Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Did It Again!!

I exercised again today...the 3rd day in a row!!! I'm so proud of myself...even if no one else is!! Today I shook up the routine and walked with a friend and her little grandson at the park. It had hills of all sorts, and with the wind blowing I definitely got a GOOD workout in. In fact, tonight I am more sore than I have been the other 2 nights this week. Maybe it's because I didn't stretch, maybe it's because of the hills, maybe it's because half the time I had to help That Other Kid with his bike...I don't know why, but I am SORE tonight. I need some Advil, so I'm about to go get some and get some sleep and pray that I'm not too sore to exercise tomorrow!

While walking with my friend we discussed some of lifes twists and turns that have been thrown our way over the past few years. In this discussion I realized that no matter how hard we pray, how much we shelter our kids from the "gunk" in the world while they are young eventually they grow up and "do their own thing". At this point all we can do is continue to love them and continue to pray for them. I'm trying to do this while I deal with the current circumstances that are present in my life. When all is said and done the best we can do for our kids is LOVE THEM UNCONDITIONALLY and PRAY.

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