Wednesday, June 23, 2010

500th Post!!! Give-Away and Some Other Stuff!!

Well today is the day...this post is number 500!!

What a journey this has been. I started this blog as a way to make new friends (and boy have I met some great people), record my journey with weight loss and just a general journal of "stuff" that is happening in my life. I have had a great time with it and hope to continue writing it for a long time. It has been a great source of "meeting" people and I have found new and exciting ways to talk about what is happening in my life. I have loved every minute of this blog and hope that in the next few weeks I can get back to writing more consistently. I miss that part, but since my time is so limited now I just don't always have time to sit down and write about my life.

Anywhoooo, I promised something special for this "special" post. I found these great Inspirational Magnets at Walmart this week and decided that they definitely fit into the theme of what this blog means to me. It has been a place to find



Have some "Faith" in myself and to strengthen my "Faith" in God

and express "Love"

so I would like to give-away these little magnets. They aren't fancy but I thought they were perfect for this occasion. If you are interested in winning these let me know in the comments what one you like best and "why". I will be giving them away this weekend, probably Saturday night so you have till then to leave your comment.

On to the most disturbing part of this blog weigh in for this week with the Sisterhood. A few months back when I had lost enough weight to be down below 200 pounds I promised myself I would NEVER be back to that number. It felt so good to be below 200 pounds finally and I didn't want to see it again. I finally felt like I had accomplished something...and I had. I had lost 26 pounds. Over the past 4 months I have been working 3rd shift at Walmart. It is the first time in 20 years I have had to work full time. It is the first time I have EVER worked overnights. It has been HARDER than anything I have ever had to do, but I have adapted, EXCEPT my weight has been slowly creeping up again. I have picked up some of my bad habits again (cokes and junk food) and I don't have much time to exercise.

Well todayy I got on the scale and guess what disturbing number showed up again!!

200.0 I nearly cried...but decided crying would not help me any. It would probably only make it worse. So instead I decided to make some smart decisions. I will start exercising again. I will start journaling my food intake. I will STOP drinking cokes again. I will start treating my body right again. Just because I have to work 3rd shift doesn't mean I have to be FAT and Work 3rd shift!

Today is a new day...I am just gonna need some encouragement and some help to stay that is where my friends come into play! Please help me!! I'm going to need it!! So that is where I am...but I am not going to stay here! I will get this weight off and I will continue losing weight...even though my circumstances are not ideal! I am determined!!

Well I gotta go...need a nap before I go to work...please join in my give away! and keep me focused on my continued journey of weight loss!! I need all the help I can get right now!


Christy M. said...

Oh Ann, I'm so sorry :( I know how much you've struggled these past few months, and it breaks my heart. But you know what? YOU ARE STRONG AND AMAZING AND YOU CAN DO THIS. You need to find your self-control and grab it tight. Hold on to it and don't let go. You can kick the cokes and junk food habit! You've done it before. And you can find time for exercise!!! I am here for you girl, and if you want me to email you every single day, I will.

So on the magnets, I love the Friendship one because I too have made so many amazing friends through blogging and the Sisterhood! Congrats on your 500th post :)


*Lissa* said...

I'm sorry things are so hard for you right now. They will get better and YOU CAN DO THIS! I know it!

I love the DREAM magnet, because without them, you've got nothing. :)


Sincerely Anna said...

I'm here to cheer you on, Ann, just like you've done for me! The magnets are really cute. I think my favorite one is friendship, as well, for the blogging reasons. It's been so rewarding to me, too.

Brooke said...

you did it once - you can totally do it again. you've got more of a challenge now with the schedule, but you also have the knowledge of how to do it. we're here for you - you know where to find us!!! :)

the "faith" magnet is my favorite. i forget about God so often...then when I need him he's there waiting on me.

Anonymous said...

I love that Dream magnet!

Ann, you can do this. I know you can. You just need to make some small changes again and you'll be back on track. Yes, the workout is an issue, but the eating is completely within your control.

Next time you reach for a coke, think of it as acid. Does that help? : )