Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Its been a while since I wrote a confessions post for the Sisterhood, but I feel like I really need to get some things off my chest that are weighing me down. (Yes, that pun is intentional!)

First of all, last week I had a great weigh in and overall a great week. I don't really know what happened this week. Maybe I just thought I deserved junky food. Maybe the stress of the past few weeks just got to me. Whatever the excuses, I have no REAL reason to just let everything go to pit, but I did.

I had coke 4 days out the past 6.
I ate some form of JUNK FOOD EVERY DAY of the past 6.
I consumed far too many calories most days of this past week.
I'm afraid to get on the scales Wednesday morning.
I have paid for my food indiscretions dearly in the bathroom.

I have however been to the gym 3 times since last Tuesday and followed the C25K training plan, and surprised myself by actually RUNNING on the treadmill according to week 1. Today I start Week 2 bumping my jogging to 90 seconds!! UGH!! I have to say I'm kind of worried but looking forward to the challenge.
Christy told me about Sugar Free Red Bull and I tried it for the first time to help me get thru the night without cokes and it seems to be working, so YAYBB Maybe I have found a solution to drinking Cokes at work.
I started falling into the pattern of complaining again and really need to change that again. Positive thoughts bring positive results.

So how has your week been? Do you have lots to confess?


Brooke said...

first off - thanks for your "positive thoughts" mantra. i totally need that today.

hurrah for sisters with good suggestions.

hurrah for C25K dedication! :)

Kim said...

we are on the same weeks in c25k but I was thinking of doing week 1 over just to be sure I was ready to advance... maybe I won't if you aren't :)

Christy M. said...

I'm right there with you Ann. Seriously. I'm not sure what happened this week. Last week was STELLAR. Counted points AND lost 2 pounds! This week, I've eaten everything I shouldn't and then some. GAH. Maybe we need to start kicking each other in the ass?

I'm proud of you for running! It's not easy, and with all you have going on, you're doing an amazing job!!!

Let's pick ourselves up and move on to the next week, mkay? We can do this if we REALLY set our minds to it, right? :P