Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Another Weigh-In - Shrink-a-versary Ending

Today is the final weigh-in over at the Sisterhood for the Shrink-a-versary. It has lasted 7 weeks, during Thanksgiving and the beginning of December. This one has been a mixed bag for me. I started and ended the Game On Diet with friends, got the flu, moved to another home and started preparing for Christmas! Wow!! Just typing that and knowing I accomplished it all in 7 weeks time makes me tired! but happily this time is over!

I have had a lot of success for the stresses that I endured during this time. In times past I would have left all caution go and just ate whatever, whenever and drank lots of COKE and NO WATER!! This time I did pretty well with eating, and I drank at least 3 liters of water MOST every day. I did have an occasional coke, but I did not go overboard!! I'm calling this challenge a success! I lost weight and that is what matters most, right?

Today's weigh-in: 188.4!!
That's 1 pound less than last Wednesday and about 1 and half pounds since Monday when I did the final weigh in for my Game On Diet!

When we started this challenge I weighed 197.9! I lost almost 10 pounds during this challenge -- and I hit my 30 pounds lost mark!! I've also by-passed that ugly 190 barrier!!

So I'm calling this challenge a success and I'm happy to report that I am still losing weight even though it's the one time of the year most people EXPECT you to gain weight!! Not me, this year!! I'm losing!! My goal is to weigh 185 by the end of 2009~~!!

How'd ya'll do??


Brooke said...

you did very well for yourself this challenge - good job!! :)

Karena said...

Ann, that's incredible! I'm so proud of all you've accomplished in this challenge! Especially with all the upheaval in your life over the last month or so. You can really see that you've made a lifestyle change -- congratulations to you!

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

Congratulations! Losing weight in the midst of the holidays and moving is so difficult and you succeeded!

Heather D said...

ANN! Oh my lord. You are KILLING me. Seriously, we're all so proud of you at the Sisterhood!

Mommy Mo said...

YOU ARE MY HERO and I am so stinkin' proud of you. Way to go hooker.

T said...

Awesome job during this challenge, Ann! Way to go.

Hope said...

Wow Ann, great job losing a total of 30 lbs that's awesome! No doubt you will meet your goal at the end of 2009!