Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Beginning Shrinkvivor 2011

This is the number I saw on the scale this morning! I'm disappointed and not happy about this number. I'm posting it boldly so that I can remember where I'm starting this challenge! I'm hoping that I will NEVER see this number again on a scale that I am on!! I've been here far too often over the past few months!

This is the beginning of Shrinkvivor 2011 at the Sisterhood of Shrinking Jeans. This was one of my favorite challenges last year and I was fortunate enough to be on the Green Tribe last year. We were very successful and won several weeks of the challenges!

This year I am on the PINK TRIBE - The PINKberry Dough Girls!

PERFECT for the month of October (being Breast Cancer Awareness Month and all!) I'm on a tribe with Roo, Heather, Virginia, Tiffany, Audrey and Shera! I know Roo pretty well and I have chatted with Heather a little on Twitter but the rest of these women I don't really know YET! But we are definitely changing that now!! I'm excited to start this new challenge...I've been struggling since My Marine left for bootcamp. I've been doing ok during the day because I have been staying busy. BUT....once night falls and That Other Kid is in bed, well let's just say things have been UGLY! So ugly in fact I probably consumed more calories after 9p.m. yesterday than I did throughout the rest of the day! NOT GOOD!

I am changing that starting today. Roo and I talked this morning and every time I want to go eat something, mindlessly I'm going to text, call or chat with her! OR...I'm going to do some sort of exercise! I can't eat if I'm talking or exercising, right???!!

The fitness challenge for the week is to log minutes of exercise...This is going to a great one for me! I've already got a good start for the week!

Hope y'all have a great week! Remember....take your photo of the scale every week so you will be eligible to win some great prizes!

I took my picture so I could see how much I can change in just 7 weeks when I apply myself! I'm hoping it will motivate me to keep going once the challenge is over!


Bacardi Mama said...

You are amazing and so brave Ann! I love that you had the courage to post your pictures. I sure didn't have the courage to take mine. I took the one of the scale, but I didn't post it. You are going to kick ass on the exercise minutes with all your walk training. Best of luck with this challenge Ann!

Brooke said...

how awesome that you are on team pink! and i love the name.

feel free to text, email, or tweet me if you need to chat rather than eat (can't really take anything but quick personal phone calls at work). we're here for you ann!!

Adah said...

I'm not nearly as brave as you...I took a beginning picture of me but didn't post it. I'm hoping to have a great comparision shot for the end. I love your choices in place of eating. Anything to take your mind off of food! I know you are going to do great with this challenge!

Anonymous said...

Ann, you are doing so well with the working out and the walking, I know you are going to do great on this challenge. You have it in you to be excellent.

Tiffany S said...

You're going to rock this challenge. I can totally feel it. Except that Team Gold is totally gonna kick your butt! :)

Bonnie said...

Good Luck!!!!

Bonnie (Team Blue-Berry Muffin Tops)