Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June Tune Up Week 2

Here we are at week 2's check in for the June Challenge and I am happy to report that I LOST WEIGHT AGAIN!!

Last week I was at 205.2 and this week I am at 203.8.

Honestly I wasn't sure what to expect on the scale this morning so I just hopped on and held my breathe!

My goals for the challenge are pretty basic because I figure that's where I need to start to really make this weight loss thing happen. So far it is happening!!

EXERCISE EVERY DAY: I skipped Friday night...I was really tired and didnt feel well. I didn't want to do something stupid and end up sick!

EAT A SALAD EVERY DAY: Um, I didn't do all that great on this one this week. I hit 4 out of 7 days, but if I'm being honest that is a huge improvement on my "normal" and that is what this journey is all about. Improvement!!

TRACK MY FOOD: Yep! I did this every day! Even over the weekend when I went way over on calories I still tracked it!

NO COKES: Um, I was really craving coke this weekend, so I caved in and had 1 large one on Saturday and 2 on Sunday! I got that out of my system though so I'm back on track with no cokes!

I have been doing the #June Tone Up workout with the Sisterhood and I'm really enjoying it. So much fun but it is getting harder!! Last night I did 2 sets of 12 squat knees, 70s wacky jacks, and 1 m high knees all AFTER doing the #Ironsisters Stage 2A workout. My legs are pretty sore today, but in a good way!!

Overall I think I'm doing good on the challenge. I started off weighing 207 on the 1st and today, the 13th I am down to 203.8 so I'm pleased.

The Kick A$$ WIPs are doing great on this challenge and we are finding that we are definitely "works in progress" but the great thing is we are making progress daily!!

**And on a totally unrelated note: My Marine graduates today from his MOS school and will be heading to Quantico, VA on Friday. He's not being deployed yet and I'm a happy mom!!!


Brooke said...

you're doing great!!! :) as far as the coke slip up, i think sometimes we just have to go for it to remind ourselves why we're doing this any way

Jess Johnson said...

Great job! I have the same problem with dr.pepper. I can go two weeks without it and then it seems to be all I drink on the third week! Keep up the good work!

My name is Andy. said...

Way to go!! Keep up the great work.

Karena said...

Doing great, Ann! Congrats to your son, too!

Thea @ It's Me Vs. Me said...

4 of out 7 days is awesome! You're above average! :)

Congrats on the loss this week, Ann!

Dennis said...

Stay focused and keep up the good work.