive --- to and from! Over an hour of nothing, but driving instructions from my teenage son who has only been driving a year...to his mom who has been driving ALONG TIME!!
Oh, he had time to text message friends, request dinner on the way home, and stare off into space. But he couldn't spare time to talk to mom---
I'm still hurt and angry...I have to learn to let go of it, but it hurts!!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

What Is Wrong with ME???

That's the question I posed the doctor today. I have had this hacking, chain-smoking type cough for the past 2+ months and I've had ENOUGH. I'm sick and tired of feeling SICK.....Oh, and by the way -- NO, I don't smoke, nor have I EVER smoked....the smell GAGS me and makes me feel like barfing.
She took another chest x-ray to tell me if I have bronchitis or pneumonia -- I don't, according to her. I have MASSIVE drainage, so she is calling it allergies with a bit of asthma-- but do people really suffer from allergies to the point they can't go through a day without coughing up a lung??? I guess they do. It's just never been that way for me. I just get stuffy or runny nose, depending on the season.
So, I got 3 NEW medicines to take and was told to call back in a couple of weeks. Please, oh please let these medicines work.
I want to work out and lose this weight, but it's hard to work out when you start coughing so much you nearly pee your pants on the treadmill!! And I'm the kind of person who NEEDS to work out in order to be motivated to eat right and then the weight comes off.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

This Week's Weigh-in

well I just got back from the gym-- that's where I weigh myself, ya know in private without anybody peeking over my shoulder and boy what a disappointment. I'm up .02, but I guess it coulda been worse after the blow it meals and little to know exercise. So I will count my blessings that it was such a small gain.
Exercise is the key for me as well as making sure I don't give in to the "blow it" meals more than 1 time a week.
Oh well, I'll do better this coming week. I think I'm gonna go get a Sonic Maltball shake to deal with my disappointment.....that should help, dontcha think???!!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Legos and Smoke Alarms

3 days later That Other Kid is STILL playing with big bros Legos....soo again I say Praise God for Legos.....I've gotten a number of THINGS done in the past few days that I normally don't have a chance to do, since he has been occupied, gloriously occupied! I have had to take occasional breaks from "my stuff" to play Legos but these times have not lasted long - he just LOVES these Legos.....

On a totally different note.... Do you change your batteries in your smoke alarms 2 times a year like you're supposed to? or are you like our family and wait until they start beeping constantly and driving you to insanity to change them? We abide by the latter.....and last night the blasted thing started beeping at 5 a.m. -- I ask why 5 am??? Why can't that blasted battery wait 3 or 4 more hours??? The past few times we have had to change batteries they start beeping at 5 a.m. What is magical about 5 am?? I think it is to cost me precious hours of sleep....of course no one else in the house is bothered by this irritating constant beeping, so dh got the pleasure of changing the battery first thing this morning and now there is peace so a person could sleep, BUT now the sun is up and everyone knows that you just can't sleep while the "sun is up" according to That Other Kid's policy. I on the other hand could sleep "on a gravel road with traffic going past me" according to dh! Ah....the joys of mothering!

That Kid is studying for a Chemistry exam this afternoon and no, I AM NOT the teacher for this class!!--- I wouldn't want you to get the idea that I know ANYTHING about Chemistry....except I can spell it!! Science isn't my thang....he goes to a lab class and is doing well in it. I was recording grades last night, as I had gotten a little behind -- like a week or 2..... and I did a little check on his progress and I was pleasantly surprised! He is making A's and high B's in ALL his subjects, and he has a TON of them......so yeah!!

Gotta go play Legos.....ya'll have a good day! and don't forget to check in tomorrow to see my weight loss for the week!!!