Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tiny Tots Talk

This week's Tiny Talk comments are brought to you by That Other Kid and his daddy in an in depth conversation about drawing hockey players.

TOK: Will you draw me a hockey player?

Dad: I already drew one yesterday. What happened to that one?

TOK: It's right here, but it's not "good". You need to draw it like "this" (with visual graphics using a hockey stick and correct positioning).

Dad: Ok, I will draw you another one but you need to learn to draw the hockey players yourself.

TOK: But I'm too little to draw good like you....but I'll get good when I am biiiiiiiig like you!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Prom Night

Now tell me that's not a handsome young man!!!

Contest Winner

Sarah is my winner!! You may ask how did you come up with a winner?? Well just so you know it was fair and all...I asked That Kid to chose a number between 1 and 87 (the number of comments I had) and he chose number 44 and then I counted down to number 44 and there was Sarah's comment!!! I know real technical, huh?? So anyway, I emailed Sarah and asked her to send me her address so I can send her the book. I hope to have it so I can send it out Monday.

Hope you guys entered a contest and won something this week.....It's always fun to win new stuff, especially in cool blogging contests!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Busy Week....

but then again what week is not busy these days, huh? Anyway, i have been having fun reading all the comments from the people who have entered my Bloggy Contest. It has been a lot of fun to see the traffic on my site pick WAY UP, too. Up till this week I have been running about 50 - 75 views a week. This week I've been running at least that many per day! It has been exciting for me.... so thanks for stopping by if you are new and I hope you'll keep coming back after today.

So if you are here and you haven't commented on my little contest please do so today. I'll choose a winner tonight, late....before I go to bed, so hurry and enter....cuz don't we all need to learn to be happy??!!

Ok....so on to other news of the week. That Other Kid went to his first Karate class Tuesday...and that was fun! He did well for his first class, at least I thought he did. He was his normal, bouncy, excited self and was eager to try every move the instructor asked him to make. I think it went well...My goal for sending him this class is to help him learn a little self-control. Sometimes I think he is beyond all self-control and I worry about his future and Mine for that matter...Like will I lose it because he is acting sooooo bad! Instructor said he did well for first class and gave him a creed to practice at home...which we haven't done yet. Basically, it says he's not gonna beat the cr*p out of everyone in the house, using what he learns in class!!

This week was another first for That Kid. He had a REAL JOB interview. He already has a job as an Ice Hockey Official, but the summer time is sloooooooow for him, as there are not many games being played, so there are not many games being reffed, yo get the idea? Anyway, he has kind of gotten used to receiving LARGE paychecks in the mail and since he won't during the summer he decided he wanted to get a job for the summer. The gym we go to had a sign on the door saying they were taking applications for the summer, so he applied on-line and had his first interview yesterday. It must have went well-- he has a follow-up interview Monday afternoon. The position he applied for is right up his alley -- working with kids in their summer camps, playing various sports, games, etc. He has experience from the PE class he has been assisting with for the past 2 years, so he is qualified and actually VERY good at this! He doesn't like to admit it but he is gifted around kids....it is an area God has blessed him in and I am excited to see how God uses him this summer in this job....Of course, there is the 2nd interview, so pray for that to go well if this is the job for him this summer.

My dad went and had another colon scope this week to check the progress of the cancer and to prepare for radiation. (Radiation starts Monday morning) and everything seems to be going well. He will do a radiation treatment for 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week for 5 weeks.....gosh that's a lot of 5's, huh? After his radiation treatment he will go over to the VA Hospital and get a chemo treatment.....so this is going to be a hardcore attack. Please pray that he will continue to have NO side effects and he will do well with all this medication.

I just got an email from him and he is walking 2 miles a day at he local rec center that my brother works at. Exercise and getting out of the house --- does a cancer patient good! Add to that a bunch of prayers and you can't go wrong! Thanks for all your love and prayers.....

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tiny Talk Time....

Mary hosts a Tiny Talk Tuesday so that we can document all the "cute stuff" our little ones say....We don't want to forget it, so we write it here! So this week here are a couple of the "cute stuffs" that That Other Kid
said that I remembered!

"Daddy you are nerving me!" translated "You are getting on my nerves!!" Of course, he's never heard this from his daddy!

"Tator Tots come home to me!"

"Got snots!" of course this was done while sniffing boogers back up into his nose, instead of blowing his nose.

Let me know what kinds of cute stuff your kids say. I'm curious!! Don't forger to join in with Mary with Mr. Linky...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Bloggy Giveaway!!!

My very first Blogging Contest!!! I'm pretty excited...and I hope you are too. I'm giving away a book that I discovered at the bookstore...it was on sale, and hey I'm cheap!! and I thought maybe I needed a little joy!!! I seem to be lacking joy and happiness...I get too wrapped up in my own little world and forget to look at all the GOOD in my life. Maybe you do, too?? Anyway, I bought the book and brought it home, and it's been sitting on the shelf for a while. I do that a lot, don't you??

Then, a few months later I made another trip to the bookstore and lo and behold, "oh cool, I think I could learn something from that book, and it's cheap!!" I get home and I put my "new" book on the shelf....right next to the SAME book that I had bought earlier and forgot all about. Sooooo, I now have 2 copies of the same book....so NOW I Get to "Giveaway" a book that can give you a little perspective in getting your joy/happiness back.

I've been reading it while in the bathroom (ya know that is the only place to read if you want peace and quiet!!)and I have been getting some of my perspective back and seeing things from God's point of view, using humor and some great story telling. Not only have I been getting some new and improved perspective, I've been gaining some joy and happiness!

So if you need some joy and happiness and would like to enter my little contest and then receive my "extra copy" of this little book then leave me a comment and on Friday night sometime before midnight, Central time I'll choose a comment and send you the book via USPS, next week!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Type "A" Personalities

I just realized tonight what I should have been able to figure out over the past 4+ years; That Other Kid is a very powerful Type A personality and I don't do Type A well. Therefore, we clash in nearly every way possible.

Most Type A personalities -- especially males don't "do" authority well and last I checked moms are supposed to have authority over their kids and help guide and direct them "in the way that they should go". There you go....C.L.A.S.H. and butt heads and mom ends up exhausted after just the most typical day.

When you give a Type A personality to a little boy that has excessive energy and above average intelligence to the equation of a mom who has been suffering with sinus infections and various illnesses over the past 9 months what you end up with a tired, frustrated mom and a bored, frustrated little boy.

This week I'm going to work on helping him to burn all his energy...I am signing him up for Lil Dragon Karate classes. My goal for sending him to this class will be 2-fold, burn energy and help him to be more self-controlled. I'm not holding my breathe, but I am hoping!!

I'm also going to have That Kid take him ice skating this week to practice skating, since he is starting to get frustrated in his "hockey skate class". He is still skating slow, although he is precise and exact (Type A), he wants and needs to skate faster if he wants to take the "stick and puck hockey class" next session which will begin in June. Hopefully, extra practice with big brother will be just what the student needs! And if not, at least he'll get some extra energy burning exercise this week outside of the house....

Saturday, April 19, 2008

On Being Fat....

I hate being soooooo overweight.

I tried to go for a walk with That Other Kid this afternoon, cuz it was such a lovely day. So it's about 85 degrees and nice little breeze, basically a perfect day to spend outside. I step outside and help him guide his bike down the sidewalk. So far, so good. He turns the bike so that he's riding down the sidewalk and he's going along at a sloooooow clip and I can't keep up. I'm winded before I get to the end of the block....and we live two-thirds of the way down the street! I am hot and sweaty by the time I manage to make it back around the block. All I want to do now is take a nice cool shower and get in bed. I'm wasted. I can't believe walking around the block has exhausted me so much...

Maybe my sinus problems and the deviated septum are causing me more complications in breathing than even I thought. Or maybe I'm just soooo stinkin' fat I can't walk around the block without being tired. I think it's time to start making some dietary changes in my life and start hitting the gym and at least slowly walking on the treadmill, so I can at least walk around the block without being wasted next time That Other Kid wants to take a bike ride.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dad and the Radiation Doctor

Got an email tonight from my mom...dad has an appointment with the doctor that will order his radiation treatments Friday morning at 11:00 a.m. Please pray for a favorable report and quick execution of the treatments to begin....I want this colon cancer to be past us and I'm sure he does too!

A Whole New World of Food Choices....

were available for me to purchase tonight as I ran to the grocery store for a quick trip. See That Other Kid was out of Apple Juice and he loves his juice in the morning. Up until a month or so again I gave it to him day and night, and didn't really think about it too much...I rationalized that he has to have calcium and this is his only way of getting it what with all the food allergies and all. Of course this was before the $500 + trip to the dentist!!! Now he gets his juice only in the daytime hours....

So anyway I went to the grocery store to buy his juice and pick up a few other things that we needed or wanted as the case was....I walked out spending $71 for a quick trip so I guess I did ok!

Well look at all the cool stuff That Other Kid can eat NOW!!! I'm so excited for him!! I can't wait to introduce him to the joys of "real" bread. Cereal that he probably shouldn't have, but is fun to eat occasionally, and what is a day without Bisquick....I know, I know it's all processed and he's probably better off without it but the joy of eating what a "normal" kid can eat will be soooo exciting for him.

I still can't give him milk or eggs, so I still read the ingredients of everything I bought but OMG look at all the choices!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Frustrations Abound

How do you deal with children that have NO regard to your authority? I want to run and scream and act like a child...I mean that's how they are acting....why can't I??? I'm the one that is being treated like trash around here, but they are the ones getting away with all manner of disobedience.

I have always tried to be fair and reasonable in dealing with my boys when it comes to discipline, punishment, and responsibilities. I am the one in the family that handles the majority of the parenting responsibilities. Unless things get WAY out of control dh doesn't get involved. So why am I getting all the abuse??? Maybe it's because I am the one that does it all...maybe it's because I'm the one that has soooooo much daily contact with them, who knows....All I do know is that I'm going through an abundance of frustration because of the way these boys are acting. I'm tired of dealing with their constant disregard to my authority. I'm tired of it all...what's a mom to do?? I haven't changed over the years, that much. With the exception of gaining unmentioned amounts of weight, that is.

I'm tired of it....will ya please pray for me???? I'm so emotionally exhausted from the day to day dealings with these 2 boys that I dearly love, but I can't keep going like this....I just can't!

I hope this makes sense, but if it doesn't maybe you'll pray that my next post will make more sense!

Thanks for your prayers....

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

News to Report

Well it's been a couple of days since I gave you my medical report and I'm happy to report that my sinus cavities seem to be improving at least in as much as I'm not snoring as loudly and as obnoxiously!
I have been doing my nasal wash and although it is rather unpleasant it does seem to be helping. I still have bad headaches and sinus pressure, but I do seem to be improving this time. I am grateful for the ENT who was able to diagnose me with something other than just allergies as the regular doctor was telling me! I just have to do this for 4 weeks before I can get more answers....

In other news of the day -- I bought That Other Kid some additional GeoTrax train pieces last night which happily occupied a good part of his day, as well as mine, since I had to build new configurations of the tracks several times over! Finally, I told him this was the last one I was going to build and he could change it by himself, should he want a different configuration. A few minutes later I walked in and he WAS BUILDING it another way, this time adding a BUNCH of the tracks that he previously owned! Now the tracks take up a good portion of our den/playroom....well at least it hasn't spread to the living room!

By the way, if you are looking for a great train system for your "rough and tumble boy" than I highly recommend the GeoTrax system. I discovered that the wooden ones tend to break when they are abused by a "rough and tumble" little boy! Go Fisher-Price!!!

Oh yeah, one more thing....Did you know that a cell phone is NOT designed to be washed in a washing machine???? I now have first hand experience from this theory....don't ask!! The bright side I have a new cell phone and it's kinda cool! Now I have to go play with my new phone so I'll know how it's new features work....

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Doctor Update

I should have done this last night, but I was pretty much a lost cause last night. I spent about 6 hours in doctor's offices or waiting rooms yesterday and that can be very exhausting! The good news from all this sitting and waiting is that we do have some answers. I do so love sitting around and waiting for doctors, don't you??? Ok, on with the report.

Mine is pretty complicated so I will skip me for a minute and report that That Kid has a bone spur on his elbow. This is complicated by the fact that he has a bone contusion (bone bruise). He is supposed to take a break from working out in any way that will put stress on his elbow, ie chest press, biceps, ect. If it was me it wouldn't be a problem....I haven't used these machines and used these muscles for some time and really don't like doing so.
However, we are not talking about a fat, unacheiving mom -- we are talking a young man who is trying to be a well-developed speciman of a man. Therein lies the problem. We see how well this works by the fact that he just got back from the gym and lifting all manner of weights, including ones that might aggravate his elbow. What's a mom to do, huh?

Ok, on to me....first off I have a deviated septum, which explains alot of my problems, including but limiting other things SNORING that continues to get worse and worse by the day or night as the case is! My nasal passages and sinus cavities are quiet inflammed as well. I will take FOUR, count them FOUR new prescriptions to deal with on a daily basis to try to clear this problem up. I also have to do a nasal wash 2 times a day, which is supposed to help clear out my sinus cavities of all the gunk in there. Then in a month I go back to see if all this medicine helps. At this point if I am still having problems I will have an MRI on my nose/sinus cavities and then probably proceed to surgery. Although I don't want to take all these medications I do want to finally be done with all this illness and yucky feeling, so I am doing it....and I'm praying that my deviated septum can be healed without the surgery so I no longer will suffer from all these sinus infections.

Next for the day, as if this wasn't enough of a day, we went to That Kid's best friend's dance recital. I was a little concerned about That Other Kid sitting for an hour and a half as we neared bedtime, but I seemed to forget the fact that HE LOVES music....he was very well behaved and just sat in his seat and danced!!! and we only needed ONE bathroom break...so I consider it a good night. The performance was fun and a nice way to spend a Friday night out. That Kid's bff really comes alive on stage! You can tell she LOVES to dance and she's good, too so that helps. Afterwards, we went out to eat at Chick-fil-a and had time to just sit and relax. I needed the time out and away from home.

So, how did you spend your Friday night??? Whatever you did I hope you spent it with friends and family doing something fun and relaxing.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Doctor's Appointments

I talked to mom this evening after settling down with That Other Kid, to check on dad's doctor's appointment. PRAISE GOD....the tumor has NOTTTTT, I repeat has Not spread!! It is still contained within his colon. They couldn't really tell if is smaller or not without going in and doing another internal search, which they didn't want to do because of the sensitivity of it after 8 weeks of chemo, but the fact that it has not spread is a BIG PLUS!!

He has to meet with the radiation specialist ASAP, which they are waiting for a call from his office. They will probably hear from him tomorrow and meet with him to start radiation treatments. Apparently they want this started ASAP, so hopefully by Monday. They will be doing the radiation treatments in the best hospital in their town, instead of the VA hospital, which makes me feel so much better! Thank you Jesus, for taking care of my dad!!! and thank you for praying....

Another doctor appointment had positive results today! That Other Kid had a food challenge for Soy products.....and he PASSED with flying colors!! We now get to add WHEAT, PEANUTS, and SOY into his previously limited diet....He can have soooooo many new foods, I'm just giddy!!! He is still highly allergic to milk/dairy, and eggs, but OMG he can have soooooo many foods now, that he couldn't just 6 weeks ago!!! I'm sooooo happy for him! Now I just need to get him to accept the fact that he can have more than 6 food items!!

Tomorrow I go to the ENT to see what is wrong with me and my sinus cavities....so I don't spend the next 9 months sick....please pray it is a successful visit! and last but not least That Kid will go to the orthopeadic surgeon tomorrow afternoon to find out what is wrong with his elbow....it has been hurting and swollen for about 6 weeks, so it is time to get it checked....I'll let you know how it goes.

Thanks for all your prayers....I appreciate each and every one of you.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Changes they are a happenin'! In case you haven't noticed I changed the design/pattern of my blog page. It's spring ya know and I just felt the need to change the looks of my front page. Let me know if you like it...

I've also added Google Adsense to the blog to try to earn a couple of bucks...sometimes I just get the urge to have "my" money... not "family/our" money. Call me selfish if you must, but I wanta see if I can earn some money of my own.

DeeDee tagged everyone for a meme today. It is for us to name 6 unimportant things about ourselves....I said, "gosh only 6! this might take me a while to narrow them down". Anywhoooo, here are my 6 unimportant things in no particular order.

6. I am a terrible housekeeper, although as a kid/teenager I was the one who cleaned the house, cuz I hated the fact that it was always a mess.

5. I am nosey. I always want to know everything about everyone. Although I am pretty private about sharing about my own life.

4. I love taking pictures of "stuff" although I don't do anything with the pictures once I take the pictures....

3. I sit on my couch "watching" local news for an average of an hour and a half a night, but if you ask me anything about what is going on in the news locally I probably couldn't tell you more than 2 or 3 things.

2. That Other Kid beats me every time when we play Tennis on the Wii. I beat him "almost" every time when we Bowl.

1. When I was a kid, I was in LOVE with the BeeGees.

Now aren't you glad I shared????

If you wanta share all your "unimportant facts" consider yourself tagged. Please leave a comment and let me know if you decide to play!

Oh...please pray for my dad and his doctor tomorrow afternoon, as he finds out the next step in his Chemo and Radiation treatments. He has gone through 8 weeks of Chemo and hasn't had any problems so keep those prayers coming! Radiation/Chemo combined is the next step according to what he was told in the beginning. I'll let you know tomorrow night after I hear from my mom and dad.

Thanks....for everything!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Baby...

won with a photo contest with this picture!! We get a photo session with a professional photographer and a free photo! I'm so excited....

Mary hosts a Tiny Talk Tuesday every week. I usually read it and think to my self I should post something cute That Other Kid said this week, but I never can remember anything at the time...so it passes and I forget to come back to it and write something later....

This week I'm writing stuff as it comes up! That way when Tuesday gets here I'll have quite the list of "funnies".

That Other Kid's favorite saying right now whenever he is mad at me about something -- "I'm not your mommy!" and of course he says it with such an attitude. And who am I to argue with that??

Whenever someone gets ready to leave That Other Kid has to have a hug and he says, "I might miss you". When we come back we have started saying, "so did you maybe miss me?"

Well that's all I've got for today...It's been a slow week!

Free Music


Get this you can win a free CD by a wonderful Christian artist, just by going to this website and filling out a form about yourself and your blog....that is if you have at least 50 visitors per month. I think most everyone should qualify for that one, don't you? I'm always looking for new music to put on my ipod and now I get this one and last week I received another one. I'll tell you about that one in a bit. I've gotta go make lunch for the dh and take a shower and be productive, ya know just the normal stuff of a wife/mom!

Sunday, April 6, 2008


I just had to share this with you. I copied from one of my regular reads Laurel. There have been many days lately that this is precisely how I feel.... how about you??

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Are all teenagers destined to turn their parents off?? Do they all want their space to the point of ignoring the rest of the family they they used to hang out with??? Or does this "stage" come with the invention of text messaging, internet usage and other communications that transpire through the use of the computer and cell phones??

I was hanging out with a friend today and we were discussing how both of our teens sit at the dinner table and text friends, instead of having a conversation with the rest of the family. Then as soon as possible they go to their room, turn on their computers and spend the rest of the night texting or instant messaging on the computer.....UGHHHH...I have finally gotten fed up with the constant texting and phone usage when sleep should be happening and through Cingular/AT&T's wonderful aid turned off the text message and phone usage capability from 12 a.m. to 7 a.m. This has definately helped cut down some of the phone usage, but it is still being used excessively....Should I just cut it off all the time??? How do I teach him to be responsible in this area?? Apparently, I am clueless!!!

So, how do you deal with teens and excessive cell phone use???