Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday HoeDown -- Week 3 Weigh In

Today is Wednesday and so we all know it's time for Weigh In over at the Sisterhood. Once again I didn't feel real confident in how well I did this week, but all I could do was hop on the scale and see what it told me.

Last week's weigh in: 197.6

Today's weigh in: 196.8

So...not a big loss but a loss is a loss at this point in the game for me. I haven't been doing great on the eating plan although I have been trying to be conscience of what I am doing, and I haven't logged my food in several days -- BAD for keeping me "in the know" of what I am doing.

I have been doing pretty well with the exercise and I have started using the EA Sports Active 2 game that I won through the Shrinkvivor challenge as well as continuing with the C25K training program (for the Virtual 5K with the Sisterhood on January 8). I completed my second 5K this weekend so that added a good amount of exercise minutes! My total minutes for the week was 461 which wasn't what I wanted to aim for but it is still a lot of exercise for one week!!

For this week our non-scale related challenge was to do something different that we have never done! Before Saturday I had NEVER, EVER RUN for more than 20 minutes without stopping to walk, but I did it this weekend and even added 2 1/2 extra minutes to that!Not only this, but I did this race with my 20 year old son! It was something that I want to do again! It was awesome!! You can read my full race report on my previous post. It was a big day for me!!'s been a crazy few days and I'm exhausted so I'm off to go to bed. Hope ya'll are having a good week and a great Holiday season!

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Brooke said...

good job ann! would the you of several years ago though of that as "only" a loss of 0.8?? not a chance! be thrilled that you're losing in the month of december instead of gaining!