Saturday, December 31, 2011

Just A Few More Hours!

2011 will be over in less than 10 hours! This has been kind of a "stand -still" year. So many things were just "there". Nothing special, nothing much to discuss, the kind of year that just was! I didn't lose weight this year, in fact I've gained. I haven't gotten organized like I wanted. I didn't complete the Christmas stocking that I started for That Other Kid 8 years ago. I did a lot of stressing out over my son being in boot camp. I just kind of let the year slip me by. I don't want that to happen again!

There were a couple of significant things that happened this year that will forever change my life (and that of my family and friends). First of all my best friend, Glenna went through breast cancer treatments, surgeries and recoveries. I watched her deal with this and helped as much as I could. She has tackled it head on and has had a recovery that is amazing!

Through her cancer diagnosis I decided that it was time to follow through with something I have wanted to do for years! The Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure Walk- 60 miles in 3 days! It truly was an experience I will never forget! I'm already signed up for 2012's walk and I'm gearing up to start training and fundraising again. I loved it! Except for the blisters while training and the cramped calf muscle during day 2 of the walk! Lol

The third thing that happened this year that is worth taking note of is that my oldest son went from being "that kid" to My Marine! He left in September for Marine bootcamp and graduated December 16th! I am now the proud mom of a United States Marine Private! I couldn't be more proud to say that my son is a Marine! He gets to be home on leave till January 16th and so I'm enjoying having him home for this month since I don't know when he will be home again.

These are all very significant things that have made me the person I am at the end of 2011 BUT they don't come close to meeting the goals I had for the year. So I have been reflecting on a lot of things I want for 2012 and have decided to break them down week by week and month by month into smaller goals that will help me reach my bigger goals.

Honestly, I'm still working them out but here are a few of my goals, in no particular order.

Christy threw out a great challenge of following 52 small healthy living goals to make us healthier by the end of 2012 so I'm going to follow along with this.

Another thing I'm implementing first thing tomorrow is a Low Glycemic Index Diet Plan. When I follow it it works amazingly well! There's just that big IF so I'm making it a priority for January and eating only from the plan! Will power will be necessary but I know I can do it!

Another thing I'm going to implement is moving my body a MINUMUM of 30 minutes every day! I have video games, DVD's, apps on my phone, Netflix instant! So many options, all I have to do is DO IT! I'm starting with Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. It will give me a great benchmark for starting over!

A couple of other things I'm wanting to do is start consistently reading my Bible, getting organized and rid of clutter! I love to read but lately I just haven't taken the time to do much. This will be another area I'm going to work on.

And probably my most challenging goal that I have decided I want to work toward is "less frivolous computer time"! This means not checking emails, Facebook, twitter, words with friends, etc a million times a day! I'm going to give myself time limits and designated time during the day and that's it! I've wasted far too much time goofing off on the computer (or phone) so that has to stop!

Consistently is gonna be a big key to my success this year! Wish me luck!

Btw, if you want to get another quick tax deduction I have started my fundraising for my 2012 3 Day for the Cure Walk! Once again I need to raise $2300 and I would love to have your support! You can donate here

Thanks bunches for all your support and love and virtual butt kickings you have given me this year! I hope you have a wonderful 2012! Xoxoxo

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Almost the End

It's nearly the end of 2011; in case you have been living in a hole somewhere and are unaware of the date, it is December 28th! That means there are only 3 days left to take advantage of 2011 and all it has to offer!

As for me I am looking forward to 2012 already! This year has been a very emotional year for me....lots of ups and downs. I'm ready to move on to 2012 so I can push through the things I have struggled with and hopefully move forward to a better year.

There have been great things that happened this year; namely the Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure Walk and My Marine going through Marine Corp bootcamp and the graduation ceremony. He's home now on leave and it is so wonderful to have him home!

But, there have been downers too. I haven't lost weight this year. In fact (if I'm honest here) I've gained weight this year and this depresses me greatly. This must change!

Whatever it takes I must make 2012 the year I lose enough weight to hit my goal!

I have committed to walking the Komen 3 Day for the Cure again for 2012, but I also promised my husband I would lose weight before that time. It's for my health and necessary to make sure I am around for many years to come.

So I'm trying to come up with some workable plans. Something that will enable me to train for the walk AND lose weight! Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated!

I've started my fundraising efforts for the 2012 Walk for the Cure. If you donate this week you can still get a tax donation for your 2011 taxes!
Go here to donate!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Birthday Time!

Today was That Other Kid's 8th birthday! I can hardly believe it has been 8 years since he came into this world! He has been a rambunctious, active boy since the very beginning and today was no different.

He woke up about 6am saying "I had a nightmare, I need to sleep with you!" so he climbed into bed, wiggled , squirmed and finally went back to sleep till about 8:15. At that time he determined it was time to get up and OPEN PRESENTS! We made him wait till about 10:30 which apparently was cruel! Lol

But it was all worth the wait apparently because he was VERY excited to get several "cool" gifts that he had wanted for a long time.

Traditionally we go to the birthday person's restaurant of choice, so he chose to go to Red Robin! He loves the fries and the arcade games there!

He aged very quickly!

His favorite game; a car racing game!

We came home and played a VERY short game of Star Wars monopoly! He won, which made the birthday even more special!

He had a great birthday!

Happy birthday to my baby! So glad you are That Other Kid!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Graduation Day

Today was graduation day! A wonderful day to be sure. It's late and I'm exhausted so it's just pictures tonight. My son is back home and I'm still in San Diego, but we are leaving very early so I need to get to bed.

I will write more after I get a chance to relax tomorrow night with all 4 of us under the same roof again!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Today In Pictures

Today was Family Day- the day before graduation and the day we got to spend 4 glorious hours with My Marine! It was a wonderful day!
I loved seeing how changed he was, and just watching h interact with his peers and That Other Kid was wonderful.

Today was a very emotional day for me. Pride, excitement, joy, shock are just a few of the emotions that I experienced. Unless you have watched your child grow from an infant into a United States Marine you can probably not relate. There is nothing like this feeling. No words can adequately describe it, so I won't try! People always say pictures tell a story better so I'm sharing some of the pictures from today. It was a very bright, sunny day so there is a lot of glare on these but that's ok. They all are pictures of My Marine and I'm happy to say that I am the mother of a United States Marine!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

San Diego Zoo

We went to the zoo today and had a great time! Dallas and Ft. Worth both have great zoos but this zoo was amazing! We took a guided tour bus tour of the zoo shortly after we arrived. It was a double decker bus and of course we had to ride on the upper deck! The zoo was HUGE! I didn't wear a pedometer but based on how tired my legs and feet are I would guess we walked somewhere around 5 miles!

We saw Koala bears, Panda bears, Polar bears, Mongo Camel- all new to us! The Elephants have a fabulous facility that is unusual, at least to us!

We are having a great time in San Diego and the next 2 days are going to be even better! We get to see My Marine tomorrow and hang out with him on base for 5 hours! Then Friday is graduation! It is so hard to believe it is almost here!

Adah is a wonderful host...mellow, down to earth; exactly what we needed this week! And her hubby is very patient with all of That Other Kids talking!

For some reason pictures are not posting so check out Facebook and hopefully I can post them there!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

San Diego in Pictures!!

We made it to San Diego around noon today. Adah got off work early today so she could hang out with us so she met us at That Other Kids favorite restaurant, Chick-fil-a!

We headed to San Diego's Children's Museum to burn some little boy energy. It was fun for me too!

Looks like Adah had fun too, huh?

For dinner tonight we went down to a cool diner that has arcade games. The kiddo was pretty tired and didn't feel good till he realized he could get to play video games! Adah and I didn't want to be left out so we played Dance Revolution while her wonderful hubby played air hockey with That Other Kid!

The trip has been smooth sailing so far and tomorrow we are going to the zoo so it's gonna be a great day!

More pictures and stories tomorrow evening from Beautiful San Diego!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


It's Tuesday and that means it's True Confession time over at the Sisterhood. I have really been in a funk over the past month. Although I am extremely excited to get to go to San Diego, I can't seem to focus on much beyond that. I can't seem to push myself up off the couch or away from the computer in the evening. I think this 25 Days O' Exercise calendar says much about my confessions for this week!

Yep that's right only 2 days of exercise over the past 5, and honestly they are about the only days I have exercised since the Komen 3 Day Walk a month ago. I had a nice long heart to heart with myself last night while I was wallowing in self-pity and I decided that the only way to pull myself up by the boot-straps was to start moving my body! So although it was LATE and I knew I was waking up early today I decided to do some kind of exercise - I did the Wii Fit Step Aerobics and added in some 3# dumbbells to work on some arm stuff. It felt great to move, even if it wasn't too strenuous!

So tonight I'm planning to do the #Tworkout and then some other kind of Wii Game. I haven't quiet decided what but I know I want to do AT LEAST 30 minutes of exercise tonight so I can fill in Day 6 of my tree!

I'm going to San Diego next Tuesday, YAY!! and I plan to have a great time while I'm there, but getting there scares the bejezzus out of me. I'm not a great flyer and I will be flying on an airline I'm not familiar with in airports I've never been with That Other Kid! Coming home next Friday adds to my stress a bit since I will be flying home with My Marine and That Other Kid and I'm not 100% sure we will all be on the same flight. The problem? I'm concerned That Other Kid is going to throw a full out tantrum (yes, he still throws tantrums even though he is almost 8!) in the airport if we don't get to fly with his brother! Then I get to deal with a tantrum throwing almost 8 year old in an airport where I can't discipline him the way I normally would.

Today, tomorrow and Thursday I am praying for My Marine as he goes through the Crucible. I would appreciate your prayers too....You can find out more about the Crucible here.

Monday, December 5, 2011

My Marine and Crucible

This is what My Marine is about to go through. It starts at 4am my time! I think I will get up and get on my knees at 4am! If I cam do it for breast cancer training walks I can do it for him!

Watch this and Pray please!

Here's a poem one of my new facebook friends who has gone before me sent me just a few minutes ago! I thought it was perfect for tonight.

It's the night before the Crucible
And it's quiet in your Bay
And as you toss and turn this night
... Your Mom begins to pray.
A prayer not of completion
For I know you're highly skilled
It's more a prayer of vigilance
That you're safe upon the field.
I'm closer than you think my Son
I'll be there with every step
And while you dream of finishing
It's your Mom who hasn't slept.
Time to wake, it's 3 a.m.
Before the rising sun
So square away your gear and get
Your ALICE and your gun.
The march today will be a feat
A hundred "KLICKS" it seems
But you and your PLATOON stay sharp
You're soon-to-be MARINES.
Your "WAR BELT" weighs a thousand pounds
As you slog through mud and slime
And you know before this trial ends
The "REAPER" you must climb.
Your arms will ache from carrying
The injured "UP AND OVER"
An obstacle some forty feet
You can do it; you're a soldier.
The "MRE'S" are dry as H---
Takes canteens to quench the thirst
Your stomach feels like it's inside out
And you think it can't get worse.
Four hours sleep in fifty-four
The slow turning of the wheel
Battlegrounds aren't made for wimps
Just Marines of time-forged steel.
This is what you've trained for
With sweat and tears and blood
Remember that when you're on your belly
Crawling through the mud.
Your bayonet will strike it's mark
Your shots will all be true
For now a WARRIOR you've become
It's what you've trained to do.
Your face is streaked with dirt and grit
A mirror is not in sight
And where your long hair once was
You sport a "HIGH and TIGHT."
A flash of light, a "MOON BEAM"
Strikes eerily upon your face
You wear a mask of tubes and straps
You're disguised to withstand mace.
Rappelling down the sides of cliffs
Or moving through the mire
You've been trained by the very best
It's a test of strength by fire.
When you feel you're at the point
Where completion can't be done
Stay true, stay fast, you're almost there
Your race is nearly run.
You'll soon join ranks with Brothers
Those who have gone before
It's not easy but then it never was
To become "ESPRIT de CORPS."
In those last few hours when
YOU know you've survived the worst
Think of all the bone-weary times
For this moment you've rehearsed.
You'll wear your necktie two-blocked
Blouse creases fore and aft
You walk a little taller now
All things past are past.
Standing on "PARADE DECK"
At the end of thirteen weeks
You exemplify strength and courage
As tears run down your cheeks.
Take refuge in your confidence
You've brought honor to your team
You are now a man, my son

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Great Day in the Neighborhood!

Yesterday morning when I woke up this video was waiting for me! It is a video that was posted of My Marine and his plattoon. Apparently they post these for family and friends 2 weeks before graduation! It was a great way to start my Saturday! "My Marine" is on the 2nd row from the top and the 4th man from the left! As one of his friends told me on facebook yesterday, he looks kind of strange with such a serious look on his face, but I don't think Marines are supposed to be full of smiles...doesn't really scare the "ememy" (his word for "enemy" when he was 4 or 5) if they are full of smiles, now does it!

I can't tell you how many times I have looked at his picture since my hubby sent it to my phone! It is now the first thing I see when I pick up my phone! lol

I have missed my son so much over the past 11 1/2 weeks but it is getting closer and I'm beginning to feel like we are both going to make it all the way to graduation!

In just 9 days we will hop aboard a plane and fly to San Diego! We will get to meet Adah! We will do some sight-seeing on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday That Other Kid and I get to go to the San Diego Zoo! Then Thursday afternoon we will get to hang out with My Marine on base for approximately 5 hours! It's gonna be a great 5 hours of non-stop talking by both That Other Kid and me - we have so much to catch up on!

Then Friday morning, December 16th "My Marine" will graduate as a United States Marine! I'm so proud of him and all that he has accomplished over the past few months!

After he graduates and has "liberty" we will go get some food and head to the airport to come home! He gets to be home throughout the entire Christmas holiday and I can hardly believe I get to celebrate Christmas with him and even beyond. From what I understand he will get to be home till at least the 6th of January but it sounds like he may even be home till the 17th! Whooohooo! A whole month!!

I also got to go shopping yesterday afternoon for a few clothes and I found them on SALE!! Whoohooo! Pictures to follow....but I think I got some good stuff for the event of my son's life! Its been a great weekend!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Almost There- 2 Weeks from Today

The Marine Mother's prayer says, "Dear Lord, Give me the greatness of heart to see the difference between a mother's love and duty to country. Give me understanding that I may know, when duty calls them they must go. Give me a task to do each day, to fill my thoughts when they're away. And Lord, when they're in a foreign land, keep them safe in your loving hand. And Lord, when duty is in the field, please protect them and be their shield. And Lord, when deployment is so long, please give me the support to remain strong. Amen."

Two weeks from today I will be a true member of the Marine Mom's sisterhood. My Marine graduates from bootcamp in just 2 weeks! I thought this day would never get here but it is quickly approaching.

Friday's are Red Friday in honor of our military so I am posting this prayer- remember the families if the military when you pray for our soldiers please! We need your support also.