Monday, December 5, 2011

My Marine and Crucible

This is what My Marine is about to go through. It starts at 4am my time! I think I will get up and get on my knees at 4am! If I cam do it for breast cancer training walks I can do it for him!

Watch this and Pray please!

Here's a poem one of my new facebook friends who has gone before me sent me just a few minutes ago! I thought it was perfect for tonight.

It's the night before the Crucible
And it's quiet in your Bay
And as you toss and turn this night
... Your Mom begins to pray.
A prayer not of completion
For I know you're highly skilled
It's more a prayer of vigilance
That you're safe upon the field.
I'm closer than you think my Son
I'll be there with every step
And while you dream of finishing
It's your Mom who hasn't slept.
Time to wake, it's 3 a.m.
Before the rising sun
So square away your gear and get
Your ALICE and your gun.
The march today will be a feat
A hundred "KLICKS" it seems
But you and your PLATOON stay sharp
You're soon-to-be MARINES.
Your "WAR BELT" weighs a thousand pounds
As you slog through mud and slime
And you know before this trial ends
The "REAPER" you must climb.
Your arms will ache from carrying
The injured "UP AND OVER"
An obstacle some forty feet
You can do it; you're a soldier.
The "MRE'S" are dry as H---
Takes canteens to quench the thirst
Your stomach feels like it's inside out
And you think it can't get worse.
Four hours sleep in fifty-four
The slow turning of the wheel
Battlegrounds aren't made for wimps
Just Marines of time-forged steel.
This is what you've trained for
With sweat and tears and blood
Remember that when you're on your belly
Crawling through the mud.
Your bayonet will strike it's mark
Your shots will all be true
For now a WARRIOR you've become
It's what you've trained to do.
Your face is streaked with dirt and grit
A mirror is not in sight
And where your long hair once was
You sport a "HIGH and TIGHT."
A flash of light, a "MOON BEAM"
Strikes eerily upon your face
You wear a mask of tubes and straps
You're disguised to withstand mace.
Rappelling down the sides of cliffs
Or moving through the mire
You've been trained by the very best
It's a test of strength by fire.
When you feel you're at the point
Where completion can't be done
Stay true, stay fast, you're almost there
Your race is nearly run.
You'll soon join ranks with Brothers
Those who have gone before
It's not easy but then it never was
To become "ESPRIT de CORPS."
In those last few hours when
YOU know you've survived the worst
Think of all the bone-weary times
For this moment you've rehearsed.
You'll wear your necktie two-blocked
Blouse creases fore and aft
You walk a little taller now
All things past are past.
Standing on "PARADE DECK"
At the end of thirteen weeks
You exemplify strength and courage
As tears run down your cheeks.
Take refuge in your confidence
You've brought honor to your team
You are now a man, my son

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