Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Your Way- Challenge

May Your Way Challenge

Today is the first day of May and also the beginning a new Sisterhood Challenge. I didn't participate in the last challenge over at the Sisterhood and I kind of lost my oooompp. I was stressed out and unfocused so I knew even before the Challenge was announced I needed to get back into it and participate full force!

So here I am!! I'm MORE than ready. This challenge is all about focusing on MY GOALS, ME and how to make things happen for ME - however that is!

Here are my goals for the challenge -

1) Follow a Low Glycemic Index diet (as much as possible)

2) Exercise a MINIMUM of 30 minutes a day

3) Track food and exercise on MyFitness Pal/Livestrong

4) I'm also wanting to bust through this plateau that I have been on for the past 6 months. I want to weigh in at or below 190 by the end of this challenge, which is only 31 days! That's kind of a lofty goal considering I weighed in at 201 this morning but I'm tired of seeing the numbers hovering in the 190's and Im going to put in the effort necessary to MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

As for ways of accomplishing these goals - I'm not going to let the stress of my life get the best of me. When I'm stressed out I'm going to workout harder or talk to friends! NO eating junk to TRY to make me feel doesn't work anyway and I'm completely aware of that! I'm going to make sure I move my body every day and really push myself so that I'm getting sweaty and burning calories! I'm also going to make sure I keep CLOSE track of my calories from My Fitness Pal, and if I'm close to hitting my calorie goal I'm going to make sure I either don't eat anything else or BURN some extra calories!!

Dedication and will power will make this happen!! I'm BACK and I'm gonna make this happen!!


The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans said...

You can do it, Ann!!! I know you can :)


Adah said...

You are so right...determination and willpower is all it takes. And it's in our hands to make it happen! We can do it one day at a time!

Brooke said...

glad to have you back on board for the challenge :) let me know if there is anything specifically i can do to help you stay on track

*Lissa* said...

You can do it!!!! Plateau-busting, for sure!

Anonymous said...

It s time to kiss that plateau GOODBYE, young lady! You can do this!!

Tami @ said...

How do you get in 30 minutes every day? I need to fit it in somehow! I want this!!

Glad to have you in this challenge!