Sunday, March 7, 2010

Monday's Project: What I Could Have Been Like

Rethink Your Shrink, The Monday Project

It is time to talk about this week's Monday Project that ChristieO assigned us.

What would have happened if I had waited 2 years to start working out and losing weight?
I have been thinking a lot about this project this week and I have to say it made me kind of sad, but kind of happy at the same time.

1) When I started this journey nearly 1 year ago (March 25 is my "getting skinny and healthy anniversary") I was told that I was near the point of diabetes, so if I would have waited I know for a fact I would have become a diabetic. Needles and blood and such just don't get along well with me! Giving up sweets forever? No way! Not gonna glad I started taking care of myself (at least better care of myself!)

2) I was averaging a gain of 20 pounds a year so I would have weighed somewhere in the range of 270 pounds. How nauseating is that for someone who should weigh in the area of 135 pounds? Pretty darn nauseating if you ask me.

3) I was already to the point of not wanting to go shopping for clothes (and for a woman who LOVES shopping that is just plain sad)!! I would have NEVER wanted to step inside a mall or even a discount store to shop, cuz that would have just proven to myself that I was in even worse condition than I thought. Size 18's (which is what I was wearing) would have been a thing of the past! Now I am wearing small size 16's and 14's. Gotta get the gut taken care of so I can move on down!

4) I would not have been healthy enough to work at the job that I currently have. I would have just had to find a job where I could just sit because I wouldn't have been able to move well enough to do anything else. Not likely to have found that, since there aren't a lot of jobs during the grave yard shift where you just sit (at least for a person who hasn't worked in 20 years!)

5) My feet, legs, knees, and back would have constantly HURT. With all that extra weight that I was not designed to hold up I have no doubt I would have needed even MORE medication! And possibly surgery for my knees.

6) My family would have had to put up with a MISERABLE MOM/WIFE! I was already pretty grumpy most of the time. I was unhappy, disgusted with myself and depressed. If I would have waited 2 more years I can just imagine how miserable we all would have been. It woulda been UGLY!!

7) My little boy would not have the joy of watching his mom exercise and eat healthy for 2 more years. By that time he would have gotten to the point of not even asking if I could/would do something with him because he would have heard me tell him "NO" so much that it would just have been too hard to hear it again. My goal is to be able to do fun things with him this summer and not be so self-conscience about being so fat and overweight.

8) My older son would not be able to watch the progress that I am making. By that time he would be 21 years old and never be able to remember his mom healthy, happy and thin! He would probably never be around to see the transformation that is being made now. How sad?? I want my kids to see me healthy, happy and thin....not grumpy, miserable and fat! (which is what I have been for FAR TOO MANY YEARS!)

Thanks ChristieO for making me think and for pushing me outside my comfort zone! I need to remember these things on weeks where I just want to "give up" and be fat! Weeks where it is just too hard to keep going. Weeks/days where all I want to do is drink a bunch of cokes and candy bars!

I am going to be victorious over this weight! I will not let it conquer me! I will conquer it!! Because with Christ all things are possible!!


Christy M. said...

I'm so glad you didn't wait. I'm so glad that none of us did. I think the world is a much happier place because we care about ourselves and are trying to do something about it.

Keep up the hard work, Ann! You'll be that skinny and healthy mom and wife you want to be for your family soon!!!

Brooke said...

good for you - not letting diabetes sneak in your back door. you deserve this happiness ann, glad you are in a place to enjoy it. :)