Friday, December 18, 2009

Accountability Counts

First of all I wanted to let ya'll know that yesterday I did my first "guest" post over here. It was fun and challenging! It was also a novel so if you are limited on time wait for a while and then go back and read it! lol Basically, the whole post talks about the great game of Wii EA Sports More Active and the challenges and successes I have had over the past few weeks amid abnormal challenges that I would normally just say forget it!! But I now have a new "normal" and I love it!

Secondly, I just want to let ya'll know that if you are trying to lose weight -- get in a group of people that you can be accountable with. Yesterday afternoon, we were only going to be home about an hour before we had to leave again, but I knew I needed to eat something. I'm still trying to eat every 3 hours according to the Game On Diet Plan....hey, it works so I'm sticking with it! I was about to grab some chips and just sounded good. Not good for me, but good tasting, ya know? Anywho, as I was getting into the fridge to get the queso out I checked emails on my phone (great modern convenience, btw that I am addicted to!) There were a couple of emails from my Game On friends so I read them. They were both talking about how well they were doing even though we are "officially" done with the game. They were still eating frequently and the right amounts of the right foods (for the most part) and here I was about to eat chips and, I don't think that fits in with healthy eating! So instead I ate a greek yogurt (you can get it at Walmart or any grocery store around here), with an apple and some almonds in it! Lean protein, good carb, and a healthy fat! There, I ate healthy snack instead of junk! Accountability counts!!

Then this morning I had to get up to take dh to work after only having about 4 hours of sleep. He decided he wanted to stop at the donut store and get some sausage rolls. I was tempted to have him pick me up some donuts too, but then I remembered one of my other Game On Diet friends who mentioned earlier in the week that if you spell donuts the way the English do and you think about it you probably won't eat those D-O-"U-G-H"-N-U-T-S because as you can see they will make you feel UGH!!

So as you can tell accountability has kept me from goofing up 2 times and none of my friends knew they were doing it, they were just talking about things going on in their life! Tonight we will be celebrating the end of the game at a great Mexican restuarant. I am looking forward to it. I haven't seen one of them in the 6 weeks since we started and I haven't seen the rest since the first week of the game. It will be nice to sit and enjoy a meal with some great women who have helped me on this journey to weightloss!

Bottom line -- accountability helps!!


Brooke said...

i love your 30# button!! :)

Heather D said...

So true. Accountability is huge.

Look at you with your #30 button. Go, Ann, go!