Friday, October 14, 2011

Red Friday....

In honor of RED FRIDAY, I decided to post this poem that was posted on the Marine Family facebook page that I am a part of. This group has kept me sane over the past 4 weeks!

Yes, "My Marine" has been gone nearly 4 weeks! That means in just 9 weeks he will be graduating from boot camp and will hold the honor of being a United States Marine! I'm still looking for flights to San Diego for us to get out there as cheaply as possible so if you know of any way to get from Dallas to San Diego the middle of December cheaply please let me know! I've only received 1 REAL letter and it was just like heaven on earth! Can't wait to hear from him again although I know he's a bit busy!

Yesterday a Boy, Today a Marine, Always my son

There is a young man,taking part in God's plan.
... To go off and rain in the sun and sand.
He goes to an Island where is taught by a DI
Commanded by stern voices to make fearful choices.

Following through to the end.
To never to stray or to bend.
To fight the good fight
and run the race to win
The Eagle, Globe, and Anchor
Is the prize at the end.
Honor, Courage and Commitment
Are what is taught.
To stand for these and to hold them true.
He does this for me and for you
To be yelled and screamed at and to not quit.
Push ups and quarter decked they say will make him fit.
To run miles at a time in eighteen inch sand.
Training and learnig to defend with his hands.
An oath he took willingly to serve and defend,
He will follow through with his brothers down to the end.
He puts a Sir or Mam at the end of each yes or no,
Makes you wonder, "Where did the boy go?"

His recruiter says he is doing well.
His letters are our communicationfrom his boot camp hell.
Some thing he goes through he cannot and will not tell,
His letters we look for daily in the mail,
Recieving one makes the waiting all swell.

The day he left was a heart strain,
Will be totally forgotten when my son becomes a Marine
The Few and the Proud, is what he choose to become,
Not an easy task for many,impossible for some.

Prayers and scriptures are what he reads through,
Fighting illness and homesickness, he knows God is there too.
He is doing the things he has to do,
To become a Marine, one of the choosen Few

Semper Fi is the motto, always faithful and true,
This will be obvious when he stands in his Dress Blues.
Oo-Rah will be the battle cry,
Shouted loud and clear.
Becoming his dream
Overcoming his fears.
My son will be a Marine.
What a wonderful sound.

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