Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Confessing Is Good For Me....

It's confession time over at the Sisterhood of Shrinking Jeans and I've been having a week that is worthy of confessing. I need to get this off my chest in hopes that I will start having a better week.

I'll just do bullet points since that seems to be the trend for confessing right now.

*I'm still working on getting the diet (ie, food) and stomach issues worked out. Therefore, every time I eat something I have to use the bathroom. Sometimes there is nothing but gas, sometimes it aint pretty. (sorry for tmi, just being honest here).

*I'm running in the Zooma Austin 5K in just under 3 weeks and I'm not feeling very confident in my ability to run much of it. Since I haven't felt good for the past couple of weeks I haven't been outside to run, until yesterday. It was a lot more walking than running and it was discouraging.

*Today it's rainy (which is good for the ground but bad for me to run). I was hoping to run again today but I'm not hardcore enough to run in the rain!

*That Kid came home to take care of some stuff here at home and That Other Kid and him are playing a LIFELY game of "go fish"!! I miss having my boys together!! Even the bickering, arguing and constant competitive activity! Soon That Kid will be gone away to Marine Corp boot camp and my house will be entirely too quiet!

*I think I have come to grips with the fact that he will be gone soon. I can't say I'm happy with it but at least he is acting like a mature young man and doing something to better himself.

*Stress has been a constant around here lately as the hubby continues looking for more architectural work and I'm trying really hard NOT to eat out of boredom or stress. I haven't always been successful but I think I am doing better than I usually do. I guess the scale will be the true judge of that.

So...what do you have to confess this week?

**Have you filled out a comment for my give away yet? I'm giving away a Jillian Michaels DVD in honor of my 2 year journey through losing weight. Go now cuz the give away ends tomorrow night!


Adah said...

I understand not wanting to walk all of the Zooma Austin 5K but you can wog it. Just put one foot in front of the other. Run when you can and walk when you need to...the important and most exciting part is you get to meet Lisa and Christy...that by itself is way cool! Just that excitment will push you along that course! Hang in there...you can do it!

Brooke said...

not to be pushy, because you know how awesome i think you are - but get out and run in the rain already! you will love it i promise. if not i'll mail you a hair dryer. you'll feel hard core i promise