Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Weigh In Time With Some Confessions, Too

Well it's Wednesday and that means Weigh In time with the Sisterhood. Working overnights is totally kicking my butt and I am having a hard time with pretty much everything, but I am trying to stay focused and lose more weight. Let's see:

Last week's weigh in: 190.4
This week's weigh in: 191.0

That means not only did I gain a little weight this week, I am exactly where I was 2 weeks ago. I am not terribly excited about this gain (who would be??) but I totally understand where I am going wrong...

Would you like to hear what I am doing wrong? Too bad if you don't, cuz I need to get it down in print what is going on here.

1) Several late night cokes and even early evening cokes...just to get enough caffeine in my system to stay awake all night long.

2) Pudding cups and chocolate in my "lunch" bag. Eaten about 2 a.m. That can't be good for me.

3) 4 Donuts this morning on my way home from work -- at which time I promptly showered and collapsed into the bed for nearly 5 hours.

4) Suffering from intense seasonal allergies that make me pretty much miserable and not wanting to exercise even when I do manage to squeeze in the time to do it, which hasn't been entirely easy.

5) Instead of exercising every night like I have been accustomed to I am barely averaging 3 or 4 days. Of course I am moving pretty much all night long with a bunch of bending, lifting, pushing and pulling. It's not the same, but at least I'm not sedentary most nights.

6) I'm only averaging 4-6 hours of sleep a night/day. From everything I have read and heard in order to really lose weight you really need to have no less than 7 hours a night. do I manage to get that much sleep and care for That Other Kid and other household responsiblities (although dh has been awesome with tackling many of the more routine things like laundry and dishes)??

7) As many of you may (or may not remember) I homeschool That Other Kid -- but because of my wonky schedule a couple of my friends have been doing much of the schooling for me. I am feeling guilty (and grateful) that I just don't have the energy to do much right now. Um...can you say additional stress? Not good for me, I know and I'm trying to not worry about it, but as a self-imposed "gotta do it all kind of mom" it has been hard.

Anyway, I am trying to learn how to adjust and deal with the stresses in my life a little better and I think overall I am doing well with it. I have been eating (for the most part) healthy at work (compared to others I am doing awesome), but I want to improve on it and try to eat a little less.

I get my first paycheck tomorrow and I'm excited that it will have overtime on it! Those overtime dollars will be donated to the Sisterhood training for their half-marathon! I'm excited that I finally get to donate and support my sisters. They have done so much for me and now I will get to do something great for them!!


fluffy2fit said...

I love how open you are. Don't be too upset about the gain, it will come off. I once gained 9 lbs in a month! You're doing great!

Brooke said...

ann keep your head up - you'll get this all figured out, it'll just take a little (or a lot) of tweaking. you're a strong, determined woman and i have no doubt you'll lick this challenge!

imadramamama said...

Oh my goodness, Ann! How thoughtful that you are donating your first overtime check to The Team! You are amazing!

Your life pretty much got turned upside down so it's understandable that your body is a state of flux right now. Some of it is in your control, so change what you can. The rest is just a matter of time!