Thursday, January 22, 2009

Love Languages

Do you know what your "love language" is?? Do you know what I'm talking about? If you said, "huh, what are you talkin' about?" Go
here and find out more, take the quiz and then you'll understand what I'm talking about.

Anywhoooo, my love language is "serving others". I love to do things for people, especially my family. I like to cook for them, clean for them (well I don't really like to clean, but I like to make things organized and ready for them to use, ya know?) and generally just do stuff for them that will make them happy.

This week is the first week all year that I have been feeling good enough to really do much besides sit around all day, so I have been cleaning and organizing and COOKING!! And although, I'm not one of those women who absolutely have to have a spotlessly clean house (in fact, I lean the other way usually)and it is never a main priority in life, parts of my house are now clean and it feels GREAT!!

The den/playroom was todays cleaning project....and boy was it a project! That Other Kid came in right after I started cleaning it and he proclaimed that it wasn't so only have to step on a few things to walk across the floor! NOW...the floor is completely cleaned up, including swept. There are NO toys, games, puzzles, play dough pieces, etc., etc., etc. We leave Monday afternoon for the week and I'm going to work really hard at making sure that the playroom stays CLEAN till we get back in town next Friday night! I should be able to accomplish it....we have many things planned between now and Monday morning.

Yesterday, my cleaning task was That Kid's before you say it...remember "serving others" is my love language...I like to clean his room when it gets unbearable....and it was! Now it is "mostly" clean. I have asked him to do the desk and file cabinet, and if he doesn't then I will tackle it tomorrow while he is in class. I like knowing that my son will have a clean room, at least for a while. It's easier for him to maintain a clean room if it starts off that way, too.

Next comes some heavy duty bathroom cleaning!!! That I HATE doing! But I also hate having a dirty bathroom, and I have GROSS bathrooms right I need to love on my bathrooms!

So...what have you done lately to express your love language?

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