Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Confession -- The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

It's Confession time again over at the Sisterhood and I'm feeling the need to do some confessin'.

I've been in a slump the past few months and over the past month I have just helped to feed it by not doing much of anything other than sit here in front of my computer and the basics to keep the household running. I've definitely been in a state of "depression" although I hate using that word. There are people out in the world who suffer from true depression and the only way to pull out of it is from medication. I'm not suffering from that kind of depression....mine is more of a "I'm sick of the way my life is going" kind of depression, ya know?

I KNOW what it will take to pull out of it -- exercise and eating better and a some money to pay the bills and buy some little extras would help, too so I've had a "come to Jesus meetin'" this week and I'm starting to get control of myself again! I decided that tracking things on the Ipod Touch is too time consuming for me right now so I'm using the Livestrong/MyDailyPlate tools online. They have a HUGE database of foods already listed and I'm finding it pretty easy to use.

Yesterday was my first time to truly use it and I went over my calorie count, but mainly because I didn't get in any exercise AGAIN!! I had a cup (yes, literally 1 cup) of chocolate milk last night cuz I'm having a real craving for chocolate lately. I also decided I really wanted to start drinking OJ again...I know lots of people say you shouldn't drink your calories but I LOVE OJ and it's good for me (I buy the kind with calcium added) so I'm getting lots of added nutrients! Those 2 drinks took me over my calorie count so I don't feel bad about them...although I know if I would have just done some exercise all would have been good.

My Zooma 5k is this Saturday and I'm more than excited! Not so much for the actual race but because I will get to meet Christy and Lisa and I get to have a girls weekend!! NO responsibility for anyone BUT ME! I don't remember the last time I've had that kind of weekend...The 5k is the part of the weekend that I don't feel ready for but as I was telling my brother Sunday, I know I can run a few minutes at a time and walk a few minutes at a time so that is what I plan to do. I would like to do it in 45 minutes or so but since I haven't really prepared for it, I'll be happy to be crossing the finished line running (wogging).

I spent this weekend digging through file boxes of receipts so I can start working on our taxes for the year...yes, I know that it is April 12th, but I still have a few days to get them done! That Other Kid got to help out by running receipts and paper through the shredder!! Gosh I wish I could have that much fun just shredding paper!!

I get to go get my hair cut/colored this afternoon and I am so excited!! It's been months since I have had it done and it is LONG overdo! I always feel so pampered and pretty when I leave the hair salon!

My friend with breast cancer is having surgery soon (probably next week) to remove the remaining cancer cells and her afflicted breast. It was supposed to be this week but they have moved it to *hopefully* next week (pending insurance and dr schedules). Please keep her family in your prayers. (Me too cuz this is so hard on me emotionally!)

Well that's it for me...hope you are having a good week!


Brooke said...

i had my first round of chocolate milk last weekend - and fell in love immediately. yum!

as for OJ - I drink it daily. I have to have it to...um...keep things moving...if you get my drift. I like trop50 - you might try it. only 50 calories and the same nutrients

Carrie said...

Ann, I understand your feelings. I have been going through a lot of the same feelings lately. You are in my thoughts, sometimes getting our minds in the right place is the hardest part.
Good luck this weekend, but mostly just remember to have fun and enjoy yourself.
You and yours are in my prayers.

Christie O. said...

ya know, i know what you mean - it's ebbs and flows and highs and lows. they can't all be highs, ya know? you'll get through this I am sure of it. meantime lean on your good friends, ok?? LIke you are this weekend!!!! Good luck ANNNNNNNN!!! post lots of pictures!! hugs to all of you!! XOXOXOXOX

Anonymous said...

All the pampering and the girls weekend sounds just what you needed.

Coach told me that choc milk was a great post-workout drink and much cheaper than most post-workout drinks you buy. Just by the low-fat version then you don't have to feel guilty AT ALL!

Mary@notbefore7 said...


Thanks for your honesty. I am working on a post that I have yet to publish about the phases of feeling in a slump...been in one myself.

Praying God helps you out and you recommit to the things you need to do and let go of the rest.

Anonymous said...

Hey. I feel like it's been a while since we've talked! It's been hard without my green team!!! I've been crazy busy and haven't had enough time to workout or eat healthy! I guess I haven't made the effort. Anyways I totally know how you feel about being depressed. I am also going through the same thing. I've having a hard time dealing with my aunt's cancer. It's been a real struggle for me to be "okay" with her suffering. How's your friend doing? Anyways I'm proud of you for doing the Zooma thing... sorry I didn't get to see you! I think we need to continue to support each other! I've obviously not done well in the last couple months without you wonderful green team!!!! I hope you feel better overall and I hope that you will choose to exercise and to eat healthy as a way to get your life back on track the way you want it to be. :) I need to do the same. Love ya! Take care!