Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Baby is 21!!

How could this be? I went to bed one night and the next the day I went into the hospital and after 11 hours of grueling labor complete with pitocin, epidural, and lots of squeezing the life out of hubby's hand That Kid was born!

I blinked my eyes again and he was sitting up, crawling, running (he never was always running!) and talking!

I blinked my eyes again and I was teaching him how to read, write, tie his shoes, and master all types of "school" stuff! I homeschooled him all through high school so I was blessed enough to watch him learn and grow throughout his school years!

I blinked again and it was time for him to learn to drive!! Oh my, that was scary! It's still scary but I've gotten used to it! Yes, I taught him to drive, then we proceeded to buy him his first car and watched him drive off in it. Talk about scary! As he went from a teenager to a young man I watched him and stood in awe that this man/child was created by my hubby and me.

His first time out driving! Whooohhooo!!

First car...thanks to his grandparents for offering such a great deal and us buying it!

This was him at his 18th birthday party! We rented a boat and went out on the lake. Look at that hair!!

His first time to vote - I was quiet pleased with him for taking that opportunity although many his age don't bother!

This is my favorite picture from his Senior Pictures. It captures his personality pretty well, I think.

How is it that in 21 short years he has gone from a baby who needed EVERYTHING to a young man about to leave our home and serve our country in the USMC? Although I am having a VERY difficult time accepting that my "baby" is about to leave the nest I am immensely proud of him for making a decision that will not only better his life but our country's.

From the time I started this blog I have always called him "That Kid". It was a nickname we came up with as a baby for him, but now that he is a full-fledged adult and about to become a Marine I have decided that I'm going to call him "My Marine".

I love "My Marine" and I pray that your life is everything you hope and dream it will be over the next two decades. You have brought many years of joy to my life, even if I don't always show you!! Love ya, baby....Mom


Essay Writing said...

I have been amazed at how well thing have gone.. By the way I love your blog...

*Lissa* said...

Beautiful post, Ann. What a great Marine you have!

Christie O. said...

awwwwww!!! how sweet a post and wow how time flies! you got a good lookin kid there mom!!!