Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tooting My Horn and Other Random Notes

Ok so it's been another 3 weeks since I have written again. Wow! Time sure does fly when you sit around and take care of the mundane business of life, right?

I haven't been doing too much to toot my horn lately that I feel are that extra-ordinary but they have made a difference to some people so I'm going to "toot" about them.

On the 12th of this month my sister in law's father passed away. He had diabetes and had gotten bit by a brown recluse spider. Complications caused by the diabetes caused him to go into cardiac arrest early Saturday morning. Since her dad lived with them he was definitely part of the family so That Other Kid and I loaded up and made a quick trip to Kansas. My oldest niece was so happy to see me she started crying, and that made the whole trip worth it. I hung out with her boyfriend during the funeral and we both just hung back to support the family. I'm glad I went...but oh boy I am getting too old for these quick trips to Kansas. Once I got back I just wanted to sit and vegg out!

Bonus for the trip is I got to meet Rachel
. She lives just 20 minutes or so from my brother and so we went out for dinner while That Other Kid hung out with his cousins and my brother and sister in law! It was a great way to end a crummy day! It's always nice to meet one of my bloggy friends and just get to know them on a IRL manner.

Most of you know I homeschool That Other Kid but in case you didn't...now you do!!
I slacked a lot this past fall with school so we will be working (on a reduced schedule) throughout the summer but we have a few more weeks to go before we take a couple of weeks off to enjoy some of the summer fun then move to our summer schedule. He's not too thrilled with that idea but I reminded him that it's too hot to do anything outside anyway, so we may as well do school and then enjoy fall when it finally gets here! My Marine will be finishing up his MOS school and graduating on June 13th. There really isn't a ceremony for this graduation so we are not attending, but he said he will have about a week before he gets orders for a station or a deployment so he will probably come home for a few days and I don't want to be busy so I'm planning our break for during this time. That Other Kid and I want to hang with him while he is home since who knows when he will be home again?

I have been on thyroid medicine for just over a month now and I am already starting to notice a difference. I'm hoping by the end of this next month I will be able to start SEEING a difference.

I started training walks for the Komen 3 Day
at the beginning of the month. The actual 3 day isn't until November but it's best to train if you expect to really be able to walk 60 miles in 3 days! It's not a cake walk we are talking about! This past weekend our training walk was supposed to be 5 miles but I clocked it and it was 5.67 miles. We walked it around 1 hr and 40 minutes so we were moving at a pretty good pace, in a pretty difficult area of town with a steep hill. I was huffing and puffing by the time we took a break after the hills so I can really tell I need to bump up my cardio workouts at home. It was already pretty warm out at 9 am! I'm not looking forward to summer but I am looking forward to training and walking with my friends for a wonderful cause!

I have been slacking with the New Rules of Lifting for Women workouts but I am determined to get back to it. Tonight is my night....I made it through Stage 1 and so I'm going to start over with Stage 2. I am determined to stick with this...it will be good for me to be combining lifting with my walking training too!!

That's it for me...I'm doing ok, just busy with the routine business of life and I don't have much to "toot" about but life in general!

What are you "tooting" about today?

If you want to help me in my goal of reaching $2300 for the Komen 3 Day you can donate here Every dollar counts in this fight against breast cancer.

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Brooke said...

so glad you can already tell that the medication is helping!! :)

i started over with stage 2 last week - we can be behind together!