Monday, July 5, 2010

Reflections From the Breakroom

I'm sitting here in the break room at work watching and listening to my "co-workers". Sometimes I really worry about the people in the 20-30 year old range. Sometimes I just worry about the state of our land. I am thankful that I live in the United States and can spend the weekend celebrating my freedoms that others have fought for so hard. But back to my original thought...the majority of the people that are sitting here have no concept of manners, courtesyn respect for others. I am sitting with a "girl" who started the lunch break by poking her finger in another co-workers cupcake, purposely. Then as the meal time continued she played with her food by putting icing on top of dill pickles, then belching as she is eating the "lovely" concoction she created.

At another table a group of "men" are playing dominos and yelling and cussing because the game isn't going according to their plan.

Just accross the room are a couple of tables of immigrants conversing in their home language. I can only imagine what they are saying. Probably something along the lines of "you stupid Americans you live in the greatest country in the world and yet you are the rudest, most rediculous people in the world." I wonder how my own son behaves when he is at work sitting among people that don't really know him. What impression do they have of him? Do they think he is rude and a disgrace to this country? Or Do they look at him and think that people like him make the USA a better place?

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Brooke said...

we're not all bad i promise!!