Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Conversations of A Almost 5 Year Old

I started sending That Other Kid to an AWANAS class at the church that That Kid goes to on Wednesday nights. It has been nice for me...I get a couple of hours where I can do what I want. Usually that means watching goofy tv shows, playing around on the computer, and vegging! What a great 2 hours!!!

This has really been the first "church" experience That Other Kid has had. We haven't really found the church that fits our schedule, and our "style", although we are getting closer to finding "the right one". It has been good for him and it gives the 2 boys an opportunity to spend some time together-- one on one, driving to and from church. We have always been vocal about our belief in God and how good HE is to us, etc. so God/Jesus is not new to him.

Tonight while they were on the way to church That Kid sent me a text message (I'm hoping he sent it while at a traffic light or in the line to get their dinner at Chick-fil-a!) that said,

"That Other Kid said he wished he was god, so he wouldn't have to sleep or eat food!!"

I just started laughing....oh the inconveniences of life!!

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