Sunday, December 4, 2011

Great Day in the Neighborhood!

Yesterday morning when I woke up this video was waiting for me! It is a video that was posted of My Marine and his plattoon. Apparently they post these for family and friends 2 weeks before graduation! It was a great way to start my Saturday! "My Marine" is on the 2nd row from the top and the 4th man from the left! As one of his friends told me on facebook yesterday, he looks kind of strange with such a serious look on his face, but I don't think Marines are supposed to be full of smiles...doesn't really scare the "ememy" (his word for "enemy" when he was 4 or 5) if they are full of smiles, now does it!

I can't tell you how many times I have looked at his picture since my hubby sent it to my phone! It is now the first thing I see when I pick up my phone! lol

I have missed my son so much over the past 11 1/2 weeks but it is getting closer and I'm beginning to feel like we are both going to make it all the way to graduation!

In just 9 days we will hop aboard a plane and fly to San Diego! We will get to meet Adah! We will do some sight-seeing on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday That Other Kid and I get to go to the San Diego Zoo! Then Thursday afternoon we will get to hang out with My Marine on base for approximately 5 hours! It's gonna be a great 5 hours of non-stop talking by both That Other Kid and me - we have so much to catch up on!

Then Friday morning, December 16th "My Marine" will graduate as a United States Marine! I'm so proud of him and all that he has accomplished over the past few months!

After he graduates and has "liberty" we will go get some food and head to the airport to come home! He gets to be home throughout the entire Christmas holiday and I can hardly believe I get to celebrate Christmas with him and even beyond. From what I understand he will get to be home till at least the 6th of January but it sounds like he may even be home till the 17th! Whooohooo! A whole month!!

I also got to go shopping yesterday afternoon for a few clothes and I found them on SALE!! Whoohooo! Pictures to follow....but I think I got some good stuff for the event of my son's life! Its been a great weekend!!


Adah said...

Seeing that video the first time was heart grabbing. Seeing it the second time just makes me proud to say hey...see that guy in the 2nd to the top row 4th Marine on the left...his mom is a great lady and mother and I get to meet her on December 13th. I can only imagine the pride you feel seeing your son as a Marine. Can't wait for you to get here and even more can't wait for you to finally get to see your Marine!!

Bari said...

Yeah!!! I'm so happy for you, proud momma!! Have a great time in San Diego & tell Your Marine & all of his buddies "thank you" for all they do to keep us safe & free.