Friday, June 1, 2012

Tuning Up in June

I've been floundering all year. Looking for ways to lose weight, exercise consistently, eat right, etc. It just hasn't been happening...all I know is I truly want to do right but "something" hasn't clicked for me and I haven't done it.

I am determined that June is gonna be my month. I am on medication to help my thyroid levels. I am taking a vitamin D supplement to help my levels on that too. Medically speaking there is no reason I can't get my act together so now it's time to get busy with the weight loss. The year is half over and I don't want to waste the whole year, continuing to gain weight.

Cue, The Shrinking Jeans ladies!! They always know when to start a new challenge and get my booty moving again! So I'm participating in the June Tune Up with the Sisterhood and I'm gonna give this body a tune up! And with all good challenges they are even offering ways to get my exercise in with 3 exercises to do most every day of the month!

This particular challenge is a partners challenge...meaning we team up with someone and we tackle this booger together! My partner is Jen and I'm so excited to be doing this with her! We have been chatting a lot and are becoming great friends but we both need to lose some weight and stop making excuses! Together we are gonna tackle this challenge with all the gusto we can muster...

Our team name is the Kick A$$ WIPs (cuz we are both a Work in Progress). I even have goals for this challenge....GO ME!!

1) EXERCISE EVERY DAY!! Between the June Tone Up, and the beginning of the Komen 3 Day training

and using the Wii and XBox I think I have this one under control.

2) NO SODAS!! 'nuff said...

3) TRACK MY FOOD EVERY DAY, EVERY BITE!! I've been pretty hit and miss with this and I'm sure it has hurt me. I'm on MyFitnessPal with an app on my phone so really I should not have any excuses!

4) EAT A SALAD EVERY DAY!! I'm not a big veggie eater so salads are about the only veggies I normally eat but they have been sporatic. This must change....(I had a salad for dinner!! And WATER!)

That takes care of my goals for the Jen said it's only 30 days! I can do it!! I can't wait to see the changes that happen in these 30 days!

btw, my starting weight for this challenge: 207
Not something I'm proud of but honestly I'm not shocked. More like pissed!!


Karena said...

LOVE your team name! Awesome. Also love that you two are becoming such close friends. Go get 'em, Ann!

My name is Andy. said...

Way to get back on the wagon! You can do this. And great team name!!

jen said...

you rock and we are gonna kick serious ass this month!!


Brooke said...

love your team name :P you and jen are going to W(h)IP A$$ this challenge!!

Dennis said...

You can do this. Keep focused and stay on track. Remember, if you slip it's not failure.