Thursday, November 6, 2008

College Preview Weekend

This upcoming weekend That Kid is going off to visit 2 different colleges, Abilene Christian College and Hardin-Simmons University. Due to circumstances beyond my control (That Other Kid, definitely not under control) I'm not able to attend with him like I had planned. He is going with his girlfriend, her sister, and MOST importantly their mom. lol!! I'm sure he will come home full of plenty of information about both colleges. They are both private Christian colleges that I would be thrilled with if he decided to attend. My in-laws live just 20 minutes away from both of these colleges, so he would have grandma and grandpa close by to get a little extra lovin', not to mention they are both small private Christian schools, which I think is important, especially in today's world.

However, realistically I don't really see him attending either school. First off, as an athlete and "typical jock" getting top scores academically has not been a priority for him, so his grades probably aren't considered "in the top 10 percent". Secondly, and probably even more important is that there is NO ICE HOCKEY there, so he would not be able to continue progressing in the field that he wants to persue -- Ice Hockey Official. If he attends college locally, meaning the DFW area, he can continue persuing this career path as well as attend college.

He has talked about attending both UNT and UTA, which from our current location in the metroplex, would take him about 30 - 45minutes to get to college, if he chooses to continue living at home.

Personally, I'm having a hard time accepting that he is 18 years old and is a little more than 6 months away from being ready to attend college full time. It would definitely help this "momma heart" if he attended college locally and continued living at home....However, friends of mine have reminded me that eventually he will leave home to live somewhere else and I do have a little guy who will continue living at home for many years to come....I am definitely grateful for my number 2 blessing, but that doesn't make me want my number 1 blessing to leave any sooner!!

Boy, did I need to read Barb's words this morning.You can read them over at Shannon's. They certainly blessed me, and I figure they will bless many more mommas today, too. Thanks Barb, for those timely words!!

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Barb said...

Yes, Ann, you're right at the threshhold of your nest starting to empty. I know you know this because you read my post at Rocks In My Dryer, but even though the nest isn't empty when your first child leaves and you still have another at home, it IS emptier. It's just not as full.

You're right at the beginning of the reality - the college tour process. If my words comforted you, I'm glad. You will survive but it will hurt.

I didn't have a clue. No one I knew, knew anything at all about this. So I was on my own. That's why I was so happy to share the reality of how it feels.

Thank you so much for the thoughtful comment you left at my place.