Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

We are traveling this blogging will be sparse, but then again I'm not usually real consistent, however I did want to check in this morning while I'm waiting for That Kid to take a shower and say MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

We will be crazy busy, driving all over the place, but we're already having fun....stopped at dh's step-mom's yesterday and took her to lunch and had a great visit, then drove another couple of hours to dh's mom's house. We are on our way back to her house to celebrate Christmas with her tonight with dh's sister and family, and father-in-law's son and his family! The house will be full of loud children and teenagers and even louder adults.....but we'll have a ton of fun!!

Tomorrow we'll drive to Kansas to be with my family. This will be even more loud and more obnoxious, but just as much fun!

Hope ya'll have a great Christmas....and don't forget the Reason for the Season is Jesus!

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