Monday, December 14, 2009


I can't believe it has been 5 days since I have written anything here. Time is just slip, slipping away from me. Things have been busy and fun in preparation for Christmas and I guess I just let time get away from me. That Other Kid and I went to the mall on Thursday to see Santa. We don't really "do" Santa (I know I'm evil for spoiling all the fun of childhood), but we do allow him to have fun with the season. He told "Santa" what he wanted for Christmas and I took his picture. We also went and saw the Miniature display of trains (amazing!!)and a couple of puppet shows. It was a great way to get ME in the Christmas spirit. It seems like I am just too busy this year to give it a whole lot of thought...but that doesn't mean I'm not getting into Christmas this year. It's just taking me a little longer!

This weekend we also had a hockey game for That Other Kid and he got to play goalie! He was super excited about it, and played a great game.

I have been playing the Game On Diet with some friends. Friday night we will have our celebration dinner and I think we are all looking forward to it. Today we decided that since "the other team" won (meaning the team I wasn't on) we would not count points this week, so basically yesterday was the end of the game for us. We all had success and lost weight which was the whole point of it. I lost about 8 pounds during this 5 week period which included Thanksgiving, the flu, our move and all the stresses involved in these things. My exercise routine got completely disrupted during this time as well as my "normal" eating schedule. I feel like I could have done better had I done this at a different time, but was still successful at busting past some of my nasty habits and a plateau I had been stuck on for several months. I'm not pleased with my point count, but I am pleased with what I did accomplish. I'm also happy that my friends asked me to join in and participate with them in this. I really didn't want to (at first), but am glad I did! I don't really plan to change the way I am eating now, because I saw success, but I am glad I don't have to count my points anymore! I bumped my exercise up last night and today I am sore, which tells me I need to keep it up...

Oh and I won again over at the Sisterhood. This time I won one of the 12 Weight Watchers Chocolate Pecan Clusters that they were giving away yesterday! What a yummy treat I will receive in January!

If you want a chance to win some yummy Weight Watcher products check in over at the Sisterhood, because they are giving away product EVERY day till Christmas! Great presents for us from Weight Watchers and the Sisterhood of Shrinking Jeans!

Well I gotta go fold some laundry and clean a bathroom and finish loading the dishwasher then get That Other Kid to bed....ya know just normal mom stuff!

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