Sunday, June 20, 2010

Well I Wasn't Real Successful...

at staying in touch with ya'll but at least I am getting better. Only 15 days instead of 1 1/2 months this time! Anyway, there really isn't much to report in my life. Or maybe there is and I'm just too busy to stop and think about it and report it. The most momentus thing that has happened in the past 2 weeks is this

Yes, that's right That Other Kid FINALLY lost his first tooth! According to him "he was NEVER going to lose his first tooth!" It happened this past Thursday while he was at The Karate Kid movie with That Kid. I was blessed enough to be home sleeping! Although I am happy that I got some extra sleep, I was kind of sad to miss such a special event in his little life! Oh well there will be other teeth! He's already talking about the next tooth and when it will come out! We never did the Tooth Fairy with That Kid and hadn't really planned to do it with That Other Kid, but he was so dead set on having the "tooth fairy" show up and give him some money that we decided we would give him a dollar for his first tooth. The most amusing part of this is that dh put the dollar under his pillow while he was sleeping and then it sat there all day long till he went to bed the next night till he found it! It was sooooo stinkin' funny to see the surprised look on his face to see that dollar sitting there under his pillow! He knows that daddy put the money there but kept talking about the "tooth fairy must have come in and put it there while he was sleeping"!! I was cracking up the whole time he was talking about it...and I had to cut his conversation short so I could get to work! I laughed the rest of the night!!

Next on our agenda -- Toy Story 3. We saw that Saturday morning as a whole family! It was a great movie and well worth the time and money to see it. True to Toy Story/Pixar form the movie held the whole family's attention and had us all laughing throughout! Definitely a movie to purchase when it comes out on DVD. After the movie we celebrated Father's Day and went out to eat. After That Other Kid was in bed Dh and I watched a movie on Netflix. We called it a "at home date". Unfortunately I chose a movie that really was nothing special. Strange how a movie can sound pretty decent on the reviews and then turn out to be basically a flop when you are watching it. It was described as a 'romantic comedy' but there really wasn't much comedic or romantic about it. It wasn't a BAD movie, just not anything worth the 2 hours that it took to watch it. I hope I'm not the only person that feels like a "date movie" should be something entertaining.

In other news that I feel I must update on -- my WEIGHT!! It had been holding steady over the first couple of months of me working, but over the past 1 1/2 months it has increased some every week. I am approaching that dreaded 200 pound mark again and I promised myself that I would NEVER reach that decade again. I need to start "really" exercising again and really watching my food intake, cut out the cokes and junk food which has been increasing as my weight has. Hum....wonder if there is a connection?? NO, I don't have to wonder I know it's true. Now to find a way to squeeze in exercise. I'm contemplating joining the gym that I drive by every morning on the way home from work and stopping in for 30 minutes and getting a good workout before I come home to sleep. Working out at home just seems to be really difficult right now since I have so little time with That Other Kid and to accomplish all my normal household tasks. Opinions would be appreciated....

I was looking at my stats and noticed that the next time I post it will be my 500th post! Wow!! That is amazing to me that I have written that many post. Seems like such a short time ago that I started writing here. I'm glad I has helped me tremendously. Theraputic as well as great for building friendships! I love blogging...just wish I had more time to do it right now!! So, for my next post I'm going to try and come up wtih something really special. Maybe a give away, or meme or who knows....I just know I'm going to make it happen sometime this week, so stay tuned!!

Have a Great Father's Day and a wonderful week!!

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Brooke said...

woot! on the missing tooth. the princess lost her first recently and is still talking about it.

you've worked too hard to slip back into old habits. hopefully you have a moment to re-evaluatate and get back on track.