Thursday, September 16, 2010

Today's Assignment -- Thursday Three

Today's assignment from April from the Sisterhood is a tough one for me. It is to write a Love Letter to myself and tell myself 3 things that I love about me. Hum, that's gonna be tough. I'm not very good at "lovin' on me". Everyone else, that I can do well!! Me not so much.

Well here goes....

Good afternoon Ann,
Today's task is to tell yourself 3 things that I love about you. I will make this short and sweet since time is limited today.

1) I love your eyes. They are blue and have a nice shape.

2) I love the way you are always willing to help others. It is what makes you who you are. Helping others makes you happy but you have to remember that sometimes you have to help yourself in order to be the best that you can. That is what this weight loss journey is all about. Helping yourself, so that you can continue to help others! I've already seen how your journey is helping others...your parents are both exercising now (first time ever for mom) and this only the beginning of the journey.

3) I love your hair! Your hair is healthy and wavy and it makes me feel pretty when it is fixed in a nice style.

That is all for today....just know that there are many more beautiful things about you. You are a beautiful person, inside and out!!

Love ya,


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april said...

Ann, I love you! This is an excellent letter to yourself! I give you two thumbs up! Now, just keep finding more things you love about you! You make every single one of us proud!