Wednesday, March 16, 2011

An Amusing Little Story

For the past several weeks during the Tuesday night #tworkout with the Sisters That Other Kid has been wanting to workout with me and watch The Biggest Loser. It has been very exciting to have my 7 year old son want to watch such a inspirational show and tell me how "these people are soooooo fat. You are SKINNY compared to them!" Little does he know that at this point most of these women weigh LESS than I do right now, but it's all in the perception, right?!!

Anywhoooo, back to my story. Last night some friends and I decided we needed a night out so I went out with them and recorded the show to watch later. Tonight I sat down after dinner and started watching the show. He was in his room watching tv and building legos. When it was time for his shower I paused the show and told him to get moving for his shower. He noticed I was watching the show and said "hey I want to watch, too!" That warmed my heart, I can tell you! So after his shower he got dressed in his jammies and sat on my lap to watch the show. At the first commercial break he turned to me and said, "hey aren't we gonna TWEETOUT?" Cracked me up!! I told him, no it was last night and I was gonna workout after he went to bed. He was disappointed that he didn't get to bust a move with mom (or compete against me)!!

So...there ya go!! I'm instilling in him that commercials are for working out...not EATING!! Thanks to all the ladies over at ShrinkingJeans for helping to instill good habits in my kiddo!! Every little bit helps in this journey of raising a healthy, fit kid!!

On a side note, since it is Wednesday and even though I'm not participating in the challenge over at the Sisterhood I did weigh in and was up to 198 this week. I guess all the junk (excessive chocolate) this weekend really messed me up!! I'm back to the "no junk" eating so I should be able to get those pounds off. I have a goal in mind for this week and I'm gonna do what I can to meet it.

Next Friday, March 25th is my 2 year anniversary for my weight loss journey and I want to be able to have good things to say to myself that day!!

Have a good night ya'll!


Christy M. said...

Tweetout!! LOVE IT! I also love that we're making him realize you can move anytime, even during commercial breaks :) How awesome!!!

Love you, Ann!

Brooke said...

how cute! :) and you are a very good mother for teaching him awesome habits.

Adah said...

I love kid stories like this. What a good example you are setting for your little kid!

Emily said...

Very cute story!!