Saturday, December 13, 2008

College Campus' Are Not for Old Mommies

Yesterday I took That Kid up to the community college that he is doing dual credits at so he could get all signed up for classes that start in January. It "HAD" to happen yesterday, even though classes don't start till January 20 and I had tons of other things going on....including a college tour at a private university that he is interested in. He didn't want classes to fill up and he wanted to get it done so he wouldn't have to think about it till the middle of January when he would need to go buy books. I can understand and totally relate....but it made for a hectic day for me.

Things were progressing smoothly, till I was leaving the campus to go home and deal with That Other Kid, before going to the University tour. I had put my phone on silent when we went into the admissions office at the community college so if I got a call from home it wouldn't disrupt the administration. I'm all about courtesy, ya know??!! While walking out to the car I'm turning the volume back up on my phone and I trip in a hole in the yard....and HEAR MY ANKLE POP!!! Yes, I did!! It hurt soooo bad, I just wanted to lay down and cry right there in the yard of the school. I managed not to cry and walk down 2 flights of stairs, and on out to the parking lot. I stood and talked to That Kid's girlfriend and her mom, then went home. My ankle is STILL KILLING ME, but I have stuff to do...ya know??!!

I take That Other Kid to babysitter/friends house, go get That Kid at community college and drive to university! Where I see massive buildings....with LOTS OF STAIRS to climb. He LOVES this campus and the university....and was very excited when we left. While driving back to pick up That Other Kid, I realize my ankle is so sore I CANNOT put ANY WEIGHT on it~~and I'm hurting soooo bad I just wanna cry! By the time I actually get back home about 3:45 my ankle is swollen up and cannot be touched! I decide to ice it, and elevate it which is what I should have done at 10:30 ...but ya know, got stuff to do!! By 4:10 dh is telling me we need to go to the urgent care facility. I do their web check-in and they call me to come right in. By the time we arrive a little before 5 my ankle is about a 9 on the 1 to 10 scale. I just know it is broken, which would really ruin my plans for the next couple of weeks, ya know?!

After waiting for about 30 minutes they decide they need to x-ray my ankle, after waiting another 30 minutes the doctor comes in and says that my ankle IS NOT BROKEN....just 2nd degree sprain! Which means my ankle hurts like heck, but I won't be needing a cast and I will be good as new within 2 weeks. He said to follow the RICE plan -- REST, ICE, COMPRESS, and ELEVATE. plans have been altered but I am getting lots of rest and the pain is already starting to go least while I'm sitting here!

Hope you get some rest this Christmas season...but I pray you don't hurt yourself to get it!! It ain't worth it, no 'mam, it ain't!!

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