Thursday, December 6, 2007

My Baby's Growing Up

When That Other Kid was still within the womb I had wonderful friends who offered to host baby showers (yes, you read it right-- I had 4 of them!). So I went to Target and BabiesRUs and registered for all the cool stuff available for babies! I had a BLAST with it. I didn't have this luxery with That Kid, baby registeries were new at that time and I didn't know that you could "ask" for the stuff you wanted! I decided long before That Other Kid was born that I wanted Winnie The Pooh stuff....I am a BIG Pooh Fan and I knew this would be my last chance to have cute Pooh stuff...soooooo I asked for and received TONS of POOH stuff, including a WONDERFUL home-made Quilt by my mother-in-love and a nice big fleece blanket by her best friend, whom I still have never met. I was in POOH HEAVEN. DH told me to enjoy it while it lasted cuz one day That Other Kid would decide that he didn't like Pooh anymore.
I've been moving along in Pooh Heaven for the past almost 4 years, until recently. I started looking for stuff for his room to make it more like a little boy room instead of a baby room. He LOVES the Car's movie characters and one day at Target he saw some Car's stuff...a pop out laundry hamper, and trash can. I bought them for him, thinking ok we can start moving toward the Car's theme for his room - slowly, of course, since I didn't want to lose the Pooh theme. He was ok with this till this weekend when I decided to look for sheets and blankets that fit his bed, (he's still in a toddler bed) and don't look like they are for babies. That is VERY hard to do, btw. But.....Wally-world had lots of new character sheet sets for Toddler-Bed size!! I was soooooo impressed. I never find anything I like at Wally-World and rarely even walk in the doors, but needed to pick up a couple of things there this weekend. Wow!!! Anyway, I found Car's, Diego, Dora, Princess Barbie, and SPIDERMAN.....Guess which character he chose!!! Yes ma'm SPIDERMAN!!! I told him we should get the Car's stuff, cuz he already has some Car's stuff, but doesn't have any Spiderman stuff -- he told me, "I will, when you buy this for me"!! He had a point! So, now he has Spiderman sheets, blankets, and pillowcase on his bed.
Tonight I washed and folded and put away his Pooh stuff, except for Grandma's quilt which we will use for a snuggle blanket. I was baby is growing up. But....I guess I should have known it was coming. He will be 4 in less than 2 weeks and he is having his first birthday party with friends -- Lunar Mini Golf!
At least he still gives me hugs and tells me he loves me and wants to snuggle in the mornings and again at night before bed.

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