Sunday, May 31, 2009

Time for Level 3 -- Day 1 of the 30 Day Shred (Day 21)

Today is the Day 1 of Level 3....Day 21 of the 30 Day Shred! I only have 10 more days till I complete the 30 Day Shred, Round 2! Level 3 takes it up a notch, but I think I'm ready...I'll let you know later tonight when I get That Other Kid to bed and get a chance to do it!

In other news I went to a friend's house today and she had a bunch of pants that will fit me, so I got several new pairs of pants that I won't have to wear a belt with. I'm looking forward to trying them on and having some pants that fit again!
My friend's husband noticed that I was losing weight, too...which was kind of a nice feeling!!

I'll check back in after exercising tonight...

Edited*** I made it through Level 3 and then moved right into the WiiFit Hula! I was really tired when I finished both, but not so much that I couldn't move to the bathroom for my shower, ya know what I mean??!! I stuck with doing everything with Anita, except the sit-ups which I still can not do. I just modified them and did crunches...kind of wimped out there, but I don't have the ab muscles or the pelvic/bladder strength for regular sit-ups:((( I did manage to do a couple of the strength routines with Natalie!! Yay for me!!

So how are you doing on the Shred??

This Week we are starting a new Challenge over at the Sisterhood of Shrinking Jeans and we are working as teams. It will be exciting to challenge our team mates and help motivate us to be the winning team!! Join in if you want....Christy will hook you up with a team, I'm sure!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Graduation -- Student #2

This is "Boo" and she is another special young lady to me. She graduated this past Saturday, May 23rd in a wonderful ceremony that made me cry. Once again let me start at the beginning.

Boo and That Kid met in May of 2004 at the annual Six Flags Homeschool Day. Within a couple of months they were best of friends. It's hard to maintain a male/female friendship without weird stuff but they did a fabulous job of it. Fast forward a couple of years and I met Boo's mom. We also became fast friends sharing lots of mom secrets and learning how to raise teenagers together. About that same time I started getting to know Boo and I realized what it was that made That Kid have such a great friendship with her.

Boo is a sensitive, beautiful, intelligent, fun young lady. She was homeschooled from the 2nd or 3rd grade and attended college classes to help her with her more advanced courses once she turned 13 or so...She graduated from high school last weekend with over 30 college credits and will attend Abilene Christian College in the fall. She has many dreams for her future -- a few of which I'm aware of. I am convinced she could do any or even all of these things should she decide to pursue them, but her LOVE is baking and dancing!! I've seen her dance and it is a beautiful expression of her grace and I have tasted her baking talents and I have to say they are delectable!! and, of course, quiet fattening so I need to stay away from them for the most part right now, but I indulged last weekend and sampled several of the treats she prepared for the graduation ceremony.

Many people stereotype homeschool students into some kind of "nerdy" homebody that is not socialized and could not get around in the "real world" but I assure you that Boo is not one of "those" kinds of homeschooled students. Boo is a "normal" teenage young lady going through the "normal" types of struggles that most teens go through. She has tons of friends and is always with them bringing joy and her spontaneous, fun personality along with her. When it is all said and done and she graduates from college and strikes on her own I know that because of her zest for life she will come out on top doing whatever she sets her mind to do.

This is a young lady I am blessed to know. Boo is a special, young lady that I am glad That Kid met back in 2004...She is a part of my life...

Congrats to you "Boo"! May God grant you the desires of your heart and give you everything you want for your future. Remember that God made you special, so that you could do all the things you want!! You can do it!! I believe in you!!

I love you, Boo!!

You Capture --- Family

I'm a few days late for this weeks challenge but Beth says we can join in whenever we want so here I am. This has been a crazy, busy week so this is the first time I've had a chance to read blogs and catch up with everybody...including Beth. This was one of the easiest You Captures I have done in a while, since graduation time is all about family!! These pictures are of my "family" at my niece's graduation ceremony. Aren't we a hoot???!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Graduation Ceremony #1

This is my niece..."A"! Isn't she beautiful?? Doesn't she look incredibly nervous in this last picture? It was taken just a couple of hours before her high school graduation. A huge number of her family was there (including me and both my boys). These pictures are just a sampling of how special and original she is. Let me start at the least the beginning for me.

In the summer of 1995 my dh and I along with That Kid moved from Fresno, California to the Dallas area. All of my family lives in Kansas and it had been 4 years since we had been there to see any of them. I had seen my oldest brother because he was a Marine stationed in California a few times when he got long weekends. But other than him I had not seen anyone in 4 years, so the first chance I got to go up to Kansas for a visit I jumped at it.

That was August, 1995. That Kid had just turned 5...and didn't remember any of my family. We drove the 5 1/2 hours to Kansas and visited with family. It was kind of a strange time....but it was good. We stopped at my parents house then went over to my oldest brother's house, where he lived with his new wife and new daughter. I say "new" daughter because she was new to our family. My (now)sister-in-law had a daughter who was about 2 1/2 years old when my brother met and married her momma. At the time we met them she was just past 4 years old so she was a perfect age for That Kid to play with! And OMG, did they PLAY!! They met each other and played perfectly for HOURS!! We introduced them and didn't see them again the rest of the evening! They became best friends/cousins instantly! I was thrilled to have a playmate for him...I wondered how the trip would go for him...and because of this wonderful little girl it was special!

Since that time every time we went to Kansas That Kid had someone to play with or hang out with...and they got along great most every time. There was a time when they were 12 or 13 when it got a little awkward, but other than that we never had any problems with the two of them getting along. The two of them grew up and matured into special individuals with their own gifts and talents, but a tremendous love for each other.

I watched this little girl grow into a beautiful young lady. She has always held a special place in my heart and over the past fews years she and I have developed a special relationship. She has come to me seeking advice and has asked my opinion on what she should do a number of times. She is always looking to do the right thing and so I want to pay tribute to her for a minute.

She graduated in the top 10% of her class of 402 students. She applied to 4 different colleges and received some kind of scholarship from each of them. She has finally decided to attend a community college 45 minutes from their home and live in the dorms. She received a full scholarship for this college and based on the information she received it will be a great fit for her. This decision was difficult for her....she wanted to attend another community college, the one her boyfriend of 2 years will be attending, that both her mom and my brother (her step-dad) attended, and the one that most of her friends will be attending BUT she made the decision based on "what is best" for her, not anyone else!! I couldn't be more proud of her!

While attending high school she also played in the orchestra, and was a major player on the swim team. She had a knee injury and surgery last year and was unable to swim, so instead she was the manager for the team. I know that had to be a difficult thing for her to do...since swimming is one of her true loves. This year she came back strong and swam for the team, and improved at each of the meets according to her parents. After taking an entire year off, you know it had to be difficult to get her groove back, but she is dedicated and determined to be the best that she can be!

I think I've gushed enough now....but I just wanted everyone to know that "A" is a special young lady who will go places. Her goals for college are to be a Marine Biologist....Wow!! That means in a few years I could be related to a Marine Biologist!!! Whatever she becomes I know it will be something great because she has the determination and willingness to work hard and whatever she sets out to accomplish she can do it!

LOVE YA, "A"!!!

Weigh In Wednesday

I'm weighing in even though the Sisters aren't doing a weigh in this week. I want to stay on track and keep weighing so I'll know how I'm doing. I weighed this morning and I'm back down to what I was 2 weeks ago almost!

Starting weight March 25 -- 225.8
Today's weight -- 212.5

Today's total weight loss 13.3 pounds!!

I'm getting close to the goal that I have to be down to 200 by the end of June! I don't know if I'll accomplish it, but I'm going to shoot for it...that's about all I can do, ya know? I'm still doing the 30 Day Shred and the WiiFit Hula every night so now I think I'm ready to bump it up and do some walking on the treadmill and eliptical machine at the gym. I have a friend who is thinking of joining the gym I go to so it will help to have a friend to drag my butt to the gym every day! I think I need that extra push....

So what about you....what is motivating you right now???

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Wore Smaller Pants TODAY!!

This morning I got up and showered and got dressed as usual...but as I put on my pants I felt really frumpy in them. They felt baggy and saggy. It's a problem that up till the past month or so I haven't experienced in a long time. I've adapted the past couple of weeks and worn a belt but today I thought....hum, I wonder if I have any pants in the closet that are smaller? So I shined the light into the closet and started looking. I dug around and found 1 pair of pants that were capris which worked fine since it was supposed to be 95 degrees today.

I tried them on and zipped them up and buttoned them and although they were a little snug they were comfortable!! My muffin top kind of hung over the top of the waist line, because they are low rise waist (which I don't get on "fat lady" pants) but I decided I didn't care....I wanted to wear pants that were not falling off!! I wore them all day and did not have marks on my stomach from the pants being too tight!! I am thrilled!! Problem now is I think that was the only pair of pants in my closet that are that size :((( so now I have to go back to my baggy pants tomorrow!! I'm hoping that this week I can go to the JC Penney Outlet store and buy myself some "cheap" pants in the smaller size.

I'm going to the gym in the morning to weigh myself to see how I'm doing. The Sisterhood is taking a couple of weeks off, but I'm not!! I have goals!! and I can't meet them if I don't work at it every day! By the way, I just finished Day 15 of the 30 Day Shred DVD -- round 2!! I haven't missed a beat yet, although I'm still huffing and puffing by the time I'm done. I think alot of it has to do with the fact that I still can't breathe real good yet, from my sinus allergy problems. I'm still coughing and have to do the inhaler before and after the workout, but I am doing it!! You can too!!

One more thing....I received my new Ipod in the mail today! It's blue and very cute! I can't wait to get some music loaded on it and start listening to it! Thanks to the Sisterhood for blessing me with it!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Graduation Time Means So Much

The month of May is always a special time in the life of teenagers and children. It signifies the end of school and the beginning of summer....lazy days in the pool, or hanging out. Or in the case of That Kid SLEEPING NON-STOP during the day and then goofing off with friends in the evening and night!! This May has been a particularly special month for me and my family. There have been numerous graduation ceremonies and celebrations.

My oldest niece graduated from high school on May 17 in Kansas, which explains one of my two trips to Kansas this month! A cousin of mine also has a daughter who graduated from high school May 17 in Topeka, Kansas. This week also marked my youngest niece's graduation from preschool. Next week my nephew will graduate from elementary school. This Saturday, May 23 marked the graduation ceremony for some of our closest homeschooling friends. It also marked the date we had set aside for That Kid's graduation. He decided not to participate in a ceremony which freed him up to go to other friend's graduation ceremony.

May 23 was also a special day for me. It was on May 23, 1983 that I graduated from high school! It's hard to believe that I graduated 26 years ago....seems forever ago, but then again I remember so much about that day. I remember walking up on stage and getting that piece of paper that stated I had completed high school. I remember going home with my family and being the guest of honor....and let me tell you in a home of 6 people that didn't happen often. I remember friends coming over and celebrating with me. I remember going to a graduation party with my friends and with my then boyfriend, now dh and coming home the next morning! That was the first time I had stayed out all night with no consequences from my parents! I also remember that the next school day my little brothers had to get up and go to school! I got to stay home and sleep!! Yeah!!

Graduation time is a time to celebrate the accomplishments of those students who have completed their education in that school. It also is a time for family and friends to honor those students and their accomplishments. It is a time for fun and reflection. It is also a time to look forward to what lies ahead. After I graduated I knew that I wanted to go to college and be a teacher. I also knew that I would probably be married within the next few years. I did attend college (for 2 years), I did marry just 1 short year after graduating, and I did become a teacher...just not for pay! I did not follow my original course, but I did do the things I had decided to do...just not the way I intended.

For those graduating from college, high school, middle school/junior high, elementary school or pre-school I say follow your dreams. Whatever they may be. However they may change over the course of the years, follow them!! If you don't follow your dreams then you have no one to blame but yourself for the disappointment that will follow you.

Over the course of the next few days I am going to honor 3 very special high school graduates. They are special to me so it will take a while to write all I have to say about them... Please follow along and help me honor them.

That Kid



Thursday, May 21, 2009

I WON!!!

Over at the Sisterhood they were giving away some great prizes for all our hard work during this 8 week challenge!! And I WON!! Can you believe it??? I'm so pleased that I actually won at something so important like losing this unsitely and unhealthy weight!!If you will remember I now weigh 11.2 pounds less than I did 8 weeks ago, thankyouverymuch!! I won an IPod Shuffle which is awesome!

This challenge is over but they will be starting a new one on June 3 and I plan to win that challenge!! Not to win a prize mind you....but to win a healthier and happier me!! So you guys wanna try to beat me?? Join the Sisterhood and keep me on my toes!! Summer is never easy for me...we have lots of birthdays and of course lots of ice cream, but I have worked hard to lose the weight so far and I'm not gonna blow it just cuz it's summer time. I plan to be SKINNY by Christmas and that's not gonna happen if I overindulge this Keep me honest and keep me working out, Ok????

By the way, I started Level 2 of the 30 Day Shred tonight and did ok on it! I even managed to do some of the workout with Natalie! Today was Day 11 and I'm feelin' good!! If you haven't started yet...go buy the DVD and join in! You'll love to hate Jillian with the rest of us!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 10...Now it's Time to Move to Level 2!

Tonight I did Level 1, Day 10 of the 30 Shred....which means I now get to move on to Level 2 tomorrow night. Not sure I'm ready to move up yet, but I'm going to anyway. With all this sinus infection/allergy crap going on I don't feel like I have quiet mastered Level 1 the way I wanted to, but that's's not like I can't come back to it again, right?!!

Just thought I would just check in and tell you how I nighty, night!!!

Day 8 and 9 Are Done!!

I got home from my trip did tons of laundry, slept and then at the end of the day I EXERCISED AGAIN.... Yeah for me!! Done with Day 8 of the 30 Day Shred!
Got up yesterday and goofed around on the computer catching up with my blogging friends, took That Other Kid to karate class, out to lunch at Chick-fil-a, then went to the chiropractor. Ran to the grocery store, paid a bill online, fixed dinner, goofed off some more, put That Other Kid to bed and EXERCISED AGAIN!! I'm on a roll!! Day 9 was done! I have to say my heart wasn't in it last body hurt and I felt 'blah'!! I really wanted to go to bed, but I perservered and I'm glad to say I did...I went to bed feeling good about myself.

Today is the final weigh-in of this go round with my Sisters at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. I'm waiting for dh to get home with the car so I can weigh in at the gym!! I'm hoping that I am down a total of 15 pounds, but I know that this week may have been just enough slacking that it didn't happen....just waiting is tiresome, though. So ....what I'd like to do is take a nap! But that's not gonna happen, since a certain little 5 year old wants to be constantly entertained.

I'll let ya'll know how I did after I go to the gym and weigh myself!!

Edited with Today's Weigh-In: Kind of bummed again -- but I will not be discouraged and give up.

Starting weight March 30, 2009 -- 225.8
Today's weight May 20, 2009 -- 214.6

Total weight loss during this challenge 11.2 pounds.

Now granted I am thrilled with the fact that I no longer am carrying those extra 11 pounds around I am discouraged because that means I still have 70 more pounds to lose and it has not been easy the past couple of weeks to continue to see the numbers stay the same or even go up. However, my dh gave me a pep-talk and told me that it is not ALL in the also is in the way my clothes fit. And they do fit ALOT different! Some of my pants are literally falling off if I don't wear a belt. All of them require a belt to stay on me comfortably! So I will continue doing what I know is the right thing and wait for the numbers to start cooperating with me!

This challenge is over but a new one will be starting back up in a couple of weeks...come join us as we Shred and Shrink into healthier and happier bodies!

Monday, May 18, 2009

I Did It!! Day 6 and 7 On the Road!!

This weekend I traveled to Kansas to celebrate my niece's high school graduation. since it was going to be a "quick" weekend trip I determined that I WOULD DO MY SHRED no matter what!! It would be hard but I decided "I am worth it!" I am really on a roll and I want to get this weight off...and the only way I can successfully do that is if I exercise EVERY DAY and monitor my food intake!

Saturday afternoon we checked into a hotel and unloaded our stuff, changed clothes and went to my brother's house. They had her party Saturday night with lots of great food. Good choices and bad choices! I filled my plate with good choices then sat down to eat. After eating the good stuff, I went back to get the "bad choices". I sat down with my plate and started eating, when That Other Kid "got hurt" on the trampoline. I say "got hurt" in quotes cuz it was mostly hurt feelings with a little bit of "real hurt"! Anyway, by the time I got back to the food it was cold and I wasn't really hungry anymore! I did find room for several dessert choices, but I drank water the whole night and did pretty good with the "good choices"!

After hanging with the family and friends That Other Kid and I went back to the hotel. I got him ready for bed and asleep by 10:30 p.m.!! Pretty stinkin' good if I do say myself!! I immediately changed clothes and started exercising!! YAH!! I kept the volume down on my laptop and did my Day 6, Level 1 of the DVD!! All while he slept in the same room!! I'm so good!! I went to sleep about 12:30 a.m. feeling good about the fact that I did my workout!

Yesterday morning I woke up early and changed clothes and immediately started working out! I'm not a morning person but I knew this would be my only chance and I didn't want to go through the day without doing my workout....I made it through the entire section and did Day 7, Level 1!! Then I took a shower and went about my busy, crazy, fun day!!

I did choose to have a 32 oz. coke last night, since I knew I would need the caffiene and calories to help me drive back home. We didn't get on the road till 10 p.m. and I realized that driving that late with no caffiene would be dangerous!! I'm cutting myself some slack on that one!! But I don't feel the need to have more, so that's good! Back to my "no cokes/no caffiene" lifestyle!! Not that I won't allow myself some "splurges" once in awhile!!

Hope ya'll had a great weekend....I check back in later with some pictures of the graduation celebration!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Today's Accomplishments

1804 spins on WiiFit Hula
Level 1 - Day 5 of the 30 Day Shred

My accomplishments for the day!! That and a big o' pile of laundry to fold!
I gotta tackle it cuz I'm leaving first thing in the morning for Kansas again....this time for my niece's high school graduation celebration weekend. I plan to keep up the exercises, at least the DVD...probably not the Hula, since my brother's house will be swarming with people this weekend and I probably won't want to embarrass myself by pulling the WiiFit out and doing the Hula in front of all of them!!

I'll try to check in sometime over the weekend and let you know how I'm doing with the exercising and the food and drink intake....gotta do this trip with NO COKES or caffeine!! Wish me luck!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day 3 and Day 4

I didn't write a post last night after my shred was around 1 a.m. by the time I finished and needless to say I was EXHAUSTED!! But I did it...I had to skip out on some of the cardio exercises, I was coughing too much to keep it up.
I didn't do the WiiFit....that was just too much, too late in the day/night! Last night was a late night for That Other Kid who had a AWANA award program, so we didn't get home till AFTER his bedtime, then it took a sweet forever to get him to sleep. It was nearly 11 p.m. by the time he was sleeping... THEN I finally got to workout! Boy, did I need it!! I was tired, but I am dedicated to doing the entire 30 day program this time.

This morning I was still coughing up gunk and decided that it was time to go to the doctor...So I made an appointment with the GP. I figured I had a sinus infection, but just couldn't knock the cough. The GP checked my lungs, which had "little movement" in my lower right lung. She then wanted to do a breathing test, which I couldn't do....I started coughing too much. In fact I started coughing so hard I spit up/vomited up gunk. At that time she gave me a breathing treatment. Then she rechecked my lungs and informed me that it was better...but wanted to treat me for a "sinus induced asthma attack". Since that time I have not been coughing nearly as much.

I was actually able to do MOST of the DVD tonight without too many coughing fits! I didn't do all the jumping jacks, but I did do everything else. I was also able to do the WiiFit Hula, although the 2nd round of my 6 minutes I didn't do as well as I normally do, cuz I started coughing :((

I'm hoping that the 4 prescriptions the doctor gave me today will help me knock this stupid sinus gunk and I'll be good as new! I'm doing pretty good on the second round of this 30 Day Challenge, but I want to do EVEN better!!

Hope ya'll are doing well with the challenge!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday

Well I didn't have any preconceived ideas today when I went over to weigh myself. I went a week without exercising, I went out of town, where I drank cokes and ate pretty much what I wanted, when I wanted. So needless to say I wasn't really expecting much. It's a good thing, too...I would have been extremely disappointed if I went in there expecting to lose more pounds or even weigh the same!

Last week weigh in -- 212.2 pounds
This week weigh in -- 212.12 pounds

So gained .10 pounds, but I'm still down overall and that is the ultimate goal, right?!!

This weekend I will be going out of town again, but now that I've tested the waters with drinking and eating whatever I want I'll know that can't be done again. The last weigh in of this challenge will be next week and I really want to be down a total of 15 pounds during this 8 week period. That means I need to workout hard this week and watch the food and drink intake....

So how are you doing???

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 2...Round 2

Today was day 2 of the 30 Day Shred. I got a late start tonight, cuz it took me forever to get That Other Kid to bed. I really didn't want to do it since it was almost 10 p.m. by the time I got changed and ready to go, but I did it! Man, this cardio it killing me. I'm doing better with the rest of the workout but still not doing great with those jumping jacks! I'm doing some of the workout with Natalie and some of it with Anita. My goal is to be able to everything but those static lunges with Natalie by the end of the 10 days. I have bad knees and any kind of lunge is pretty painful for me, so I'll stick with Anita on those.

Since it was so late I only did the WiiFit Hula for the 70 second workout for a warmup then the 3 minute workout. I did hit a new record for the 3 minute even though I was tired I set a new record and did pretty good.

Yeah!! Day 2 is over....tomorrow is weigh-in day. I'm not sure how it will look, since I did splurge this weekend while I was in Kansas. I drank 4 or 5 cokes (which I am no longer drinking!!) and I ate, ate, ate!! The funny thing about drinking those cokes....I no longer like the way they taste! and they are not something I want to drink now!! And the caffeine that I was getting while drinking all those cokes....oh my goodness....I no longer need that either!! In fact the day I drank 2 cokes I didn't sleep well!! So that little addiction is OVER!! Now I just need to stop eating the "bad for me food"!

Onward and DOWNWARD!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

30 Day Shred Again

WiiFit Hula spins 1563
Level 1 - Day 1 of the 30 Day Shred

Back to work....tonight was the first night of round 2 of the 30 Day Shred. It was also the first night in 1 week that I exercised. Last week I was sick with sinus gunk and just didn't really feel well. I was planning to finish the last 2 nights of the Shred but I had to prepare for my trip out of town this past weekend and didn't really feel like "bustin' a gut" to get it done. I started over with Level 1 and did some of the routines with Natalie and some with Anita. I feel like the cardio routines are more difficult in Level 1 than the other levels, but maybe that's because I HATE jumping jacks and that is a large portion of the cardio.

That Kid played in a hockey tournament in Kansas where all the family lives so we made a family trip out of it, with a nice Mother's Day celebration and little graduation party for That Kid. It was a really fast paced weekend, with family gatherings, hockey games, and a bit of Wii!! Whenever we go to Kansas it is always like that (usually without the hockey)!!, but we always have fun!!

Both boys have girl cousins to hang out with so it's fun for them, too. That Kid went to his first drive-in movie with his cousin and her boyfriend. That Other Kid played on the trampoline, played with water guns (even though it was only 65 degrees), and generally wrecked havoc on my brother's house! We all had a great time!! That Kid's team won 3 out of the 4 hockey games they played...only losing in the championship game.

We went to Burger King for Mother's Day lunch as we were heading out of town and That Kid gave me the Baby Mama DVD!!

All in all a great weekend...but now I back to the hard work of the 30 Day Shred and I'm going to keep up with the WiiFit Hula. I know, I'm crazy!! But it's fun and it just helps me lose weight faster. This time I took my measurements and took a front on picture and a profile picture. They are not pretty but they are real. I'm not going to post them yet...I will do that after my 30 days so I can show before and after shots!! I know I'll be able to see the difference in 30 I can tell a big difference in the way my clothes fit from before Round 1 of the 30 Day Shred.

If you want to join in the 30 Day Shred....go to Target or Walmart or and get it and join in. You'll get great support from the Sisterhood.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

You Capture Expression???!!!

Beth hosts a little photo challenge and I've been trying to participate in it. This week I thought, huh??? How can I capture "expression"???

So I'm sitting around doin' my 'thang when my son decided he wanted to play the "drums". We don't have any drums, thank GOD! But he's good at improvising and this is what he came up with....

I thought this shows a great deal of "expression" not to mention great creativity! I figured this would be a great way to show expression...Then this morning this was what I looked out at when I opened my blinds in my living room....What an "expression" and I won't tell you the "expressions" that left my mouth while I was cleaning it up in the 85 degree weather w/75% humidity...and did I mention my highest allergen is GRASS??!!! and I'm leaving town tomorrow and really don't feel all that great to begin with??

I just love having a teenage you want another kid????

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Weigh-In Wednesday -- YEAH!!!

I weighed in today at 212.2!!! I'm so happy the numbers are finally going DOWN again!!

Last week I was at 216.6 so I lost 4.4 pounds this week!! Finally some real pay off!

I started this weight loss challenge with the Sisters weighing 225.8 pounds after visiting with the endocrinologist who basically told me to lose the weight or I would soon become Type 2 Diabetic. I definitely don't want that "ugly" diagnoses, so I decided to really do something about this pathetic weight that I have (over the past 10 years) gained and continued to get more and more out of control. Now I'm seeing results, thanks to the Sisterhood and the 30 Day Shred. I'm feeling pretty good today, so I'm going to do day 29 of my 30 day shred tonight, and will finish it up tomorrow, provided I still feel good.

This challenge is at Week 6 --- and I have lost a whopping 13.6 pounds!! And my jeans require a BELT to stay on!!

Monday the Sisters are going to start the 30 Day Shred over and I'm actually looking forward to the workout! I'm going to try to do some of the moves with Natalie this time. I know my knees won't allow all of the moves to be with Natalie, but I'm gonna give it a try. So, if you are trying to lose some weight or get back into shape, join us!! It'll be FUN, I guarantee it!!

Gotta Love Her!!!

And by HER I mean Amy Grant!! When I was a young teenage Christian I discovered Amy Grant and I loved her then and I will always love her. People have sometimes criticized her by saying she shouldn't cross over to the "pop" market. Some have criticized her because she got divorced and remarried. Some simply don't like her, but I will never be one of "those" people.

You may ask "why all the Amy Grant talk"??? Well let me tell you yesterday she released a new CD or whatever you call it when it's on Itunes and Sophie told me about it. She is also giving me an opportunity to WIN a bunch of stuff from Amy Grant, with even a chance to TALK TO AY GRANT!!! I would probably just be a bumbling mess if that happened to me, but I would LOVE it...anyways I'm supposed to tell you to go check out the new "EP" according to Sophie, and check it out here

So I'm telling ya'll about it...will you go check it out?? and let us know what song you like best! and tell everyone else you know about it, k??

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

2 Nights Without Exercising...

and I gotta say I'm missing it. I had it all built into my routine....and since I'm a VERY routine person, I feel a little out of sorts. Of course, I could be feeling out of sorts cuz I feel miserable! I've developed a nasty little cough and still have some pretty serious sinus drainage. I do have a bit more energy today, but this cough is really getting me down. I'm going to take my meds for the night and hit the pillows early again and pray that I feel more like myself tomorrow. I really would like to finish the last 2 days of the 30 Day Shred, before we start over on Monday.

If you've been hearing about the Shred from everyone, come on over to the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans and sign up. They have sponsors who offer some great prizes and you get tons of support from others who are trying to lose some weight and get back into shape.

Tomorrow is Weigh-In Day, and although I haven't exercised in 2 days I still feel pretty good about it --- but tomorrow the truth will be in the numbers. Although I do that my jeans are fitting looser, I would like to see some smaller numbers on the scale, too.

Well off to bed.... with more medicine in me than any normal person should have. Of course, I never claimed to be normal, ya know??!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

No Shred Tonight

I'm having a lot of sinus drainage in my throat tonight and I'm exhausted because of I'm bailing on Day 29 of the 30 Day Shred. With 2 more nights to complete the whole 30 days I really didn't want to skip it but I just have no energy and no real desire to do anything other than take a bunch of medicine and get as much sleep as possible....

I'm hoping tomorrow will be much better and I can finish my 30 Day Shred and not feel so crappy.

I Do Have A Sweet Son....

as is proved by these pictures. He picked these flowers out of our back yard this morning and told me he wanted "to give them to me for Mother's Day, but they would probably be "yucky" by then so he just decided to surprise me right now with them!"
And yes that is a direct quote!! I think he needs to learn to take breathes in his sentences, don't you???

He took a picture of me receiving the flowers but it was just awful, and I am not gonna post it!

I just wish the other men in my family were so thoughtful!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Smaller Pants Is Why I'm Doing This Torture!!!

Tonight I sooooo did not want to do my 30 Day Shred, but I just have a few more days of it and I really don't want to miss any more. I have a sore throat and I'm tired so I wanted to skip it, but I've only missed 1 day of the 30 Day Shred and the following day I did it twice, so I look at it in a kind of cheating way and say I have done it EVERY DAY!

Anyway, I've been doing laundry all afternoon but my workout clothes were not dry yet, so I went to the closet and pulled out a pair of workout pants that I couldn't wear 1 month ago. And guess what????? THEY FIT!!! They were a little snug, but not UNBEARABLE!! I didn't look good in them, cuz they are tight fitting.....but I COULD WEAR THEM and I DID!! I did the 23 minutes of the Shred and didn't have to "not do something" cuz my pants were too snug!!

On those plain sit ups, I decided to do a different kind of ab exercise.....I did the "bicycle" and guess what?? I didn't pee my pants, and I still struggled to do them but I did MUCH better than when I was trying to do the sit ups!

I talked to my sister-in-law last night and told her about the 30 Day Shred DVD and she wants to check it out, so I'm going to take it with me this weekend when we go up for a visit. I gotta say this DVD is sooooo hard, but is WORKING and that's what it's all about, right?? I'm actually looking forward to weighing myself this week. I think I'm finally dropping some pounds again. We'll see....

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Scary Day in DFW

It's been raining in the DFW area for a couple of weeks now, nearly every day. But today was the worst day in some time. Around 3:30 p.m. during a Dallas Cowboys rookie practice this happened...

Apparently one of the secondary coaches now has several vertebrae that are broken, but the other injuries are apparently pretty minor with cuts and bruises. There were about 70 people in there. Thank God that everyone moved quickly and got everyone out. Please pray for this coach.

Friday, May 1, 2009

10 Hours and 20 Minutes!

That's how much time I have spent on my WiiFit since I got it for Christmas this year...
but probably 10 hours of that have been within the last 30 days!! I'm pretty proud of myself that I have stuck with it this long. It's probably the longest stretch that I have EVER exercised. I'm still at it, too...I finished Day 6 of Level 3, in the 30 Day Shred. I also did the WiiFit Hula Hoop....ending week 5 of doing those torturous spins with a new record of 1802 spins in 6 minutes!! I'm thinking of moving up to 10 minutes next week, but I'm not sure if I'm quiet ready for that yet!

Once my 30 Day Shred is over next week I think I'm going to start over at Level 1, and try to do at least some of the exercises with Natalie...We'll see how that works out for me.

In other news, a friend came over to play with That Other Kid and they had a great time. They played frisbee, ball/catch, Star Wars complete with Light Sabers, and rough and tumble boy stuff! He had a great time! and before they even got into their car to drive off asked when they could get together again!! Now that's what I consider a good play date!! Another bonus to a great play date -- he fell asleep within 10 minutes of getting in bed! Yeah!!

Hope you have a great weekend!!