Wednesday, December 22, 2010

HoeDown Finale

Holiday Hoedown Challenge

It's time for the HoeDown Finale with the Sisterhood.This has not been a very successful challenge for me, but it has nothing to do with my wonderful team members or the challenge itself. It has EVERYTHING to do with the follow-through on my goals. I had 4 goals for this challenge...let's see how I did, huh? (or maybe we should just skip this part??!!)

1)continue tracking my food in LoseIt on Ipod Touch, NOT SO MUCH -- in fact I have it set up to send me an email showing how I did each day...for the past 2 weeks it shows I haven't eaten anything nor done any exercise. Um...obviously, that isn't true.

2) eat my fruits/veggies 5 servings a day, NOT SO MUCH here either -- probably 1 or 2 a day (but since I didn't track my food, maybe not even that much)

3)exercise EVERY SINGLE DAY, DID OK on this one, not EVERY day but most but the problem with this one is that most of the time it was done LATE at night when I just didn't have the energy left to put much into it!
This week I did 355 minutes of exercise and last week I did 347 so I did increase the minutes (albeit just a few minutes) so I met that goal from the Sisterhood!

4) lose 10 pounds (186.2), putting me at LESS than what I have been in OVER 7 years.
Um...ok so this is the one I'm most upset about...I only lost a MEASLEY .2 pounds this challenge. But when you look at all the other things that I struggled with I guess its better than gaining 10 pounds which could have happened!

I started this challenge at 196.2 and I'm ending it at 196. I have to admit that I am very disappointed in the lack of dedication and success that I have had in the past month, BUT instead of beating myself up over it for the next 2 weeks and eating even MORE food (cuz of course that would make me feel better, right? NOT!!) I am going to look at what I know I need to do to get back on track and really stay with this. I need to kick up the exercise, eat more fruits/veggies and TRACK my food! These are tried and true things that will work for me, IF I DO THEM!!

I also need to get over my emotional funk that I have been in the past few weeks and just accept the things in my life that I can't change and only concentrate on the things that I can change!

I am so grateful to have been part of the Lean Green Losing Machine and from what I have seen EVERYONE has a had a VERY successful challenge of losing weight and changing this holiday time of little exercise and weight gain and turned it into a time of healthy(ier) eating and losing weight. (Of course I can't really say losing point 2 pounds was successful, but whatever!!) Everyone else did AWESOME and we won the Fitness challenge every week except last week so we are all on the road to great health and fitness!

That being said, I'm looking forward to the next challenge that starts next week because I really do need to focus on ME for a while. I have LOVED being part of the teams and we will be sticking together to build each other up and support each other but I really need to focus on getting my act together. There are some things coming up in my life very soon that are going to test me beyond my wildest imaginations and I need to be focused on taking care of me or I am going to be crashing hard!! So...if you are the praying kind I would definitely appreciate some prayers. As the time gets closer and more sure I will talk about it in more detail but for now I just need to STAY FOCUSED ON MY HEALTH and WELL-BEING so I can handle anything that comes my way!

The way things have been going time wise I probably wont be back on here till after Christmas, so if I don't chat with ya'll again....I pray each of you have a Very Merry Christmas!!


imadramamama said...

Ann, you maintained through Thanksgiving AND the week before Christmas. That is a HUGE accomplishment. You should be super proud of yourself!!

Brooke said...

looks to me like you did pretty fabulous on this challenge :)

the f/v thing is hard isn't it???

Adah said...

you are doing so good to lose even a little during this time of the year so that by itself is huge. And you are preparing for big changes and stress so that when the time comes you can attack it head on and get through it. I hope your Christmas is filled with family and love beyond your imagination.

The Doll said...

I know it's hard seeing such a small loss on the scale but that is a huge success. Everyone is stressed and has a billion things going on so it's even harder to stick to goals. You did great and I'm proud of you.

Merry Christmas

msxj said...

Maintenance during this time is amazing so be proud! Hope life gets better - I totally understand what you are feeling though! Happy holidays and you are so right about keeping up the good habits!