Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Birthday Edition of Bursting Into Summer

Burst Into Summer Challenge

This challenge for the Shrinking Jeans Sisters is definitely not going as I had hoped. I still am struggling with motivating myself to stay consistent with eating right, and getting enough exercise in daily. It's no ones fault but my own and I am frustrated with my lack of consistency and effort BUT....

I refuse to beat myself up over it. I'm finding it hard to do my workouts outside like I want to since it is summer and 1,000,000 degrees outside here in North Texas! Even in parts of the country where it's not supposed to be hot it is! It's supposed to be hot here and it definitely is and that makes doing anything outside really hard unless it's EARLY in the morning or VERY LATE at night! Yesterday we had clouds and it was actually not unbearable till after 2pm! Then those clouds lifted and once again it was sweltering! Anywho, the reason you are here is to see how I did this week on the scale so...

Last week: 195.6
This week: 196.0

Just can't move away from this!

But it is birthday week here so I wasn't surprised. My oldest son and I share this week with our birthdays so we have been eating out alot! That also means I did NOT do well in the no soda drinking! In fact I have had too much soda this week, probably where that 4 oz gain came from!! This week's challenge is to get my 3 servings of dairy in every day. I seem to be doing pretty good in this area so hopefully I can tackle this one without a big struggle.

Boot camp and Komen 3 Day training walks are still moving right along so that's good. I attempted to do my boot camp workout (wk3 day3 - yes, I'm behind but I'm still hanging in there and actually like the workouts!)

but it was so hot out even at 10:30 pm I couldn't do the sprints. Hopefully I can get to it tomorrow night! I know it won't happen tonight since I'm going out with friends to celebrate my birthday!

I hope y'all are having better success in this challenge than I am! Here's to a better week!


Bacardi Mama said...

Happy Birthday Ann! Don't get down on yourself about motivation. It is so hard to find it when it is so hot and humid out. You are doing a great job and I think we are all retaining water right now when all we do is drink it trying to cool off. I didn't have a great week either. We'll get backin the swing. I have great faith in us. Have fun tonight!!

Adah said...

Happy Birthday! You may think your motivation is lacking but girl you are getting up at 4:15 am to do your training walks for the 3 day plus doing the BootCamp. That takes motivation my friend!

Anonymous said...

You know what? I think we should all get an exemption for birthday weeks. Especially multiple birthday weeks. Mine was Tuesday and Dave's is tomorrow so I know EXACTLY how you feel.

You are kicking your training's ass for the 3 Day. You are an amazing woman, Ann.

Bari said...

Happy birthday Ann! I think you are going great - you've been sticking with bootcamp & your walking workouts have been so awesome.