Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Belt Test

Presenting my Little Blue Belt! This morning we got up bright and early and went to That Other Kid's karate belt test! This was the "Blue Belt" level where he went from a "green belt" to a "blue belt"....and yes, he can kick some serious butt! As long as it's a short butt....I mean come on he's only 44 inches tall!! He can kick past his "belt" which is what their goal fact I believe if you look carefully you can see he is kicking "chest level" on a lot of his kicks! I'd say that is pretty good for someone who's legs are less than 2 feet long!!

Anyway, "Belt Test day" is always a lot of fun and excitement. He only has 3 more levels to through before he gets to go to the "Beginner's Level" Karate class. These classes are designed for ages 7 or older, so he is pretty excited about that possibility coming up.

So this was the excitement of our day! Tonight we will turn all the lights off and sit in the dark and watch a movie and eat UNBUTTERED popcorn together! (Dairy allergies really suck at holiday time or bascally any day of the week time!) After the movie he will go to bed and I will exercise all those popcorn calories away, cuz you gotta know just because he can't have butter doesn't mean I can't!! We are full of excitement at our house, huh??!!

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