Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Weigh In Time

It's weigh in time again with the Sisterhood. Time to jump on the scales and see what progress was made this week. I have been trying hard to watch my food intake this week while at work. Some nights were easier than others. Some nights I just couldn't handle watching everyone eating chips while I ate my cheese and triscuits. Some nights I needed the caffeine that a coke would give me. But overall, I did pretty well with the temptations.

Here are the results...

Last week: 191.0
This week: 190.2

So I did have a loss this week, (.8 of a pound) although less than a pound is not quite the progress I was hoping for. I have not been very good about getting the "formal" exercising in this week either so that may have slowed my progress down.
I know that stress can "KILL" weight loss efforts so I know that once things settle down a bit I will start losing more weight again.

Tomorrow will mark my 1 year anniversary for truly attempting to live a healthier life and lose weight. I will try to update again tomorrow with my 1 year loss total. Maybe if I'm careful tonight at work I can lose a little more so that I am officially in the 180's!! I really wanted to have a 40 pound loss by tomorrow's date but under the current circumstances I have to take what I can get (losing about 37 pounds in this year) and be happy that I am not GAINING weight during this time. Stagnating or losing a little every week is better than I usually get during stressful times!


*Lissa* said...

Maybe you could try something sugar-free for the "boost"?

37 lbs in one year is AMAZING, Ann, and I am so incredibly proud of you! So much!!

april said...

I am so stinking proud of you! You've done so great!!

Heather D said...

Ann, you are so incredible. I'm so very very proud of you!

Brooke said...

happy anniversary!!!! :) woot! on the loss and holy freakin cow on the loss to date!!

Anonymous said...

Ann, you are doing amazing! Don't slight yourself the small victories!