Thursday, February 5, 2009


I told you yesterday that I'm having a hard time right now with one of the boys. I don't deal with stress very well, and I usually shut down and do as little as possible. That's what I'm doing right now, but in all my shutting down I have been doing a good bit of wasting time.

My brother introduced me to "Spider Solitare" on my computer last week while dad was in surgery. Have you ever played this game? It is ADDICTIVE. I really wish he would not have showed me this game, but I'm having fun with it and it is definitely a time waster! Just what my little bout of 'blahs' want right now. So I'm off to waste some more time to play Spider Solitare.

If you've never played and want to waste some time, go to your games section of your computer and find it....before you know it hours will have passed and you'll need to pee so bad you can hardly get to the bathroom in time, not that I know from experience or anything!

Happy veggin'!

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