Sunday, January 11, 2009

Apparently I Have No Life.....

This according to That Kid. And the sad thing about that is I'm ok with this statement.

This came up in a short conversation late last night when I told him I may come watch a hockey game he is working today.
He thought it was strange that I would "waste my time" doing something like this. But I love watching him do something he loves doing. It makes me proud to be his mom!

This conversation "Not so much"!! in the words of Paul Reiser/Paul Buchman....

See, 19 years ago I was a young, pregnant wife working a 40 hour a week job that I was bored with. I couldn't wait till the day I could stop working that job and just stay at home and be a MOM and wife! My last day of working a full time job was the Friday before Memorial Day, 1990. That was a HAPPY DAY for me. I knew that unless weird stuff happened I would never have to work a full time job again....and I was thrilled with that prospect. Over the past 18 1/2 years I have worked on and off but ONLY Part-time. These times have never lasted long and only long enough to dig us out of a financial hole we had gotten into through various circumstances. I always enjoyed what I did during these times but I NEVER LOVED WORKING outside the home.

I love being a MOM...I'm not saying I ALWAYS LOVE it, but I wouldn't trade these 2 boys of mine for anything....of course, I need time away to regroup sometimes (now would be a good time!)but I love what I am.

But apparently to a 18 year old boy the most boring, mundane thing in the world to be is a MOM! This life I lead and have led for the past 18 1/2 years may mean I have "NO LIFE" but to me it is the best one ever! I figure that he will appreciate that in about 10 years!

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