Thursday, June 26, 2008

Starbucks and Chocolate - Mel's Contest

Mel is having a contest over on her blog....For STARBUCKS and CHOCOLATE!!! It's to celebrate her 500th post. You can't go wrong! and all you have to do to have a chance to win is tell her why you like her blog, etc.

Hey....what are you still doin' here??? I got nothin', but a bunch of whinin' and complainin'. She's got CHOCOLATE and COFFEE!!!

We Rely on Our Cell Phones Too Much

This afternoon my DH was making a phone call from his cell phone and he needed to have our home phone number to refer to for an account. HE COULDN'T REMEMBER OUR HOME PHONE NUMBER!!!

This cracked me up!! I'm not sure why! Maybe it's because phone numbers are my speciality....and I remember them FOREVER...even if I haven't dialed it for awhile!

I don't really have room to complain, I have numbers in my cell phone that I don't have ANYWHERE else...and if I lost those numbers I would be a mess!

Do you rely on your cell phone too much????

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Play Date

Don't we all need to cool off a little in the heat of the day???
The little boy on the left is That Other Kid's best friend. It helps that he is the son of my best friend!!! They graciously entertained That Other Kid today....THANK YOU MY FRIEND!!! They obviously had a BLAST (pun intended)!!!!

For more great pictures that need no words go here.

When Momma Is Down....

nothing gets done without a lot of extra effort. Examples abound this week as I am not able to drive, lift, bend, or pretty much anything but lay around. And let me tell you, it's getting OLD! I can hardly wait to go to the doctor Friday so he can remove the splints from my nose, and give me (hopefully) permission to start moving back to my "normal" life.

I run ALL the errands for the family...everything from dropping off the dry cleaning, banking, play dates, buying groceries, going to pick up dinner at the local fast food place (way too often, btw). However, this week I CAN'T DRIVE!!!! I am stuck at home, and the!! That leaves all the driving to DH...which includes all those normal weekly errands plus trying to ensure that That Other Kid has food, (did I mention I'm not, has things to do, etc., etc.

I also have a doctor appointment on Friday...and That Kid comes home Friday afternoon, so unless I am released from the doctor Friday morning DH will be making yet another drive to the church 30 minutes away. Of course, that is only AFTER driving 40 minutes to the doctor....

Oh and of course, he's got clients that want at least some work done this week. and of course if he doesn't work we don't get I think you get the picture! It's a crazy time for us...and I'm looking forward to getting back to "normal" so DH can get back to work and I can take care of the family again like it should be. This will also keep my blood pressure lower...since I won't have to listen to how behind DH is getting this week, since things are so haywire!

Hope things are "normal" for you!! Whatever that is!! oh if you figure out what "normal" is can you let me know...??? I'm really curious.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Tiny Talk Tuesday celebrates our children and their view of the world. They continually make us laugh and by recording their Tiny Talk we can focus on one of the many JOYS of parenting!

If your kiddos made you laugh this week (don't they always), then feel free to share the humor!

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Tiny Tots Tuesday always gives me a chance to reflect on what my son said or did this week and this has been an interesting one.

That Other Kid has always been a "momma's boy" and I've loved most every minute:) of it. Since my surgery this past Thursday we have had to change many things about our routine. No hugging, no kissing, and no rough play. This has been an adjustment I was a little leary about, but he has adapted.

He comes in now and hugs my legs, kisses my arms -- over and over again! Like in the romantic movies only with giggles and laughter of
a 4 year old little boy!!

Before this week he would wake up and tell me it's time to get up...and if I didn't want to get up yet, I was ask him to get in bed with me for extra snuggle time for him and extra sleep time for me. Sometimes it worked and I would get another half hour of sleep, sometimes I wouldn't get any more sleep, just aggravation from a wiggling little boy:((

This morning he decided he wanted to get in bed with me and dh, but he wanted to get in the "CORNER" (code - midde). I asked him why he wanted in the "corner" and he told me he didn't want to get too close to my nose so he could be in the "corner" so he could be closer to daddy! He's sooo dang cute and soooooo sweet to me!! I just LOVE be his mommy even when I can't do much with or for him!!

By the way, he had the BEST time with the babysitter yesterday and I expect the same when he gets home in about an hour!! He's adapting VERY not so much!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Blowing Your Nose Is A Valuable Luxery

I've been a little under the weather since Thursday morning! I had my surgery Thursday morning and I don't remember a thing!! All I remember is the surgeon walking in to the pre-op room and making sure I didn't have any questions before wheeling me back to the operating room. Before they wheeled me back they gave me an IV with knock-out juice. I remember the room being EXTREMELY COLD (why does it have to be soooooo cold in there) and as the nurse was adjusting the lights they gave me a mask with more knock out juice....That's all I remember till they were trying to wake me up in the post-op room. They woke me up more and more....and I was still soooo cold. They gave me a bunch of blankets and tried to make sure I warmed up.

I eventually warmed up and the doctor came in and gave me instructions for the week. No lifting, no driving, no bending, no raising my blood pressure for A WHOLE WEEK. OH AND I CAN'T BLOW MY NOSE EITHER!!! What???!! right now that's the only thing I want to do!! So I say to you reading this...BLOW YOUR NOSE, some day you may not be able to!! I can't wait to go to the doctor Friday morning and have the doctor remove the plastic splints from my nose so I can BLOW MY NOSE and not have a bunch of gunk drain from my nose all the time. Right now I have a gauze pad under my nose to catch all the drainage...that's getting old, but I am glad the surgery is over!!

I was told by the surgeon that my deviated septum was severe and it is a good thing I had this done....I will be glad it's done soon, even though I can't wait to blow my nose now!!

That Other Kid is handling EVERYTHING better than I ever dreamed and That Kid didn't think twice about leaving for camp. He did a couple of loads of laundry Saturday night....all by himself and I guess he figured his momma didn't need him!! I pray he is getting what God wants him to get from camp. DH is getting to work almost as much as normal, since That Other Kid is gone during the day with the babysitter. So all is going well....I'm just laying around a lot and I'm not really doing anything but relaxing with my head back.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sinus Surgery

My sinus surgery has been scheduled for 7 a.m. tomorrow morning. I have to be there by 5:30 a.m. which means I leave my house around 4:45 a.m.!!! Don't doctor's have to sleep??? I don't do mornings very well, so I guess it's a good thing they are putting me to sleep!

I'm looking forward to the surgery, but not the recovery!! Things are gonna be crazy around here...That Kid will be gone from Sunday through Friday, during which time I can't drive, lift anything, or bend. Whenever I need help with stuff I call on That Kid...but I won't be able to next week; he'll be gone. I'm gonna miss him, and That Other Kid will miss him even more!! But until Sunday at 2:30 they are hanging out together alot so I guess everything will work out...I'm getting a big air mattress out of storage/the garage and I will lounge around on that in the living room so I can at least feel like I am part of the "goings ons" in the house.

I will probably not be online much over the next few days, so hope ya'll have some good fun to report to me, while I lay around not lifting, not driving, not bending, not doing ANYTHING but recovering!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tiny Tots Talk

Tiny Talk Tuesday celebrates our children and their view of the world. They continually make us laugh and by recording their Tiny Talk we can focus on one of the many JOYS of parenting!

If your kiddos made you laugh this week (don't they always), then feel free to share the humor!

Check out more Tiny Talks with Mary.

As I start preparing myself and the house for my surgery Thursday I am also talking to That Other Kid about some of the changes that will be occuring while I am recovering. It has brought about some interesting conversations....

me: After I get home from the doctor on Thursday mommy will not feel good for a while.

TOK: But why can't the doctor make you feel better while you are at "there"??

me: Well the doctor is making me feel better, but I will be sick for a while till I get ALL better. So I won't be able to pick you up and you can't hug my face or you might hurt me. You will have to be VERY gentle with mommy till I get all better.

TOK: Ok, but can I hurt you after you feel better??

me: (cracking up, of course) Well you are not supposed to hurt mommy anytime. You are supposed to treat girls and mommies nice and gentle ALL THE TIME!

TOK: Why?????

me: Because God wants you to.

TOK: Ok, but sometimes I want to hug you hard. I love you mommy and I need you!

See everything is a teaching moment when you have kids!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Panic Is Setting In

My surgery is just a few days away panic is setting in! I have so many things to do between now and Thursday morning and soooo little time. Just like every mom who is about to have surgery I have many things to prepare before going under the knife. And my main source of help -- That Kid -- gonna be gone the majority of the time I am recovering! What was I thinking???

I arranged for a new babysitter (my regular one is busy) to help out with That Other Kid for next week, when That Kid is gone. I think she's going to work out great! She's 17 and has a 5 year old little brother...I think That Other Kid is excited about hanging out with her/him! A playmate is always a good thing and it will probably keep him from thinking about mommy so much. He's already asking A BUNCH of questions....and I'm sure he's thinking of MORE...enough to drive me insane over the next couple of days!

I got to have a Mom's Night Out tonight and IT WAS WONDERFUL!! I needed it soooooo BADD. Thanks, my friend, for hanging with me and listening to me whine!!! Chili's is the perfect MOM'S NIGHT OUT resturant -- there were 2 other tables with "just women" laughing, talking a hundred miles an hour and eating Chips and Salsa!! Gotta Love Chili's!!

Over the next 2 days I need to make sure That Kid is prepared for Church Camp, the laundry is caught up, there are plenty of groceries, including the basics like juice, milk and Kix Cereal!! I also have to make list after list of things that go on around here on a daily basis so everyone can do the things that HAVE to proceed as normal-- like the feeding of the people and animals, mail pickup, bathing of the little one; you know just the little things that moms do every day!!

But on the bright side after the surgery I will have hours and hours of time to watch movies, and read books that I don't normally have time for and I'll probably get plenty of rest....cuz of the pain pills!! And hopefully, after recouperation I will begin to feel like a "normal" person again....Then I will sit back and say it was all worth it.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Sinus Surgery Date

is set...It is 1 week from today, June 19. I will not be able to do much of anything for about a week including lift That Other Kid, drive, or bend down. I am looking forward to having the surgery, I am not looking forward to the recovery. That Kid will be gone from Sunday through Friday night at church camp, so the care of That Other Kid will fall to dh and outside help. I have a feeling it's going to be a LONG week.

Fortunately, That Other Kid will be done with his medicine for the "unknown allergy" that he had earlier this week. That will definately help with the stressfulness factor. I don't do well with laying around and not doing anything for anyone, so I kinda dread that...but I have a bunch of books to catch up on reading, so maybe I'll get to read a bunch! That is if I'm not drugged up too much!

Prayers will be appreciated!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kids Have A Way...

of messing up our grandest plans, don'tcha know!

I got off the computer Monday night about 10 p.m. thinking, great I have 2 hours to do laundry, dishes, and various other household tasks that I had put of during the day. (Just so you know the laundry still needs to be folded and put away!) I went to the "little girls room" for a few minutes to regroup and take care of business. I came out and That Other Kid starts screaming for me. Now this is weird, I had just put him in bed about an hour earlier and he rarely has to use the bathroom this soon and he rarely has bad dreams, etc. that would require my presence. I went into to see what was needed. He told me his stomach hurt. Maybe you need to go to the bathroom, "NO" I was emphatically told. It itches and hurts. I go get the flashlight, so as to not blind him with the overhead light, thinking he'll be back asleep in 10 minutes! Boy, did I have this one pegged wrong! I look at his stomach and he has A.HUGE.RASH!and it wasn't there 1 hour ago!! ALL.OVER.HIS.STOMACH.LEGS.BACK.HANDS. You get the idea! It was everywhere. I promptly whip out the Benadryl and give him a dose. 2 minutes later he tells me his HANDS hurt, and I grab my shoes, and purse along with him and drive to the Pediatric Urgent Care that is just minutes from my house.

I love this place! They are prompt, caring, and very thorough with a panicky mom and hurting little boy! The doctor comes in just minutes after the nurse has taken vitals and starts talking to both of us. He has food and ant bite allergies so we have dealt with allergic reactions fact we just dealt with the allergic reaction of ant bites a few weeks ago, so we know the drill. No, he hasn't had anything new, no bugs in bed with him. We are CLUELESS! What is he allergic to this time???!!! WE DON'T KNOW!!!

Medicine was adminstered, he vomited all over the pj's he was wearing, a shot was given--to replace the medicine he vomited up, and about an hour later we got to leave. He looked a little better, but still itched and looked like a big welt! I got him home and in bed and promptly went to bed myself. Of course, I didn't accomplish anything I had planned...but I was too tired to deal with it then, so I just went to bed.

Next morning, (yesterday) I got up and hoped to see my little boy looking normal. Instead he had welts in a couple of places, but he wasn't looking too bad. I had to drop off his prescriptions and this was Karate day, (which is near pharmacy) so I decided to just give him Benadryl this morning and give him prescriptions after Karate class. Morning dressed and left for Karate.
As I was getting him out of the car seat, I noticed he was scratching a lot, but didn't really think about it.

By the time class started 10 minutes later he couldn't stop scratching and his face was turning bright red! I immediately leave to room to call his peditrician, who of course is out on Tuesday afternoons, but I ask for appointment with her associate. Appointment time is set for 1 hour from this time. Class is 30 minutes long....and he could hardly stop scratching long enough to participate. I grabbed lunch at the drive thru and drove immediately to doctor's office.

I walk in the office with him and they immediately usher him to the back --- he is miserable and looks that way, too. The nurse comes in and takes a look at him, asking all the typical questions, and tells me "its a good thing we know you here or I would think he had been severely beat; he has that many welts and is that miserable".
I guess it's a good thing, we run to the doctor so often! If for no other reason than I have a reputation for being a caring, overprotective mom, who runs to the doctor for the slightest thing!

So anyway the doctor comes in and takes a look at all the info, again asks all the typical questions and checks with me to see if we have done anything new or different. I gave her the info, and told her the medicines that the other doctor had prescribed. She told me to continue with these medicines and also gave us some samples of some other medicines and a cream to help with itching. She also told me to go home and give him a Oatmeal Bath immediatedly after giving him his medicines. I did as instructed... and his itching was relieved some. A few hours later he looked pretty much normal, but he was whiney and clingy the rest of the day.

I gave him another oatmeal bath, then a regular bath, drugged him up with all his medicines and put him to bed at his normal bedtime.

After the past 24 hours I needed some MAJOR comfort food, so went to get ice cream and coke! I also decided to rewash ALL HIS clothes and bedding in DREFT laundry detergent....just in case the people at Arm and Hammer decided to change their detergent without telling me! Time will tell...he has made it through today without any reactions, but he hasn't missed any medicine and he has worn clothes that were washed in baby laundry detergent!

And now I even have MORE laundry to fold....maybe I'll get to it tonight!!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

New Job

Today was That Kid's first day of his new job at the health club that we work out goof off at. His technical job title is "camp counselor", but basically he helps corral elementary school age kids in various activities throughout the day. He has experience -- he helped in the Homeschool PE classes for 2 school years, and was hired basically as soon as his application was submitted. I was pleased to hear him even attempting to get a job for the summer, and was even more pleased when he actually got a job that he is qualified for, instead of a McJob at the local fast food establishments.

I believe he has been blessed with talents working in the area of sports and kids. A couple of years ago he took a Career Assessment Test and it came back indicating that he excelled in the area of athletics and there you have it! It has been verified by someone other than me!

He worked a fairly long shift for his first shift -- 5 hours, and then immediately had to go referee 3 youth hockey games. I called him while he was on his way to the games and asked how his day with the kids was. He responded, "I HATE KIDS!!! They drew 'tattoos' all over me!" This cracked me up...he does this with his little brother all the time and I'm always complaining about it. Now he gets a little taste of his own medicine! And this will also help to insure that he doesn't get in any hurry to marry and have kids!!

You go kids! Keep driving him CRAZY!!!

Something else about his new job...he gets a pretty decent wage for a part time summer job, but it's nothing like what he gets paid to work as a referee. He is working 4 games this week as a referee and will earn what he is earning in working 5 LONG shifts as a "camp counselor". This will teach him to appreciate his money a little more, I think.

Well gotta go....I've got laundry to fold, a cantaloupe to cut, and bills to pay in the next hour or so...Hope you had a great day!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Adventures For A Sunday

I mentioned yesterday that That Kid bought himself some Dickies brand shorts for his new job. I just couldn't grasp him actually wearing these shorts, so I went to the mall and bought him a couple of replacement shorts that I thought were more "normal"! He got home and tried them on and remarked...."they're too short! I can't wear these!" I didn't know they had to be below his knees.

So today I took him with me to the mall (this was my mistake yesterday -- he wasn't with me and I was shooting blind, ya know). So we found 2 pair of shorts that were long enough, plain, basic khaki shorts. I asked him if these were better than the "dickies shorts" he bought for himself and his reply was, "ya I guess". Good enough for me...the Dickies go back to the store and I have the satifaction of knowing my son is wearing "regular" shorts!

The whole family went to the movies today. We saw Kung Fu Panda and it was a fun movie! There was a lot of kicking and punching and fast moves that kept the movie entertaining for the youngest crowd and enough of a plot to keep the older members of the group entertained. Oh, and did you know that buying food for a family of 4 at the concession stand is just like buying food in a restuarant like Chili's or Friday's?? and I assure you the food at the movies is not nearly as satisfying! Oh well, we had fun and I didn't have to cook, either...

Hope your Sunday has been fun!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Generation Gap

When I was a kid -- a.very.long.time.ago. there was a brand of pants that I would never have been caught dead wearing. That brand was Dickies. Whenever I saw this logo I immediately thought of my grandpa who was a farmer and wore Dickies overalls every day of his life, unless he was "going to town", when he would put on his "good pants", Dickies jeans! I also thought of those men who worked at manual labor type jobs. Dickies brand represented the "working class"....and I tried really hard to seperate myself from the "working class" as a teenager. I was kind of snobby, back then!! lol

I haven't thought about Dickies brand clothes in FOREVER, until recently I went shopping and saw none other than DICKIES Brand pants. and they weren't in Wally-world, where the farmers and other hard working manual laborer kinds of men shop! They were in KOHL'S, then I went to DILLARDS and another store I can't think of the name of, right now and they were there, too!! I couldn't believe my eyes!

Then I turned around and saw a nicely dressed, upper-middle class teenager looking to purchase these pants!! I was shocked....what is wrong with this kid, I thought to myself. Doesn't he know these pants are for the farmers and manual laborers of the country to buy so they can have pants that won't wear out and stain, when he busts his hump for the rest of the country to have some wheat, corn, or other such produce to eat???

Fast forward a couple of weeks to this week. That Kid got a new job where he has to wear plain, non-cargo pocketed shorts in the color khaki. So he went shopping, without mommy :(((( When did he grow up on me??? Anywhooo, he came home from Kohl's where he purchased none other than a pair of DICKIES khaki colored shorts!! I can't believe my own flesh and blood would purchase such a thing!! What came over him?? Then I asked him, "why did you buy Dickies brand shorts?" His response was, "why, what is wrong with Dickies brand shorts?? They are 'cool' and they were "cheap". My response was "Of course, they're cheap, they were made for people who can't afford to buy "regular" clothes!!" His response was "Oh!". Such a teenage answer, don't you think??

Now, don't get me wrong I have nothing against working class folks and I have nothing against "cheap" clothes. And truth be told I have nothing against "Dickies" brand clothes. It just shocked me to see something I always steered away from because it was for "the poor" and I thought I would tell you about these differences in my generation and that of my almost 18 year old son. Dickies brand clothes have gone from "taboo" to "cool" in a generation!

The moral of the story is "what a difference a generation makes" in what is cool and what isn't. I hope I haven't offended anyone!! I really do love and appreciate the working class people of America.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Praise HIM!!

You may remember a few months back I asked for prayers for my dad. He was diagnosed with colon cancer witha huge mass of tissue that was cancerous. Over the course of the past few months he has undergone chemo and then chemo with radiation. He was to undergo chemo for 8 weeks, then 5 weeks with chemo and radiation at the same time. He was told to watch for various degrees of side effects and report back to doctors and nurses.

This was/is week 4 for radiation with chemo. He went to the oncologists today and was told the mass has shrunk enough for them to do surgery. The surgeon will probably do surgery in about 4 weeks. The oncologist asked about his side effects -- to which he happily replied "WHAT SIDE EFFECTS??" He even has all his hair!! He has not had any negative side effects!! Praise God!! So the oncologist took him off the chemo and radiation a full week early!! He has even been walking 2 miles a day!!!He says he feels better now than he has in a couple of years!!

I just wanted to tell you how good God is, just in case you have forgotten recently!! I know I need a reminder sometimes... .and I wanted to tell you thanks for your prayers!!!

Thanks and don't forget GOD IS GOOD!!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Homeschooling Poll

Homeschooling has always been a controversial topic. Those who homeschool are very adamant that it is best for them and their kids. Those that don't homeschool think that the public schools or private schools could do a better job with those kids. I agree, homeschooling is NOT for everyone. I have a dear friend who gave it her best shot and has finally decided that putting her kids in the school system IS BEST for them! I applaud her! She went against "peer pressure" and did what was best for HER KIDS and HERSELF! Not everyone is cut out for 24/7 with her kids and teaching them .

I have homeschooled my oldest son his entire life. I plan to start "formal" homeschooling with my youngest son this fall -- actually he's already doing alot of stuff on his own, so homeschooling him has officially begun this summer! I don't have a teaching certificate. I do have 2 years of elementary education study from college. I seriously doubt having a teaching certificate would have made me a better teacher for my older son. I think being a better MOTHER WOULD have made me a better teacher. I also think that I should have followed my INSTINCTS instead of the teacher's manual for all those thousands of dollars of curriculum I bought. I think I should have operated a little more "out of the box". These things would have made me a better mom and teacher.

This poll was found in the Parade magazine and has been making its rounds through the homeschooling community. At first I just ignored I do a lot of these "political-type" polls, but I decided to check it out. I have enclosed the link for the article as well as the link so you can vote.

In February, a California state appeals court ruled that unless parents have recognized teaching credentials, they must send their children to school. The judge, citing a state education law, said that “parents do not have a constitutional right to home-school their children.” Parents and politicians were outraged, and the court will rehear the case this month.

At stake is the education of the 166,000 California children who currently are home-schooled. But the court decision also could influence laws across the country. Nationwide, up to 2 million children are taught at home. Experts estimate that the number is increasing 7% to 12% a year.

“If upheld, the California ruling will send shock waves nationwide,” says Richard Kahlenberg, the author of a number of books on education. He says the case “pits those who believe parental rights are paramount against those who place a premium on well-educated citizens.”

Right now, only six states have strict regulations for home-schooling, usually requiring parents to have their curriculum approved, to show test scores and, in some places, to submit to home visits. Fourteen states, including California, mandate only that parents notify the state of their decision to home-school.

Let's keep our FREEDOM!!!!! In this area as well as all others!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tiny Tots

Tiny Talk Tuesday celebrates our children and their view of the world. They continually make us laugh and by recording their Tiny Talk we can focus on one of the many JOYS of parenting!

If your kiddos made you laugh this week (don't they always), then feel free to share the humor!

Check out more Tiny Talks with Mary


I'm kind of running behind on getting this posted today, but I wanted to participate anyway! I have been getting a lot of allergy testing done and going to the doctor alot the past few weeks to try and figure out why I have been sick for the past 10 months.
This morning I went to the doctor again -- this time to start my allergy medicine and consult with the ENT about sinus surgery. I left the men/boys at home to fend for themselves! Scary, huh??

Anywooo, I got home and hollered out "I'm home!" Customarily, I hear That Other Kid, run in from wherever he is and say, "oh mommy, I need you!" This is code for "I missed you".

Today he said, "Oh! I missed you, but I'm busy! I'll give you a hug when I get a minute!" I couldn't help but laugh....Oh to be soooo busy that you don't have time to hug your mommy!

A few minutes later I was sitting on the couch when That Kid came in and started to talk to me...That Other Kid was suddenly FREE from his busyness and "needed" me, too. It was nice to be "needed" by both my boys!!!

Call Me Crazy....

It's ok, I know I am CRAZY it has been proven over and over~~ and dh tells me I'm "insane" everytime I screw something up, so it's obviously true....cuz everyone knows that men are PERFECT, right??and they never screw anything up....

Ok, sorry for rambling, but there really is no point to this post, so I may as well start it off that way, right?

Anyway, I'm crazy! Last week I went to the allergist who informed me that I am highly allergic to DUST! Which is EVERYWHERE throughout my house! I HATE to DUST and do it ONLY when dh whines enough that I get tired of listening to it....and decide to go ahead and bite the bullet and rid the house of at least some of the thickest dust.

Soooo, anywhoooo, I got the wild hair that even without dh whiney I WOULD RID THE HOUSE OF DUST...thinking maybe I could breathe easier if I didn't live among the thing I am highly allergic to! Well the easiest way to motivate me to clean is to reorganize and clean at the same time. So I decided the play room and That Kid's room would be a my first targets! I talked dh into taking That Other Kid to the movies and give me 3 hours of QUIET ALONE TIME!!! I haven't had this in FOREVER and it was BLISSFUL. I need to do this more often...they had fun, too. But that wasn't the point as far as I was concerned!!!

The playroom is always a mess. That's just who That Other Kid is...and it needed a good CLEANING, so I started cleaning and reorganizing and moving things around. When they got home it was all clean and reorganized. The games are more accessible and the big train/car table is pushed into the corner...cuz he doesn't play with it very often. I also moved movies into the living room, so they won't get scattered all over the playroom. I have more control over them! and everyone knows it's all about control!

For Christmas we got That Kid some new furniture for his room. Since he is kind of growing up we decided it was time to make his room "grow up", too. But, he has been so busy he hasn't had time to reorganize and make room for the new this was the time. We started Sunday afternoon...but he had to CLEAR out TONS of STUFF, first. This took a good part of 4 hours to go through everything and make piles. Keep and put back in room pile. Give away pile. Store pile. This created a TON of DUST blowing around...making my throat hurt, eyes itch, etc., etc.

He built his desk yesterday afternoon, put 1 of the 2 bookcases back in the room...left the 2nd one out, since he didn't really need it. His room now has TONS of space!! and it looks more like a teenager/young adult room. We need to buy a "trophy/collectibles" case, but that can wait. For now they are sitting in 2 big Rubbermaid containers. Everything in his room is pretty much "dust-free" at least till next week!

Why, oh why did I decide to do this?? Oh yeah, so the house would not be so dusty! Next up is the living room. First of all I have to go through tons of VHS movies, DVD's, music CD's, and books. The books will take a while. I have school books, reference books, personal reading books, and self-help books and magazines. My plan for the school books is to SELL them! I have books for nearly every subject, for 12 years of schooling. So if you are homeschooling and need a book...send me an email! I may have it!! I'm going to load them up in boxes and take them to the local homeschool bookstore. Whatever they don't buy, I will take to Half-Priced Books.

So, you see I have been busy trying to clean my house...and in the process to rid it of of my highest allergens!