Sunday, November 9, 2008

College Preview Success

Well That Kid came home yesterday, yeah!! and he was sooooo excited about Abilene Christian College. He LOVED this school. EVERY. SINGLE.THING!! except the cost of it, which is not really his responsibility in my view. Of course, DH feels that $30,000 per year is A LOT OF MONEY!! He went to visit Hardin-Simmons University also and was not all that impressed with it. BUT HE LOVED ACU!!!!

It is a small-medium sized, Christian school with a ton of history and a very good reputation. My only concern with him going to this school is that there is NO ice hockey there. I don't want him to lose the ground he has made in the ice hockey officiating program here in the metroplex. He wants to persue officiating as a career, so I think it would be wise to remain where he can continue reffing while going to college.

Well no decisions need to be made right now, anyway so I guess we will just continue as we are and see where God leads him! question to you, my you have $120,000 just sitting around that you cound send us so we can send our son to a great school??? I'm open to donations!!!

God's Will is what I'm lookin' for. How 'bout you??

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