Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Burst Into Summer - Week 5

Burst Into Summer Challenge

Wow!! I can't believe its been a whole week since I sat down here at the computer to type a blog post! The week has been crazy with lots of "stuff" and there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day! Can I get an AMEN to that? I don't know what it is about this summer but it seems like I am on the go ALL.THE.TIME! I was thinking tonight that as a "stay at home mom" I had visions of being home most of the time with little ventures out and about to keep me sane. seems over the past 3 weeks being at home has been a rarity! Even when I am at home I am "on the go". My hubby called me into his office tonight because one of the kittens was on his chest getting snuggles. He asked me if the kitten ever did that with me? I said "yes, when I SIT, but I don't seem to sit much these days!" I haven't even taken the time to read and comment on blogs! AND I love to do that!! So...sorry if you haven't seen me around your blog lately! Don't feel bad. It has nothing to do with YOU and everything to do with my limited time!!

Anywho....on with the reason you came over to check out my blog this evening. Today is Wednesday and it's Weigh-in day at the Sisterhood. There wasn't much change this week but at least the change with DOWN!

Starting challenge: 194.6

Last week's weight: 196.0
This week's weight: 195.6

So I am still UP but I did come down this week. I think the thing that disappoints me the most is that I really wanted to lose ALOT of weight during this summer challenge and it just isn't happening. I'm not being as dedicated as I know I need to be and I'm frustrated with myself. I know what I need to do, it's just applying it and doing it. But...this is a new week and I'm starting fresh. Working harder at eating according to the Low Glycemic Index Plan and increasing the fruits and veggies again will help greatly with the weight loss. It's just a matter of DOING IT!!

This past week we were challenged to SLEEP 7+ hours a night! I have gotten pretty good at this one over the past 6 months but this week it all fell to PIECES! I THINK I got more than 7 hours of sleep 1 night out of the 7!! BAD...BAD...BAD! and can I just say I feel like I am sleep deprived too! My body feels sore and achey and I feel tired ALL.THE.TIME!

I have been working out hard doing the Shrinking Jeans Bootcamp (I'm only on week 3, but I am doing it) and doing a lot of walking to prepare for the Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walk for the Cure that I am participating in this fall, so I have to make sure I treat my body good! I also bought a foam roller to help with the sore muscles that I'm experiencing, and it's helping alot!! I just need to make sure I start getting more sleep!! The weekends are gonna be tough for me, cuz we are doing training walks at 5a.m. and I am NOT a morning person but it is for a great cause so I am going to suck it up and get up early 2 mornings and walk then come home and SLEEP!!

This week's challenge is to NOT drink SODA! I've really been struggling with this one lately and I really need to stay away from it. I haven't been drinking alot of soda but definitely more than I should be, so this will be a good challenge for me!
I had one tonight with dinner but I'm really gonna try not to have any more this week! Wish me luck, k?

Ok...I'm off to try to read a few blogs and try to get to bed before it becomes a new day!


Bacardi Mama said...

Amen sister! This summer is flying by and all I do is run. I am rarely home doing anything that I want to do. What's up with that? I am so proud of you for doing the 3 day walk. I have thought about doing it before but have never pulled the trigger and done it. The longest I have ever walked was a half marathon. Let's hope this next week finds us both with more "me" time on our hands.

Nadine said...

I am right there with you. Treading water as far as my weight goes...but not really applying myself either! I hate feeling so busy that life is totally passing me by :(

Brooke said...

tell yourself what you told me - every little bit helps! as for the soda, we can do this. one thing the book i'm reading suggests is that when we have a craving pray thru it. so maybe we should resolve to pray for the people w/o clean water ever time we crave a coke?