Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Shrinkvivor Week 1


Today is check in day at Shrinking Jeans and honestly I was afraid to step on the scales this morning BUT I was pleasantly surprised with this number!

Last week for the start of Shrinkvivor I was at 200.8 so I lost 2.6 lbs this week! Just think what I could have done had I not eaten 1 dozen cookies in 2 days!!

For the mini challenge we were supposed to avoid fast food. I did

Ok on it but I blew it on Thursday even before I knew what we were supposed to do. I also bought Chickfila Monday but I got a grilled chicken salad, so I don't think that is bad.

I have been participating in a fitness challenge at the karate studio that That Other Kid takes class at. This is the 4th and final week if it and we got weighed and measured. I lost a total of 10 inches in 1 month! I'm so happy that I am actually seeing progress!

For our physical challenge I did 727 minutes, and that's taking Thursday completely off from exercise. My body needed the break! This week's challenge is exercise minutes again! No sweat! I am walking 20 miles on Saturday and at least 15 on Sunday! I will also be getting some more minutes in during the rest of the week, just cuz!

As most of you know I am walking the 3 Day for the Cure
and I am supposed to raise $2300 so I am doing a great give away for a Target giftcard! Go check it out ...

Hope you all had a great week!


Adah said...

wow Ann...10 inches gone from your body! That has to be the best feeling in the world. Just the difference in the way your clothes fit has to be huge! I'm so proud of how hard you are working and your dedication to the 3 Day! Your Marine won't even recognize you in December! Congratulations!

Brooke said...

35 miles in one weekend. you realize how flippin awesome that makes you right?? and losing 10 inches in a month? incredible!!

Laura P said...

10 inches gone? That is fantastic! Wow.

You are off to a great start. Good luck with the 35 miles this weekend and in your fundraising for the 3day.

Bacardi Mama said...

2.6 pounds is awesome and you hit the exercise minutes out of the park. You are doing a great job Ann. Keep it up.

jillconyers said...

Wow...awesome week! I can't wait to hear more about 3 Day for the Cure! Go you!!

Jamee @ A New Kind of Normal said...

Awesome job on the loss & the exercise minutes! You totally rock girl!