Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lots of Changes....

First things first...I got really tired of my blog look so I changed it. What do you think? I like it but I'm not the one looking at it all the time. Please give feedback!!

Sunday (as in the 25th) I started working 2nd shift! YAY!! It is from 4p.m. to 1a.m. This will be so much better for me and the family...I think??!! So far I am having a hard time sleeping at night (boo!! What is wrong with me??) and That Other Kid is having a hard time having daddy put him to bed. I approached my managers a few weeks ago and basically begged them to move me off 3rd shift. I haven't been able to accomplish ANYTHING over the past 5 months and there is no way I can homeschool That Other Kid. Now my plan is to sleep from 2 am to 9am. Get up eat, go to the gym, come home do school, fix big, family lunch, go to work. So far this week things haven't really gone as planned but I'm calling this my adjustment week.

Did ya'll catch that part about me going to the gym? Well it's true. Dh told me I could reactivate my gym membership so I have been trying to go 3 times a week. It will be a lot easier to this working this schedule. I'm planning to go Monday, Wednesday and Friday and follow the Couch-2-5-K training plan so that I can run a race with my brother and sister in law in October. I blame the Sisterhood for this sudden desire to RUN!! I have hated running as long as I can remember (even as a child) but I think training for a goal like this will help me stay motivated to keep working out even though my life is still not "normal". So far I am on week 3 of the plan and yesterday while I was at the gym I managed to run 90 seconds 2 times and 3 minutes 2 times! It is a challenge but I keep telling myself, "I think I can", "Just a little longer", "Almost to the time when I can walk again"!! Before long I have done it!!

I'm also planning to join in a Challenge at the gym that is basically a "Biggest Loser" type challenge for 90 days. The winner (which I don't really expect to be) will receive $$$ and free private trainer sessions. I talked to one of the trainers yesterday and it sounds like a great way to keep me focused and going to the gym with crazy schedules. We also get free assessments and advice from the trainer during this 90 day challenge. The only hard cost is $25, and of course the committment to stay focused for 90 days. That may be the hard part for me!

Speaking of challenges...have you heard about the new challenge over at the Sisterhood?? It is a new team challenge and they are calling it "Down & Dirty in 30"!! The team challenges are always so fun and you can find out more about it from the 'hood. It is the forum that the Sisterhood uses for challenges like this! It is a lot of fun...even though it has indeed been a while since I have done much with it!! I'm going to be participating in this challenge and will be expecting BIG things from myself...It ends the day before my 26th wedding anniverary and I plan to be different both body and spirit on my anniversary!

Saturday was That Kid's 20th birthday. Has it really been 20 years since I had my first baby? Sometimes it is hard to believe he has become a young man; but then I look at him and realize he is a grown man. Taller than even his dad, with a deep voice and defined muscles. Today he is a fine young MAN, who needs me less and less every day, even though in my head and heart he is still my little baby boy who needs me for everything. Where did the time go? Why do they have to grow up? Oh well, he is taking this semester off from school so we can get some more things caught up from our economic nightmare of the past year, so he will be home a little more. I know That Other Kid is happy about that! So am I, if truth be known!!

Today is my birthday and we will be going out to eat in a little bit for our traditional birthday lunch. I plan to eat MEXICAN -- salty and cheesy! Also planning to buy a dessert!! I figure since I'm only turning 45 one time in my life I should make the most of it! That's why I'm online right now, goofy off reading blogs and commenting on them and writing a post of my own. I have to work tonight so this will be my one chance to enjoy my day...I'm sure work will be just like any other night at work...Although it is A LOT EASIER working 2nd shift, than 3rd it is still WORK!!

Well I better get moving...I think I'm going to put some makeup on and make myself look a bit younger before we go out to eat!!


Brooke said...

love the new look ann!! :) you sound so refreshed - new schedule, new plan of action. good for you :)

i <3 mexican food. enjoy! and happy birthday!

Deb said...

Hey! Happy birthday. Thanks for the blog comment. I hope you've had a great day!