Monday, November 2, 2009

True Confessions

Monday's are True Confession time over at the Sisterhood and I have a few confessions this week I want to just get out there in the open...

1) I was out trying to teach That Other Kid to ride his bike without training wheels and I was winded after going up and down the sidewalk in front of my house 3 times! I thought I was in pretty decent shape, but I obviously have a long way to go! I guess I better beef up my cardio!

2) I didn't indulge in candy for halloween (we didn't do t-o-t) but last night instead of working out I sat in front of my computer and ate Teddy Grahams!

3) I was tired and felt like going to bed early and knew I wouldn't manage to do that if I exercised, but because I got hooked on the computer I didn't really go to bed early. It was about an hour earlier than normal, though so that's not as bad as it could have been!

4) I walked to Sonic and back today for lunch (it's almost a mile one way)--- I ate a corndog and fries. I DID NOT drink a COKE...I drank a Diet Cherry Limeade! So I walked 2 miles which is not too shabby!

5) I have been exercising NEARLY every night for 40 minutes. I have been doing the WiiFit and have enjoyed it thoroughly, but don't feel like I'm working hard enough. Need to do something else with it....maybe WiiActive or Jillian's Shred. Decisions, decisions!!

That is all....thank you.

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Lisa said...

I never felt like the Wii Fit gave me enough of a workout. I do like the 30 Day Shred and EA Active Personal Trainer for the Wii. I have thoroughly enjoyed running outdoors, too.

Keep up the good work!