Sunday, December 7, 2008


Happy Birthday to my "little" brother! Of course, he is now OVER 40, and has a wife and 3 kids, a wonderful job....but he is still my little brother. As a kid he was annoying, as a teenager he was a nerd, as a young adult he was a MARINE (best decision he ever made, btw). After leaving the military he became a husband, a father, a college student, now with a MASTERS DEGREE...can ya believe it??? I'm sooooo proud!! But hey, I was supposed to be the one with a college degree....what happened here??

Now he is working at the job he has wanted for years only 2 miles from his home in a small town in Kansas, raising a family and doing what he wants....what a man he has become!! I'm oh sooo proud....
Happy Birthday, little brother!!!

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