Tuesday, October 4, 2011


It's Shrinking Jeans Confession time. I have a few things to get off my chest, so sit back and help me get my act in gear, k?

I have been training for the Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure. We have 4 more weeks of training and a lot of prep work to get through during this month of October. My weekends have been crazy busy already with the training but they are about to get EVEN more crazy! If you are looking for me on the weekends I highly recommend you try on Friday or Monday!! This coming weekend is our "dress rehearsal" - where we wear our halos, angel wings and tutus (if I manage to get it made in time!) and walk 18 (or 20 miles) on Saturday and then turn around and walk 15 (or more) miles on Sunday! I'm actually kind of excited to walk this weekend -- I know my feet can handle it now that I have the correct shoes and I'm using Hike Goo to keep the blisters at bay. Right now the weather forecast is calling for a 30% chance of rain. I may be shot but I'm praying it doesn't rain till AFTER we are done with our training walks. I'm not looking forward to the possibility of walking in the rain for that many miles!

I got my first REAL letter from My Marine yesterday in the mail! I cried while I read it walking back from the mailbox and then I cried again as I was reading it in the apartment. He seems to be doing well, but was in "sick bay" for a cough. Apparently so was 1/3 of his platoon! He has his first knowledge test on Thursday or Friday (I can't figure out which day it really is) so I'm praying that he does well on that. He was saying that he has basically NO time to do anything. He got his rifle but had not got to use it yet! He was learning how to clean it and memorize the serial number on the gun!

Ok...onto some confessions that will no doubt affect me on the weigh in tomorrow morning for Shrinkvivor.

I ATE an ENTIRE BOX of COOKIES (12 of them) with 230 calories a piece in a matter of 2 days! I paid for it dearly by being sick to my stomach and having a serious sugar headache all evening. I also felt like someone had beat me with the ugly stick! I felt fat, ugly and disgusting all evening! I didn't really have an excuse for why I ate them all -- except I just wanted to. STUPID!!! I spent a lot of time in the bathroom last night, too! Hopefully I flushed all that CRAP (literally and figuratively) out of my system.

I have been really putting a lot of hours of exercise in this week so I'm hoping that it will help me lose the weight that those stupid cookies caused me to gain...

We were supposed to stay away from the fast food this week for our mini-challenge. I blew it before I even knew what I was supposed to do. I ate fast food Thursday afternoon but in all honesty I didn't make bad food choices with what I ate, but STILL....I can't say I stayed away from fast food this week! I also bought a Chickfila Grilled Chicken salad last night that I didn't end up eating...so that will be my lunch. I don't really consider that "fast food" since it has 180 calories and is actually better for me than most of the food I have at home right now!

Menu planning has totally been a BUST for me. I know I need to do it, but I haven't.
There are a lot of great recipes floating around through the Sisterhood but I just haven't taken the time to sit down and figure out a menu. I think the thing holding me back is that I am SOOOOO busy right now that I don't feel like I have the time to sit down and write it out and then go to the grocery store to buy the stuff necessary to fix the food. I pretty much know what I'm gonna fix this week but I haven't written it down!

This is the last week that I'm going to be gone during the week for my fitness classes so I'm hoping that I will have a little more time at home to do what needs to be done as far as menu planning and grocery shopping!

I bought a couple of shirts and a dry-fit jacket for my 3 Day Walk training since the EARLY mornings are actually a bit cool! I got both items on clearance at TARGET!! Gotta love Target for clearance! Speaking of Target....check back in a bit. I've got a great give away planned for a $75 Target giftcard!! Think FREE MONEY to use at TARGET or TARGET.COM!!

Ok...that's it for my confessions-- what about you?? Do you have confessions to make? I promise you will feel better if you spill the beans!


Brooke said...

you really have been killing it on the minutes logged front!! :)

i've sucked at meal planning too. we can (and will) get back at it though!!

*Lissa* said...

Step away from the cookies!! Oops, too late. ;p

I'm amazed at all the miles you are racking up!

Hooray for letters!

Adah said...

I'm so glad you got a letter. That has to be the highlight of your week.

You my friend are racking up those minutes and miles. I"m in awe of your dedication to the walk. And I'm with you on the meal planning...I suck and every week I think this is the week.