Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bursting Into Summer - Week 3

Burst Into Summer Challenge

I don't get me! I mean here I am telling myself and everyone around me how desperately I want to lose weight, get healthy, exercise and be fit BUT my actions tell everyone just the opposite! I haven't been losing weight (in fact this week I gained to the tune of 1.4 pounds), I haven't been exercising, and I'm definitely NOT fit! I'm doing stupid stuff to sabotage my own efforts. I buy and then eat crappy sugary foods that I know will not help in my weight loss journey. Instead of exercising (now that my legs feel normal again) I just sit around on my computer or in front of the tv vegging out. I don't get me!!

The month of May I lost more than 8 pounds and I was so happy and proud of myself! The month of June I just went back to my old habits and now here it is July (half way through the year) and I'm still NOT doing what I know it will take to lose weight! I guess I need another "AHA" moment in my life to kick me back into high gear!

Yesterday I had planned to do the bootcamp workout that the Sisterhood is offering us and about 3 p.m. I cme down with the most incredible headache! I didn't even do the #tworkout and I almost always do it! I took tylenol, put That Other Kid to bed and got ready for bed myself! I took a picture of the clock on my nightstand because I wanted to have proof that I can and in fact did go to bed early! I was in bed by 9:35p.m. I read in bed for a little bit and then went to sleep. I slept till 9am this morning and I feel much better! My neck seems tight but maybe that is just cuz I need to pop it.

Anywho, here are the numbers for this weeks weigh in -- just for the record, I was not surprised to see a gain. I didnt really pay much attention to the calories this week and it definitely showed!

Beginning challenge weight: 194.6
Last week -- 194.6
This week -- 196.0

The challenge for this week is to NOT EAT FAST FOOD for the week! It will do my body good to stay away from this crap so I plan to do my best on this challenge.
Last weeks challenge was to eat 5 servings of fruits/veggies and I failed miserably on this challenge. There really was no reason either as I had plenty of both in the house. Just being lazy and not wanting to do what I know is right, I guess!
I have continued drinking plenty of water (I usually get about 100 ounces a day) and there were days over the weekend that I drank more than 124 ounces cuz it's so stinking hot outside that is the only thing that really helps quench my thirst! to get my lazy butt moving....hope ya'll had a great week! and if you didn't lets motivate each other, k?? Here's to a better week for EVERYONE!


Nadine said...

I'm ready for a clean slate and a good week...I have some damage to undo, too!

Brooke said...

i'll drink to that

*raises water glass* to next week!

Ryan said...

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*Lissa* said...

I'm with you... I don't get me either. ;p

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